Author Topic: Church Heritage Record - a resource for identifying churches?  (Read 143 times)

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Church Heritage Record - a resource for identifying churches?
« on: Wednesday 01 September 21 16:20 BST (UK) »
While reading around stories relating to the plans for a Church of England churchyards survey and database (see and I came across the Church Heritage Record:

There's a bit more about it at

By using the more detailed search box you can specify the age, size and diocese (location) of a church, and I think that could potentially be of some use in tracking down those that we can't identify.

Having said that, I've just tried it with one which I think we were told was in Cumberland (ie Diocese of Carlisle) and not found it, though I might have got the parameters wrong. And now I can't find the thread it was in either - the photo was entitled "UID church 07.jpg". I've added a copy below.
Researching among others:
Bartle, Bilton, Bingley, Campbell, Craven, Emmott, Harcourt, Hirst, Kellet(t), Kennedy,
Meaburn, Mennile/Meynell, Metcalf(e), Palliser, Robinson, Rutter, Shipley, Stow, Wilkinson

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