Author Topic: Diary summary week ending 28th November  (Read 1783 times)

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Re: Diary summary week ending 28th November
« Reply #18 on: Thursday 25 November 21 12:05 GMT (UK) »
Well we  do  don't we,   job  description  of  the  job I  took on 57  years  ago, ha!  ha!,
Wouldn't  change it

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Re: Diary summary week ending 28th November
« Reply #19 on: Thursday 25 November 21 17:03 GMT (UK) »
Well, Root canal filling done, painless but now starting to ache where the  many injections went in.
£355- gulp!

But he is good ,and very pleasant ,and I am grateful he still considers me his patient after I went astray and went my own way.!

Ordered some flowers for my daughter.
Some may think “ for a horse!” —- but twenty + years is a long time to have an animal as responsive as he was.
I just put ‘ You were the best thing that ever happened to him”,she was.
She cared so much and had good knowledge from the training we insisted she got when she wanted a horse 40 years ago.
He would have suffered much more had she not had thst training
Went to the stable this morning to muck out and leave his stall pristine but someone was already doing it thinking my daughter would not be able to face  going .
Not sure if she will get another ,probably will wait some time.
It is all so expensive.
No details as yet ,I won’t probe.
When she is ready.

Now wifely duties -  :-\ hmmm, yes we just do them don’t we ,but many work as well outside the home , my OH would vac and wash up ,I later put his own washing in the machine and hung it up on our line ,but not the one in the back lane at my other house ,I mean to say! someone might have seen him!
Would iron too, well that is what he called it, this when he was retired and I still working .
Washed up and would drive me anywhere including round the bend and up the wall.
Somehow though he never ever managed to get all the potatoes for roasting
cut in equal sizes!
Our annual Christmas Day Row!
They were for at least ten people.

But made the best ever cups of tea ,never burned toast and perfect boiled eggs.
What more could you ask for?

Have just roasted a chicken in a big Le Creuset pot, that weighs a ton .
It fell to pieces! However very moist .
Can’t  taste  the thyme though.

Plant pots and Ericaceous compost delivered  this morning  ,just before I left.
Square slate ones.

Wel will watch Pointless and cook some veges, and an early night for once.
A good book “Arthur and George “ I have mentioned before .
Well, thanks for your news and kind words ,look after yourselves everyone.

PS, Why,when I can’t feel my mouth ,can I feel an itch on my chin but scratching it gives no relief and I can’t even feel the scratching !
Sooo frustrating!

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Re: Diary summary week ending 28th November
« Reply #20 on: Thursday 25 November 21 18:09 GMT (UK) »
Viktoria- so very sorry to hear about your daughters horse…I don’t think sending her flowers for the loss of a much loved creature that has been such a big part of her life for 20 + years is the wrong thing to do.. You are a thoughtful Mum and I’m sure she will appreciate that care and thoughtfulness.
Hope your numb jaw thaws out soon… dentidty is certainly eye wateringly expensive!

Signing up to be a housewife…. Well these days I don’t think it’s quite the same as past generations! I still consider everything in the house is my responsibility, all outside, house maintenance, car stuff is my OH’s!   He does cook but he still asks which pan should he use and which oven 😤😤😩… after so long together 50+ years I don’t think I’ll change….

He’s a very reasonable husband and when I get engrossed into crafting etc he just gets on and does the cooking…. My son when aged about 3 asked me one day when I was busy sewing ( for work) at about 3 pm one day … ‘ mummy have we had lunch yet?’ 😳😳😬… of course I dropped everything and made him something to eat… we’ve never been a family who ate meals at set times.. just as well really😂😂.

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Re: Diary summary week ending 28th November
« Reply #21 on: Friday 26 November 21 04:27 GMT (UK) »
20 years is a big commitment  to the well-being of an animal, truly does seem like she gave her lovely horse her all Viktoria and sad to hear that stressful decision had to be made with the sudden deterioration.

Interested to hear of your miniature creation, MH … I use fine threads too for teeny knitting and crochet, usually a single strand of embroidery cotton.

Another marathon effort on cards Caroline, well done and no doubt well received.

Summary contribution … aside from the ho-hum of household routines/ wifely duties  :D ...

Black Friday, signs of retail advertising but not something usually drawn to. If allowed would though be having a couple of days in the north with #1 daughter for her birthday today but aiming to get up there pre Christmas, we both have vaccination passes as required for when the regional border reopens. Hairdressers reopened yesterday and trialling the introduction of the passes, by appointment only and husband is all sorted already. Had my dental appointment on Wednesday, lots of questions when confirmed and safe operating procedures, happily dentist was able to create a construction on what was left of base of broken molar as wasn't sure if there was enough to work with. Mouth and wallet wide open again $340.00 and quite a lot pricier than usual repairs, hopefully will get a decent period of value from that.  Same for you too Viktoria, I see.
Last Friday evening made a couple of retail purchases from a department chain, on way back from beach to see the beginning of lunar eclipse thought would check how full carpark was and enter a store for first brief foray, aside from weekly grocery shop. Big store and relatively quiet but as we were leaving quite a few arriving as other shops were closing. Didn't find a gift I was after in the toy department and those aisles were busier than elsewhere, and children out with parents. Another branch on our way home was very quiet and I quickly found just what I wanted. Just one young child I saw and heard there with a weary mother at 9.30pm, knew what he did and didn't want and giving instructions from his pushchair!
Bought a small iced fruit cake and a Christmas pudding this week with groceries both on good deal, I made several fruit cakes last year through lockdown but haven't made any this year.. Haven't really had the need to make my own for Christmas last few years, younger daughter usually covers all that now but I usually make some mince pies and will do some again
Received first Christmas card in post today, handmade one and a handmade soap from older daughter's best friend, just a week age difference and her birthday next weekend. Have bought a few stamps but probably will send out fewer myself this year, have said that before though and they add up. Sister's husband has a significant birthday on Monday, sent his card off on Tuesday and hopefully enough time for mail delivery, post has been quite slow at times and a  backlog of parcels too but sometimes remarkably speedy. B-I-L didn't want a fuss or any party, they were intending to have a family get-together at a restaurant but haven't re-opened and their eldest daughter and her family also restricted by regional borders so will delay celebrating together. A few birthdays in their family all quite close together and for those living nearer can and have enjoyed a couple of small outdoor gatherings.
Mess on the political front making top of news this week some detraction with another leadership turnover in the opposition making most headlines last couple of days.
Always the virus news about though, both here and globally …

