Author Topic: What did a Plumper do?  (Read 449 times)

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Re: What did a Plumper do?
« Reply #9 on: Monday 04 October 21 23:16 BST (UK) »
I do not wish to pour cold water on any theory, but I very much doubt that any elections in 1699 would have needed anyone to adjust the outcomes. In 1918 universal suffrage was still not a thing in this country.


I agree, nought gained by pouring cold water on any theory,  but nothing in my posts had anything do to with the introduction of universal suffrage.  Male universal suffrage came to my neck of the woods in the 1850s, and included the introduction of secret ballots, females had to wait until the 1890s.
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I can assure you though, that if seats in some of those 'Home Counties' early parliaments, required two or more persons to be elected to represent that seat, then there was every opportunity for a voter to become a plumper.   ;D  ;D  ;D.   

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