Author Topic: Diary > Summary - Week ending 22nd August  (Read 2629 times)

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Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 22nd August
« Reply #27 on: Thursday 19 August 21 18:53 BST (UK) »
That is a good bargain, Trystan, to get a novel for 50p.  I hope it turns out to be a very good read whatever, it is.
Today, I managed to get out of paying 50p for a book.
I had gone shopping at the supermarket and decided just to have a quick look at the book display.  I just intended to look only as I have enough books at home to read.  However, I saw one I liked the look of and I liked the sound of the plot.  I thought if I picked it up and looked through I would perhaps find the writing might not be so promising and I would be put off.  I was sort of hoping I would be put off, as I really do have quite a few books already.  However, when I looked at it, I could see it ticked all the boxes of a good read.  I checked online on my Kindle and the library had it in stock.  I called at the library.  It turned out it is at another branch but I have ordered it.  There used to be a 50p charge for ordering a book but I was told that there is still no charges for requests as the library is still disinclined to accept money.   
No charge.  This was yet another little reminder that even in these Covid times there are little silver linings, such as no library charges  and cancellations of dental appointments and the like.  You have to remind yourself of the happy stuff.  ;)
I didn't manage to come away from the library empty handed.  I found another two good reads that I couldn't resist.
Before Covid I got the majority of my books from the library and it felt such a downer at the start of Covid when news broke that the libraries were shutting down indefinitely.  Since then I have been buying books at a speed of faster than I can read them.  I seem to have amassed a bit of a pile.  Oh well. 
On the way back, I mistakenly saw the wrong number on a bus that came along.  I sat down with my newspaper, and it was only when I looked up and saw where we were that I realised my mistake.  I ended up having to go to somewhere else entirely to then get my way back.  It wasn't fast either.  At every stop people seemed to want to get on or off and we seemed to hit every traffic light on red.  And I was thinking of my milk and yoghurt that should have been in the fridge by now. It all felt very tedious.  Oh well. 
I wonder what others have been up to today?
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Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 22nd August
« Reply #28 on: Thursday 19 August 21 20:41 BST (UK) »
Nothing out of the ordinary today, just the usual walk and some gardening with rests between. However, yesterday I went to meet a friend at a cafe not far away while her dog was being groomed. We sat outside and it was lovely to be amongst people and have my friend's company. I had a soda water as I still have a problem with taste and smell. We weren't there long as she had things she needed to do but it was a nice change from my own company. Later on I had one of the hot cross buns that I had in the freezer, when it had thawed I got a slight aroma from it and could actually taste something when I ate it, I suppose it's the spices. Not getting much flavour from anything else but it's a start.
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Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 22nd August
« Reply #29 on: Thursday 19 August 21 21:44 BST (UK) »
See below ( donít know how to cancel).

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Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 22nd August
« Reply #30 on: Thursday 19 August 21 21:46 BST (UK) »
[quote author=DianaCanada link=topic=852083.msg7200492#msg7200492 date=162940586


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Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 22nd August
« Reply #31 on: Thursday 19 August 21 21:47 BST (UK) »
Roobarb, glad to hear you are getting your sense of taste and smell back.  That must be very unsettling and not a good thing if you enjoy your food.  Hope it keeps improving!
No animal adventures today, just had Darcy out in the yard, he was listless, happy to come inside.  Itís the heat, he is fine inside.  We picked up our groceries today and then went across the street to a more ďupscaleĒ grocery, where we prefer to get a few things (luncheon meat, fruit, Milka chocolate bars), and to the drugstore as we were out of paper towels and didnít realize it in time to add to grocery order.  I need them to clean the glass stove top.
Our family history centre volunteer group is trying to organize another park meeting, very close to me.  Told the organizer the days I canít make it due to medical appointments, hope itís another day, maybe early September. 
OH had made an appointment for his gastronomical issues, means he has to be knocked out and it is at one of the hospitals.  First time they scheduled him for the afternoon, But then they gave him a cancellation for the same morning at 8.  This suits us much better, he will have a much shorter fast and can eat after.  He will be groggy though, canít drive after, so I will be the designated driver.  As we are both early risers, not an issue getting there by 8.  Itís probably less than half an hour drive.  I will drive home, they are saying 2.5 hours to do the procedures, I could come home in between, as I cannot go in to the building with him, anyway, due to Covid.
Third night I had a unsettled sleep, though I feel much better and more energetic today.  Had a bad dream too, unlike me.  Might be the book I am reading before bedtime, called Say Nothing, nonfiction about the Northern Irish Troubles of the late 20th century. Very interesting, but what awful things people do to each other.  I was in Ireland in 1988 and there were still problems but my father-in-law insisted on a day trip to N. Ireland, to Enniskillen.  Lovely town, but I was very nervous. 
The situation in Afghanistan is horrendous.  I had a student years ago, she was a teenager, wanted to be a doctor like her mother, think they had gotten out of A after 9/11, she told me she wanted to become a doctor too and return to A to help her people.  I just hope she is not there now.  One of those students you canít help but admire.  I had a number of students from Afghanistan, some more strict in their background than others, but most were quiet respectful kids.
Hope everyoneís well.

