Author Topic: FindMyPast has decided I'm a "Nibling" !!!  (Read 3522 times)

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Re: FindMyPast has decided I'm a "Nibling" !!!
« Reply #45 on: Wednesday 13 December 23 22:24 GMT (UK) »

Male and female brains explained

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Re: FindMyPast has decided I'm a "Nibling" !!!
« Reply #47 on: Saturday 16 December 23 18:47 GMT (UK) »
In regards to nibling, a gender neutral term for niece/nephew, way back in the 1500s and 1600s and later, a "cousin" or "cosen" was also a nephew or niece as well as actual cousin. Many wills say things such as "I give an bequeath to my cosen John Smith of Shoreditch".

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