Author Topic: Diary, week ending 31st July  (Read 2452 times)

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Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
« Reply #9 on: Tuesday 27 July 21 22:46 BST (UK) »
Gosh ,what idiots Annette , our dustbin men are the same ,just don’t think things through .
The Council ask that we place our bins with the handle facing out ,easy for them to grab .
My bins are in a little bay, I had that done when I had new fencing put in so the handles do face outward and that way it is easy for me to put stuff in them whilst still in my garden.
Do they put them back  like that - well no !
They struggle to turn them round so I have to go into the lane to put stuff in and they have to struggle to get them out .
They decant a bin only half full into another half full one ,making a horrible mess which they do not pick up so there is a trail of rubbish everywhere they go.
They are a team of vandals !
But an unpleasant job .

Lots of thunder this afternoon but not the amount of rain for
so much noise however heavy storms forecast for tonight.
No need to water containers this evening.

Flash Harry and my dughter off on Safari tomorrow with a picnic.
He is taking his nockalocklikers ( binoculars )and Magicifying glass ,butties and drink for a picnic ,little containers with pooters to safely catch insects ,and a writing book and pencil to record.
He wrote mouse ,the other day, just using the phonics he has learnt and got the ou sound correct .
His school, an academy really went big guns on phonics but it has paid off.
His little friend did not settle back very well when they went back so he and Flash Harry have play dates so he will be happier in September when school restarts etc.
He has a Safari jacket and Bush Ranger hat ,etc ,an outfit which was a Birthday present .
He has made casts in plaster of shells etc today with my  daughter.
They have magnets on the back so will be painted  for fridge magnets so I know what I am having for Christmas!!
Well no news really , hope everyone is alright ,getting better etc.
Cheerio for now.Viktoria.

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Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
« Reply #10 on: Wednesday 28 July 21 01:27 BST (UK) »
Roobarb, glad to hear your health is improving and your OH too, Caroline.
Still hot and humid here, but cooler temps coming by week’s end.  It is a long weekend here, and tomorrow I am going to spend a week with my kids, in the Niagara region.  My son and his girlfriend are coming too.  Only thing we have planned is a winery tour.  We’ll play it by ear otherwise.  They are in a town that attracts many tourists, international in most years, but expect it will be crowded with people from Toronto! 
Ontario is doing very well re virus, vaccination rate high and cases low, our region of about half a million is single digits most days.  Mask wearing still compulsory inside public places.
Black bear spotted near north side of city recently.  Last summer there was one in our suburb, but rural end.  It was up a tree in someone’s yard.

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Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
« Reply #11 on: Wednesday 28 July 21 12:56 BST (UK) »
Very pleased to hear about your health beginning to improve Roobarb and also Caroline's husband.

I booked a 3 night stay at a Hotel 30 miles from here and said to Mrs P, we'll have a Sitting Room as well this time and treat ourselves.

Arrived, booked in and the Receptionist said, we have upgraded you, so we had a suite of rooms in an Apartment in the beautiful grounds. It was absolutely wonderful and a short walk to the Hotel for morning breakfast.

We had meals out at an old half timbered pub.

I was wondering if I'd done the right thing, but it went well.

Drawing a family tree here.

Spent a bit more time seeing my two Grandchildren now 4 yrs and just under 1, they are funny and make us smile.

Take care all, Mark

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Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
« Reply #12 on: Thursday 29 July 21 15:49 BST (UK) »
Totally fed up of what feels like two days of continuous rain keeping us out of back garden, and weeding and some essential redesign jobs there.
Fortunately nothing else to complain of as we're both still well. Just frustrated.
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Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
« Reply #13 on: Thursday 29 July 21 16:11 BST (UK) »
Wow! What weather!
Talk about deluge ,cloudbursts etc .
Plants flattened and things blown all over the garden.
Well I won’t need to water containers for a few evenings now.

Hope everyone came through it all alright .

Son got a letter to go for a heart scan after heart trouble had more or less been ruled out ,we think it is a letter that just did not get posted at the right time but he will go for the scan anyway.

Got photos of Flash Harry in Safari mode!
Found several sorts of butterflies ,and ladybirds but wanted to keep some as pets but was OK when  my daughter explained they only ate food they had caught themselves like green flies etc .
He has done a ladybird pebble for me ,the spots are luminous !

