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District Hospital UD
« on: Wednesday 07 July 21 13:13 BST (UK) »
A family member was born in Belfast looking at their birth certificate and cannot work out what hospital they were born at in 1947. The hospital was listed as District Hospital UD. My first thought was maybe Ulster District but I could find no record of such a hospital. The Ulster Hospital today in County Down used to be called Dundonald Hospital but again it did not get renamed Ulster hospital until much later. Can anyone help me out in working out which hospital "District Hospital UD" is referring to in 1947?
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Re: District Hospital UD
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 07 July 21 14:35 BST (UK) »
Can anyone help me out in working out which hospital "District Hospital UD" is referring to in 1947?

In 1947 U.D. probably stood for Urban District.
Can you post a snip of Column 2 entry 'Date and Place of Birth' for us to study?
What was the Registrar's District at the top of the page?


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Re: District Hospital UD
« Reply #2 on: Thursday 08 July 21 04:39 BST (UK) »
As KG sayd UD = Urban District, RD = Rural District.
you will have to look at the GRO subdistrict to determine the Hospital along with the father's residence and find the local one.
The NHS was created the following year July 5th 1948, before that the Municipal hospitals, the old workhouse hospitals created under the Poor Laws, were run by the local authorities.

The Ulster Hospital, Dundonald is in Castlereagh No.1 District in the Superintendent Registrar's District of Belfast. Ref my Birth cert 1965.
It however only opened Nov 1962 as a replacement for the Ulster Hospital for Children and Women, at  Templemore Avenue, Ballymacarrett, Belfast which was destroyed 1941 in the Belfast Blitz; in the interim being at Haypark House, Whitehall Parade off the Ormeau Road.
See The Ulster Hospital - a short history
Air raids and the 'Wee' Hospital.,1542.15.html

There is a list of some District Hospitals 1940 here and