Author Topic: Vessel 'AFRICA' sailed into Melbourne, August 1858.  (Read 780 times)

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Re: Vessel 'AFRICA' sailed into Melbourne, August 1858.
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Yes, I have been using that as a resource.

Ellen SHAUGHNESSY married David MEE, 2 sons, born Kilfenora NLI.
One, John David MEE arrived South Australia 1875, Hesperides.

Ellen's brother, Darby SHAUGHNESSY arrived South Australia in 1857, Omega (surname used was Keefe rather than Shaughnessy - mystery?).
Darby and his wife Margaret KEEFE had 6 sons, including Darby Jnr.

Both Darby Snr and his nephew John moved from South Australia to the Nhill area of Victoria.
Darby Jnr best man at his cousin John Michael's wedding.

John's granddaughter was told many years ago that John Michael had cousins in Queensland.
When the economy turned in the 1890s, Darby Jnr and two of his brothers moved to central Queensland. John Michael headed to the Western District of Victoria.

I'm sure there are more mysteries to find in that Kilfenora NLI.

As it turned out, Ellen MEE died soon after John Michael was born.

David MEE remarried Anne / Bridget McNAMARA and had two further children.

Son, Michael MEE (1863-1943) did not marry, remained on the farm in Ireland.
Daughter Mary (1868-1947) married later in life, to a Hogan (it appears), but I am unable to find a Marriage on the Kilfenora. Can't remember if I found her on 1901/11 as a HOGAN or a MEE but the 1947 Civil Death is apparent.  It's a while ago that I covered this territory.