Author Topic: Last two lines of a French marriage 1767  (Read 635 times)

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Re: Last two lines of a French marriage 1767
« Reply #18 on: Sunday 07 November 21 19:42 GMT (UK) »
Interesting map  - I thought the Potterie refered to was just part of the Market Hall as there's Cordonnerie, Friperie, Petite Friperie, then Poterie and lots of names around that refer to products, but there are so many you must be right!

This confirms your deduction:
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Re: Last two lines of a French marriage 1767
« Reply #19 on: Monday 08 November 21 04:11 GMT (UK) »
More thanks jayaygee and manukarik  :)
So much new information it's very exciting.

As you say jayaygee, you get to see so much more if you pay into the premium level on geneanet, plus it allows you to search for variations of spelling if names.
Without that, I need to put in every variation I can think of and do a new search every time.
I'm glad to see names could vary just as much in French records as I'm used to seeing in English records!

Going back to the document you found from 1735 for Claude Philippe's marriage Jayayge,  does it give any occupations for his father Claude, or his grandfather Claude Barthelemy? Or in fact for any of the people mentioned? I see there are quite  few records for people named Francois Duvivier.
One of them was a master goldsmith - it would be great if that was him!
I think initially Claude Bertolle was a shoemaker, but then seems to make a career change and becomes the gaoler at the prison in Montreuil. I can't see his birth in Montreuil sur mer. I wonder if they came from elsewhere about 1712?
Claude Barthelemy Bertolle is a new generation, and I can't see him anywhere. Perhaps with the name variations on geneanet he might be somewhere? Might you be able to have a quick look jayaygee? I would be very grateful.

I still can't get the images to download. I've sent you a Personal Message on this site.

Many thanks again for your help
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Re: Last two lines of a French marriage 1767
« Reply #20 on: Monday 08 November 21 13:56 GMT (UK) »
Erratum to my transcription of the genealogy at the bottom of the "consanguité" document:

Charles Geraudot's wife is Marie Anne and not Marie Aimée

I also found a list of the vicars of St Gervais church here:
(you have to scroll down below all the photos to find it) and there is a Roland Thomas BOVILLERAT which seems to me might correspond with the Villerard which seems to be written - I know there is what looks like a T but it might be a bleed through or a misreading, bearing in mind that the original document would have been hand written and the name copied into the register entry.

Manukirk, good photo.  Regarding the map, I rather assumed there hadn't been enough room for the author to write "rue" in view of the maze of small streets in the area some of which do seem to be named after trades or goods that could have been sold in the market.  Latterly the Halles was only a food market but I don't know about the 18th century, haven't checked.
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