Author Topic: NSW Land Records online - help please  (Read 457 times)

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Re: NSW Land Records online - help please
« Reply #18 on: Sunday 29 August 21 05:42 BST (UK) »
Well Done.  Fantastic,   you must be over  the moon.

My ancient rellies send their Congrats  to K.75.

Seriously,  it is a huge achievement and it is the bestest piece of sleuthing when, despite so many admin  obstacles  you "beat the system". 

Archival material should not be locked up and hidden so far away from ordinary viewing that even those protecting it don't even understand how useful it still is.   

It won't be long before NO-ONE can understand that once upon a time,  people - righted handed males - trained for years to become draftsmen - and   actually made those plans sitting on stools in front of a drawing board in the drawing office from notes and sketches sent from the Surveyor and his team in the field.   Nowadays you send a drone up, GPS, point cloud, Survey software, etc.   

I am  a Right handed FEMALE of a certain age,  a trained draftsman (as per my formal certification from early 170s....)  My training is in the Mechanical Engineering Field and I co-own a Mechanical Engineering Design Drafting  service.  So I have re-trained several times to suit technologies. 

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Re: NSW Land Records online - help please
« Reply #19 on: Sunday 29 August 21 07:34 BST (UK) »
Thankyou, I was very happy to solve it!
Thanks again for your assistance. I am off to solve some other mysteries now.....