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Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 22nd August
« Reply #32 on: Friday 20 August 21 06:09 BST (UK) »
Hello everyone, well after an uneventful journey with the assistance I had requested ,I arrived at Ely ,the train was a little late but daughter waiting for me,.
It is well over two years since I saw her ,and whilst still a good looking girl
  has just lost a freshness of skin etc ,but such a worrying time for business owners who have been fair and stuck rigidly to the rules !               
Flash Harry amazing ,has grown and is reading all sorts of incidental stuff ,phonetically etc ,spelling out and writing .
He has some pens especially for bathroom tiles, and is always in there .
Went a walk and found , a big still green hazel nut ,a snail shell, a pine cone , a leaf from Lambs ears plant,an ear of corn, a crab apple.
Took photographs if us all by a giant sunflower on allotments which have a footpath through ,saw all the vegetables growing ,bought a marrow for tea
tomorrow,well , today now.
At the stables ,he sat on the horse who was eating ,helped Nanny ( my daughter) do the chores ,played with two children who live there and completed the dressage practice course with them ,running and jumping over fences they had lowered , very lightweight so horses legs etc donít get
hurt ..
We went to a park but very natural, saw huge dragon flies ,red/ orange birdies ,skimming around and a family of swans came to be fed ,the cygnets as big as the parents but still grey.
The male took objection to the dog ,on the lead and well back from the feeding platform ,gosh he hissed so loud ,FH was a bit frightened .
We looked up with FH ,just to check the corn was corn and not barley or
 oats .We knew but he liked looking it up.
Very amenable ,and easy to handle , but imagination flying away.Tells a whopper but them laughs and says he is only kidding.
A gouge out of the asphalt at the stables was where he fell and cut his knee !
Sympathy expressed and he laughs and says ď I am only kiddingĒ.
He was so good we thanked him for doing as we asked him first time every
There was however a shark infested stream,crocodiles in a pond and the well known pride of Suffolk lions were loose again!
He showed off his treasures to his grandad , he does not say the s sound as first consonant so nakes for snakes, we played a snake game , and he did remember but will no doubt forget again.
No great matter ,perhaps from when his hearing was down for a time as a tiddler.
Good weather, and I am managing the scramble in to the very high vehicle
but it is funny , I need a stepping stool.
Trying not to land in my left foot when getting out, as hip behaving well up to now.
Not sure when returning ,open return ticket , but must organise help at both ends etc  when I decide to go home.
Sunday lunch for all our birthdays,Christmas etc ,in the conservatory with open doors which is straight off the kitchen .
A celebration ,so daughter ,hubby, son ( my grandson) ,daughter, ( my grand daughter) FH ,spouse of son and boy friend of daughter ,and me .
Christmas dinner in August !

My daughter got me white roses for when I arrived and a little plaque with preserved forget me nots ,as it was my - our wedding anniversary.
Would have been 65 years ,1956, on August 18 th.
Son has been feeding the fish for me , waiting for review of old back curve which was cured by exercise and taking up fencing, but seemingly can recur abd can kink the oesophagus , as the curve  shortens the spine .
Very simple explanation.
Lovely to read your news and hope everyone is alright .
Very thankful I live where I do and not Afghanistan .
Continue to keep safe, get well, and stay well ,cope and carry on.
Kindest regards to you all .

( my g .son)

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Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 22nd August
« Reply #33 on: Friday 20 August 21 08:37 BST (UK) »
Wow Viktoria you have had a great adventure and created loads of memories!
North East of England

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Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 22nd August
« Reply #34 on: Friday 20 August 21 09:25 BST (UK) »
Enjoy Flash Harry

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Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 22nd August
« Reply #35 on: Friday 20 August 21 21:36 BST (UK) »
Wow viktoria what an adventure. Great to see you with your family after so long.
Back in New Zealand, our lockdown has been extended to 11.59pm Tuesday 24th. With so many locations of interest, we may be in for the long haul. Places include Supermarkets, Schools, Petrol Stations, Churches and some big events with over 1000 attendees. We have as of yesterday 31 cases most in Auckland but 3 in Wellington.
I will be back chasing family while under lockdown so will see you on some of the boards.

Stay Safe
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