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Re: Margaret Jamieson
« Reply #27 on: Wednesday 15 December 21 21:31 GMT (UK) »
What a shame that Doolittle72 was not interested enough to return to this thread, or answer the questions posed.
One would have hoped he/she might have been grateful at being directed to the correct records and facts. (Interesting to note the corrections have been made on the Ancestry tree now.)
Obviously when there is no further interest, there is no point in posting information about Robert Jamieson and the Jamieson family.

EDIT - should have said that “SOME” corrections have been made.
Milligan - Jardine – Glencross – Dinwoodie - Brown: (Dumfriesshire & Kirkcudbrightshire)
Clark – Faulds – Cuthbertson – Bryson – Wilson: (Ayrshire & Renfrewshire)
Neale – Cater – Kinder - Harrison: (Warwickshire & Queensland)
Roberts - Spry: (Cornwall, Middlesex & Queensland)
Munster: (Schleswig-Holstein & Queensland) and Plate: (Braunschweig, Neubruck & Queensland)

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Re: Margaret Jamieson
« Reply #28 on: Wednesday 15 December 21 22:16 GMT (UK) »
Interesting to note the corrections have been made on the Ancestry tree now.
That in itself is a very positive thing.

I am shocked how often I read someone saying they have tried to contact a tree owner to let them know of an error, only to be rebuffed or ignored. I know I've tried to get errors corrected many a time, but seldom with any success. 
Never trust anything you find online (especially submitted trees and transcriptions on Ancestry, MyHeritage, FindMyPast and other commercial web sites) unless it's an image of an original document - and even then be wary because errors can and do occur.

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Re: Margaret Jamieson
« Reply #29 on: Thursday 16 December 21 09:49 GMT (UK) »
I'm sorry if you think I'm not interested - I have been away for a couple of days and I am very grateful for the postings/corrections you have helped a great deal.  The death certificate for Mary Clark I had had some time ago and discarded because the first husband was given as William Jamieson not Robert so I thought it was the wrong one,  This led me down the wrong path.  However on Margaret's marriage certificate she stated her mother was Mary RODGER.  This is why I had looked at ALL the Robert Jamieson baptisms and settled on the one I did as the most plausible.  Robert Jamieson was the son of Robert Jamieson and Margaret Rodger. As the two girls were Mary after Mary Brannon and Margaret after Margaret Rodger I tried to use common sense in this case.
All through this family they have not only used the naming patterns but named the children with many names of their ancestors ie Margaret Jamieson Hamilton or Annie Robertson Thom Hamilton.
I am indeed very grateful for the assistance that has been given.