Author Topic: Search birth certificates using mother's first name?  (Read 5070 times)

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Re: Search birth certificates using mother's first name?
« Reply #63 on: Tuesday 07 December 21 16:35 GMT (UK) »
In this image the top and bottom entry are obviously not illegitimate,  but the middle one could be.
(Or the product of a Smith/Smith marriage  :( )

If you take a look at the above image posted by mckha (Reply #13), the middle entry has number 2555/S

This is a good example as I believe an entry with the added 'S' indicates an adoption.


The addition of a /s after the entry number does not signify an adoption. It means it is a supplementary entry.

See 13m here

There is no way you can link entries in the GRO birth index with entries in the GRO adopted childrens index unless you know the names before and after adoption.
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