Author Topic: John Harris living in Moneyrannel Co Londonderry 1873  (Read 400 times)

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John Harris living in Moneyrannel Co Londonderry 1873
« on: Thursday 05 August 21 01:58 BST (UK) »
John Harris married Catherine Banigan/Bannigan/Banagher etc poss late 1830s early 1840s had three children John Frederick Harris, Linsey/Lindsey Harris and Catherine  B Harris (who later married Ross Ramage of Shanreagh T/L in 1870)

JF Harris may have lived in the US, Linsey died there (PA) in 1880. Catherine Harris Ramage lived in NZ from 1884-86.

Catherine Harris, his wife, died after two years of paralysis in Moneyrannel in 1873 aged 70.  He reported her death saying he was a labourer.

There are several possibilities I am looking at

1   Died in Strabane in 1881 and a Thomas Harris has reported it. John Harris  is shown as Married but by this stage he would have been a widower.

Problem: No relations called Thomas Harris are known in this family (yet)

With the thought that he may have gone to the States where his two sons are (one definitely in Philadelphia and the other in ?????Kentucky)

On 1880 census with a daughter Mary Jane Watson

2   Dies later in 1880

No relations called Mary Jane Harris Watson are known in this family (yet)

3    dies in New York  in an insane Asylum in 1889...

With the idea that the simplest solution is usually the most likely (Occams razor) my thought is that he has died in Ireland somewhere.  His daughter lived in nearby, (to Moneyrannel),  Shanreagh townland until the mid 1880s when she emigrated to NZ. 

I had thought he was in the army (57th Foot) and from Moneymore/Moymucklemurray Town Land but have had to revise this.  I still think there may be a link to that townland as the name Linsey/Lindsay Harris does come from there and a person of that name was baptised with the note from the Vicar 'this child is a bastard'

I did start a thread on the L/derry board but apart from advice that my links to the Army were incorrect there have been no other clues.

Other ideas
His gt grandson here in NZ was named John Harris Da(h)m and was known as Jack.
In Philadelphia when Linsey Harris (the son of John Harris) was living there there were two Irish Linsey/Lindsay Harris's. Perhaps I should follow up the other Lindsay Harris a little more to see if there are clues.

I have several 'international men of mystery' as my Mum would call them, and he is one.
He is my gt gt Grandfather.

I would love to find out when & where he died, & is buried. I would welcome any clues/advice to where I could search now.