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Re: Robert Halsall
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Yes, Robert did disembark in Fremantle in 1928 ,as stated . He received permission from the RAF to come & live in WA . He was discharged from the RAF 14/5/1929 ,at that time living in YELBENI WA. He had a short stint as a casual with the WAGR in KORRALING.  Apart from information about the adoption in 1938 ,nothing more can be found ....YET

I am sure you will disappointed to learn the following, as my ancient rellies have had been looking for your chap for you. 

He is NOT listed at Yelbeni in the WisesíPost Office Directory for:
1929, page 359
1930, page 364
1931, page 366
1932, page 369
1933-4, page 374
1934-5, page 372
1935-6, page 374
1936-7, page 380
1937-8, page 391
1938-9, page 429

He is NOT listed at Albany in the Wisesí Post Office Directory for Albany
1938-39, page 259
1937-38, page 230

At the Western Australia Resources Board here at RChat, at the following live link is the live link for the State Library of Western Australiaís Post Office Directories.  then to and then scroll through the opening post to the following:

Western Australia Post Office Directories

JM  ADD,  Oops,  ::) and he is NOT listed  at Yelbeni in the 1928 Wises' (page 346)
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