Author Topic: Telephone Directory for West of Ireland (Tuam area) for 1975 to 1985 period  (Read 517 times)

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Trying to track a classmate for a school reunion - leaving cert class 1981 - English born classmate whose family lived in Tuam area during 1976 to 1982 (and possibly a bit earlier/later).  My classmate (and perhaps the rest of the family) probably moved back to UK in the early/mid 1980s. 

If I was able to find the first names of one/both of the parents of my classmate, it might help me figure out  where the family lived in the UK, get birth records etc - perhaps someone on this site has a telephone directory for the west of Ireland covering any year in the 1976 to 1982 period (or a couple of years earlier/later) who might be able to look up the family name (an uncommon name in the West of Ireland).  From our school yearbook, I know the precise address the family lived at in Tuam.

Any help or suggestions of other avenues that might be explored greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much.