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Old Paperwork
« on: Saturday 08 January 22 05:50 GMT (UK) »
Hello! And thank you for your help. In 2014 after 25 years I put 'finished' under my Family History.And had it published for Mum's 100th birthday. I had it printed 3 ways. Hard copies 2 in beautiful red leather, one to keep as the Master copy, the second was lodged and Registered in the Mitchell Library, Macquarie Street Sydney NSW Australia. The  'Holy of Holies'. I was so proud I spent many hours studying in this Sanctuary from the time I was 12,now 83. 5 soft copies with a coloured family photo on the front for siblings and children, and about a dozen usb sticks containing a copy of the registered history, a separate copy of the coloured photo, and a working copy so that new information can be inserted, and unwanted information removed. As you can imagine over this period of time I built up a huge amount of support working paper. At long last my Question is "what do I do with all this extra information I built up? Some of it I found  to be excessive to my needs, or did not belong to my tree. Happy New Year. Regards Mary Culshaw 08.01.2022