Sent a cheque to grandson, for the pram for the new baby ,it is an all singing all dancing one ,pram, later push chair, first cot etc.
They got rid of a beautiful Silver Cross ,but was just the pram.
I say beautiful ,but not like ours would be, coach built, large wheels etc elegant and so easy to push.
However all folds away on the new one.

Didn’t we take a pride in our prams, all polished ,chrome wheels and handles
etc .White tyres whitened, lovely fringed sun canopies .
My children never had anything to eat in their prams ,and my first was immaculate after the two boys, the second for my daughter likewise ,I passed that on to Tom Simpson’s sister in law .
In Belgium.That had everything,pram,cot ,pushchair .
Shopping tray underneath.
We walked miles ,  but so much was more local and in easy walking distance.

Well must get on  still putting stuff away in spare room after my big sort out .
Keep changing my mind as to the best arrangement for the clothes many of which I may never wear again.
Got some very long cardigans ,I loved them with trousers ,but am too short now I have shrunk ,I think  grand daughter  likes them so will ask .

She has joined a charity for support for Ovarian Cyst patients as the long term effects are far more long reaching than I would have imagined .
Miscarriages etc.
Some of the group , are attempting to climb several peaks in a limited time .
I must sponsor them.
Perhaps a pram’s worth!

Well back to rearranging wardrobes, I wish I had never started.

Look after yourselves and thanks for the news .

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Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
« Reply #14 on: Thursday 29 July 21 22:21 BST (UK) »
Diana, I hope you enjoy your break in Niagra, the wine tour sounds great.  ;D
Your trip sounds great too Mark.

Hope Annette managed to get out and back in again okay.

Hope the rain eases for you ladies. We've had a few heavy showers here over the last few days, one thunderstorm. It usually seems to be in the late afternoon, it's worked out okay for me as I've been able to go for a short walk while it's fine. No marathons but I'm hoping to build up my stamina.

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Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
« Reply #15 on: Friday 30 July 21 04:17 BST (UK) »
Glad to hear you have been able to resume some walking which is a positive step, Roobarb, and yes, I did get home okay although bit of a tight squeeze to get through into the car park.

Was able to get out okay yesterday (one of the men removed the barriers for me) and looked after the great nieces as arranged.   Stayed there until just after 2pm and then went to a large B & M store which is their end of town.   As I was about to come out just before 3pm it started bucketing down.   Lasted around 15/20 minutes and had to wait until it eased off.   I'd have got drenched if I'd tried to make it to my car.   Then drove straight to my sisters and had a nice surprise to find my niece was there with the twins so got to see them for a little while.   

My sister was so pleased to be home but finding it difficult at the moment.  Hopefully things will improve soon.   Sister-sat until 8.30pm when b-in-l got back and much easier to get back into the car park this time.

I usually have a yearly checkup but didn't have one last year due to pandemic.   Was told by letter to make an appointment to see one of the nurses, to go to another surgery other side of town to have my blood test and if I didn't have my own blood pressure kit to go to local pharmacy.   Didn't want to do either - although I go some places now I'm extremely selective and advised previously (as vulnerable) not to go to a pharmacy.   I duly wrote a letter back explaining how I felt and subsequently had a phone call from the surgery to say both things could be done there.   So, today was the day.   Went through all the usual questions, blood test done, blood pressure taken (all good) and when weighed the nurse said I'd lost around 10lbs in the past 2 years.   It was a nurse I'd never seen before - when I mentioned this she said she'd only been at the practice for 2 months.   She was previously a sister working at the local hospital but had decided enough was enough - said she's spent the last 20 years working over Christmas, fed up with long  and changing shifts and wanted to now work regular hours, spend more time with family and deal with patients face to face.   Mind you, when I left she said it had been nice to meet me which was nice.   However, it wasn't until I was home that I realised neither of us really knows what the other looks like with just eyes visible above the masks!  I'm guessing she's in her 50's.

Rain forecast today but it never arrived!

Take care.


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Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
« Reply #16 on: Friday 30 July 21 09:41 BST (UK) »
Yesterday  I went  to  London to the ceremony of the keys at the tower of  London, fantastic, been  before  but  I  love   very moment  of  it, only  downside  was  we  were held  up by a red  light due  to a barrier  problem, didn't  roll in to my station till 12.20 ish, weather  was beautiful despite  us taking  our macs, the sun shone and  it  was  dry, couldn't  have  asked  for  better, so if it rains  all day like it  looks as if it will,  I can't  complain

London  was relatively  quiet, didn't  feel uneasy at  all but we wore  our masks, the tower area was quiet  and I didn't  feel it  was  like  a  bustling London at all,  we ate  just  behind  All Hallows  church  under a clear canopy in the   open, very enjoyable

Weather doesn't  look very  happy today  so the rain  sweeping the  country looks as if it might arrive here soon.

