Author Topic: Are these signatures the same man?  (Read 1143 times)

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Re: Are these signatures the same man?
« Reply #27 on: Monday 12 February 24 14:17 GMT (UK) »
I'm looking at this again and still going round in circles.  I wrote a very polite letter to the Superintendent Registrar of Lambeth setting out my query and attaching certificates I had and asked them, as suggested, to provide the original certificate with original signatures.  I did this in mid-December and have not, as yet, had a reply.  I suspect one will not arrive.

So, I'm still looking for Thomas James Fleming (born 1885) and his son James William Hitchcock Fleming (born 1911) in the 1921 census.  James is not with his mother and I believe they had separated as mother (Bertha Fleming) is living with another man (Charles Hawkins) and they went on to have a son (Peter Charles Hawkins Fleming) in 1923.  Peter was my father-in-law and I have recently found some handwritten 'memoires' he wrote.  He notes (one of his earliest memories) that when he was a young boy his brother (Jim) was "away at school".  I'm not sure Jim would have gone to a private or boarding school and wonder if he was actually with his father - Thomas.  The memoires also make reference to a cousin (Len) of Jim and them playing and that Bertha did not approve of the friendship.  This suggests, to me, that Len was not a cousin of Peter (?) and, perhaps, a cousin on Jim's father's side which might explain the disapproval of Len by Bertha.

I've looked at the GRO for any James Fleming born c1911 and noted mother's maiden names and there are some matches with the women marrying a Fleming but nothing leaps out at me as my man.

In the 1921 census record I have there is Thomas Fleming with wife Nellie. I've got their marriage in 1913. Sons James W aged 11 and Thomas aged 7.  I can't see a James W and Thomas Fleming with the same mother's maiden name but I've looked at so many I'm going cross-eyed.

Any bright ideas or a fresh set of eyes will be welcome please!