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Update Probate Search
« on: Saturday 12 February 22 12:31 GMT (UK) »
I have used the government Probate Seach website extensively in the past, but noticed that it has been unavailable over the past few weeks for an "upgrade". I now find:
  • I have to log in every time I want to do a search. This was not necessary before.
  • After logging in, I am taken to my details page, rather than a search page.
  • The font size used on the search page is huge.
  • Scaling down the page in my browser scales images differently to text.
  • Search does not seem to work as before. The search asks for a death date, but the date of probate is actually needed to find an entry.
  • Search results seem to be in a random order, requiring each page to be checked to find the required entry.
  • Having found the required page in the calendar, it is necessary to view the image to get to the order screen, a totally uneccessary step in my opinion as the image is already displayed on the screen!
  • Navigation is awkward and not intuitive. Onscreen controls are clunky and inconsistent - a mixture of text and button based.
  • The site crashes when I try to pay for a copy of a will, although payment is taken.
I have reported this via the feedback option on the site, but I haven'y heard back yet. Has anyone else had similar problems, reported them, and had a response? The site now looks like it has been constructed by someone who has absolutely no experince or training in website design or in how to design a simple and effective user interface.

I'm using Win 10, and Firefox as my browser. I have ads and pop-ups blocked, and I block all but strictly necessary cookies.
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Re: Update Probate Search
« Reply #1 on: Saturday 12 February 22 12:40 GMT (UK) »
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