Sounds  as  if  people  are  feeling  a  little  relaxed but we still ought to be aware

Enjoy  your day  folks   and  hope  everyone who has been   feeling  down  is  feeling  more  positive as  the  days  go  by

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Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
« Reply #17 on: Friday 30 July 21 10:49 BST (UK) »
Ending another week and also the month already on Saturday 31st. A bunch of family birthdays falling together again, our youngest on Monday and we spent the day together on Sunday, picking her and S-i-L up mid morning and  headed north of the city for a lunch date with aunt and cousin. Aunt was 94 a week ago, the only sibling left of families of our late parents and the baby of them them all by a few years really. She was up for a sky dive for her 90th, this year though her pain management and mobility has been an issue and decision made to give up her home and move into a room in care. Has thankfully accepted that and has improved enough to have short wanders exploring new neighbourhood. The restaurant was packed, luckily had booked but menu showed why popular and food was very nice, aunt very tiny and appetite to match but enjoyed it.
Sunday also the first birthday of a great nephew, born on his sisters 2nd birthday last year, an early lesson in sharing and a lifetime of joint celebrations. A lovely family day and another meal in the evening at daughter's favourite local, a first visit for us and good food but also busy and people waiting for tables when we left to go back to theirs for drinks. Another of my nieces/goddaughter turning 50 on 31st, we had a memorable family get-together for her 40th in Melbourne where she lives, nothing like that this time though, just a special occasion for her and her son's 20th 2 days later.

Rest of week usual attempts at keeping up on the home front etc indoors and out, some torn foliage and light deadwood to clear away after a bit of 'weather', section is a half acre with well established trees. Our 'caretaker' does a great job once a fortnight when he arrives with his mower, weed-eater and blower and we get the better end of that deal, here this Thursday. Cheaper than the going rate for the job, paces himself and very thorough, just prefers working outdoors than at desk but not much younger than us, we pay his employer where he boards but slip him extra as well.

Handed in a few more knitted beanies Tuesday morning, group has an ongoing side project for the school where we meet, navy with sky blue stripe in band to match uniform.We had a class of new entrants file in to visit the knitting grannies this time, with it being a new term there were a few who were only having their second ever day at school. Quite an ethnic mix and levels of readiness for the change in their lives and mostly quite shy, culture a big difference there though as well and not one of us in attendance on the day would look like any of their family, just as none of us would have experienced exactly same as them. I do remember being quite quiet and shy though in junior years, particularly around adults and it was always quite formal. Teacher was from UK and interested to see how they would socially interact, a few stood about waiting to be let out!

Catch up with some calls etc, Wednesday club morning, meeting and essential shopping, Thursday meeting, general business and a short train trip.
Still mandatory to wear masks public transport, always see quite a few who don't though and it was a warm day … surprised also to see a mature woman board the train, take off her coat and only have a  skimpy and flimsy cami top on underneath, with track pants and jandals/flip flops, no mask. The short, do it yourself shaved sweep on sides hair do to top it off , such a clear image as she sat close to me, side seat in front of my forward facing one near door. We alighted together at next stop, different ways .. different days !! Anything goes of course in attire when out in public now and am quite accustomed to diverse tastes in style, just interesting sometimes seeing those not bothered with following the face covering guideline and those prepared to wear them properly when required. A few would be exempt from mask wearing but just a small percentage of those who don't I would think.
A mass 3 day c-19 vaccination campaign started at a large venue near me this morning through to Sunday, targeting a younger age group and their families encouraged to book. It was a bit slow to fill the bookings and some queue delays day one too I heard, hopefully more efficient over weekend.

Friday today, a work related round trip in countryside, fish and chip lunch at beach and clocked up a few more kms in car, a fine day for it and always a good outing together, saw lots more new lambs and other signs of Spring.  Car was booked in for a service on Tuesday, they didn't have a courtesy car available but replaced a bulb that needed attention and rebooked for next month.

Good to hear you were not too inconvenienced by the workmen Annette, and Rhubarb that you are getting through the days with noticed improvement albeit a slower pace. Wish all well with your weekend and new week ...