All the best for coming week ...

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Re: Diary summary week ending 28th November
« Reply #22 on: Friday 26 November 21 09:35 GMT (UK) »
I imagine all the home made goodies are lovely, such busy ladies.

Must transfer some money to grand daughter, she knows which crockery she wants ,so better she gets it herself ,no posting for me etc.

Waiting to hear what flowers the florist sent to my daughter.
She hates yellow, but I know would not say anything to me,I did stress” NO YELLOW!”
I sent them to her place of work, to her home they could be in the lashing rain and depending where they are put,a good advert no one is at home.

Her  employees will be very kind I know.
She looks after them and they are very loyal.

Of to -hopefully  pick up my eye drops !

A very rainy day, and must walk down as I need to return a parcel via Hermes, there is a shop on the way down which does returns.
Well off for a cuppa folks .Thanks for the interesting news .
Take care.
Wonder what they will tell Flash Harry.
He loves going to the stable, just across from the franchise , loved  the horse
and helped in his own way .
Has made friends with some jolly children there and they run the riding school course,one girly singing  the “ Horse of the year “music,-Da da da ,da da da da da dadadadada “ as they jumped i over the lightweight  black and white poles .
My daughter has been back at her normal time ,to make sure all was left in good order and to thank the other horse owners for their kindness.

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Re: Diary summary week ending 28th November
« Reply #23 on: Friday 26 November 21 09:36 GMT (UK) »
Half my post is missing ,but low battery showing so hope this gets through

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Re: Diary summary week ending 28th November
« Reply #24 on: Friday 26 November 21 10:29 GMT (UK) »
I’m just popping in briefly to say how sorry I am to hear about the loss of your daughter’s lovely horse Viktoria. The loss of an animal is heartbreaking.

I don’t really have anything of interest to contribute. Weather is very humid with lots of rain, though luckily no flooding here as there are in some other areas. My dog walking adventures continue - never a dull moment.

Our news here is full of covid, murder mysteries and cricket scandals.  ::)

I’m glad to hear that all is reasonably well with everyone, and that so many of you are ensuring that the dentists of the world are prospering.  ;D

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Re: Diary summary week ending 28th November
« Reply #25 on: Friday 26 November 21 10:37 GMT (UK) »
Hospital visit was 24 hours longer than anticipated.
Monday AM I walked, with nurse, to operating theatre.
Since then I have been having trouble keeping my balance!!

About to ring GP for advice.
Garrad (Suffolk, Essex, Somerset), Crocker (Somerset), Vanstone (Devon, Jersey), Sims (Wiltshire), Bridger (Kent)

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Re: Diary summary week ending 28th November
« Reply #26 on: Friday 26 November 21 12:12 GMT (UK) »
Daughter has just phoned, to say thanks for the flowers I had sent to her.

She told me the sequence of events and there is no doubt she made the right
decision .Better sooner than later.
More dignified and kinder.

No sad details to you kind people but to keep him longer would have been very selfish and cruel.
Things work out don’t they.
He was fairly newly stabled across the road from the franchise my daughter and son in law have, she could see him in the field and noticed a strange gait,
So went across and got him back inside, very un -co ordinated.Ataxia,
Vet phoned and yes  no going back from that given other symptoms.
He was sedated and went down onto a mountain of straw she had ready in a spare stable with plenty of room for the equipment needed when he would be removed .
He was “ chuntering “ ,little noises he made when greeting her.
She and my grandaughter stayed, and watched the light go from his eyes,then close.
Injection ,not the old way ,much kinder .

Had she not been able to see him he could have collapsed in a field at the previous stable ,where the trouble started, and it would have been hours before he got help.
She thought it all out , he improved a good deal after moving but then was going down again.
She saw a video of the old stables and some people renting the mews cottages were having all night rave ups!So he was moved.

It seems noise intolerance is a first symptom , and some new people who started stabling after he went on the new yard which had been very quiet ,were very noisy ,sound echoes in the stables which are high ceilinged,he did not cope with it at all.
All over now.

I thought she had him twenty years but it was twenty two.
An Irish half hunter , late gelded , aaaaw!

 So I am down there at Christmas all being well .
Thanks for listening.

Every animal that has to be put to sleep is hard but the practicalities of such a big one!
Thanks for your kind wishes and “ listening” .
Flash Harry has been told the barest essentials ,without worrying him that if he goes to sleep he might not wake up!
The horse is asleep at the horse doctor’s!
For now.
That is enough for a five year old.
Cheerio ,sun shining again so off shopping .