Author Topic: Advice for scanning photographs for MyHeritage  (Read 321 times)

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Advice for scanning photographs for MyHeritage
« on: Saturday 08 January 22 11:23 GMT (UK) »
Hiya this is strictly a question regarding the website my heritage. If using the enhance tool what quality should you be scanning photos in at ? I've done 600dpi before which I thought was the highest. I know now obviously 1200 DPI is higher and would be better quality if wanting to look at faces later on after the tool was used. Also any tips on scanning photos in for enhancing. Or general tips for my heritage

Thank you

Katie x

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Re: Advice for scanning photographs for MyHeritage
« Reply #2 on: Sunday 09 January 22 11:46 GMT (UK) »
Hi Katie,

Cazza's scanning tutorial (in the link posted by Patbot) was published in 2013 and is still targeted towards Rootschat members. Rootschat (still, I think) has a 500KB size limit on uploaded photos. The tutorial falls into 2 parts:
- scanning
- reducing file size (save as ...) to under 500KB

The scanning part is in general good, though both scanners, resizing-programs and scanner-control programs have changed a bit since 2013! The part on different file formats (jpg, TIFF, etc.) is very useful. If possible, try to scan to a 'lossless' file format like TIFF to get the best results.

The resizing part probably doesn't apply to MyHeritage. I can't find any 'size limit' on uploaded photos at MyHeritage or even recommendations. Video's can be uploaded up to 50 MB so I doubt whether there's any size limit on photos.

I've never used the various enhancement tools at MyHeritage but there's a general comment at the page on using the photo enhancer via the mobile app:
"When scanning your photos, do so in the highest resolution possible to maximize quality and achieve the best possible results". On the other hand, MyHeritage says that the photo enhancer automatically increases the resolution of uploaded photos.

I would think that scanning at 600 dpi would be more than enough. My guess is that you need to experiment a bit by scanning at 600 dpi and 300 dpi and comparing the results (by downloading the processed photos).

As a last point, the resolution of your scanned photos depends on their physical size and the intended use of your photos: purely digital or sharing with others who may want to print them.

For purely digital use, most screens are currently HD (19201080 pixels). Some screens are - increasingly - 4K (38402160 pixels). So even to display your photos 'full screen', any scanned & cropped photos don't need to have any more pixels than these.

The size of prints also depends on the number of pixels. A scanned photo of roughly 3500x2500 pixels can be printed at up to A4 size.

Hope this helps,


Photo restorers may re-use and improve on my posted versions. Acknowledgement appreciated.