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Re: A marriage in Islington 1912
« Reply #36 on: Wednesday 24 November 21 16:06 GMT (UK) »
CONFIRMED: Alice Evangeline (Craxford) Williams, widow, married Charles William Burrows (widower and railway goods porter) at Islington Register Office on December 26th 1914.

There is one possible sighting of Alice E Burrows after Charles died in a marriage to James Moore in the Bermondsey District in the summer of 1936. There is then (again a widow) Alice Moore born in 1866 (same year as Alice E Craxford), an office cleaner, living in Crosby Row, Bermondsey. I haven't seen a death for a James Moore to match though.

Leicester / Northampton: Craxford,  Claypole, Pridmore, Pollard, Tansley, Crane, Tilley
Derby: Naylor, Ball, Haywood
Buckinghamshire: Cook
London: Craxford, Lane Crauford
Tyneside: Nessworthy, Simpson
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Re: A marriage in Islington 1912
« Reply #37 on: Thursday 25 November 21 00:45 GMT (UK) »
I think the Alice who married James Moore is likely the daughter of Stanley Ward Burrows and Amy Hawkes.

GRO BMD references:
1891 Q1 Birth - Stanley Ward Burrows (mmn: Ward); Colchester; 04A; 594
1912 Q4 Marriage - Stanley W Burrows & Amy Hawkes; Southwark; 01D; 170
1913 Q2 Birth - Alice Ethel Burrows (mmn: Hawkes); Southwark; 01D; 158

Electoral registers:
148 Lynton Road, Bermondsey
Alice Ethel Burrows, Amy Burrows, Stanley Ward Burrows
Anderson Banks Beard Brewer Caves Clarke Clinch Cooling Cuff Denton Gamble Gibson Gunn Hunt Mills Muncey Norris Notzke Reid Robinson Searle Smith Trundle Turner Weedon Wells Wilson