Author Topic: 1871 census address search please  (Read 279 times)

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Re: 1871 census address search please
« Reply #9 on: Tuesday 11 June 24 14:37 BST (UK) »
You didn't give the baby's name but the only child with surname Cockburn, born 'late May 1871' Liverpool in the GRO Births is
Thomas Cockburn, Q2 1871, Liverpool, mmn LARKIN

RC Baptism St Francis Xavier, Liverpool
 born 24 May 1871, baptised 9 (date not clear) Jan 1872
Thomas, son of Robert & Elizabeth Cockburn (nee Larkin)
godmother Mary Ann Gorman

There is a possible marriage  in Southwark for these parents
Marriage 1869 06 Dec , St George The Martyr, Southwark
Robert Cockburn, full, widower occ Drill Sergeant, father James Cockburn, Baker
Elizabeth Larkin, full, spinster, Father Stephen Larkin, coachman
witnesses William Freeman,Eliza Larkin

There's a possible Chelsea out pension record for a Robert Cockburn, born c 1822 Edinburgh who served with Coldstream Guards discharged to pension 1864

possible 1881 census for this family listed as Coburn
Piece 435, Folio 101, Page 4
youngest 3 children check out to have MMN of Larkin (Sarah registered as Elizabeth Sarah) and the Thomas was born Liverpool

So a few possibilities to explore in the hope that the extra info will help to find them in 1871


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Re: 1871 census address search please
« Reply #10 on: Wednesday 12 June 24 00:44 BST (UK) »
Thank you all for your ideas, and it sparked some new thoughts and new routes for searching.

From the entry Kay99 provided, I went to the Campbell & Dunn family, then clicked through each nearby census page.  I did the full section, 41 pages.

With each new street name, I checked on the maps from MollyC and followed the enumerator's path.  From Bookbox:  the National Archives site lists RG 10/3789 for Constance Street.  The 41 pages match that number, so I think that means Constance Street wouldn't appear elsewhere.

The addresses listed are written as follows:
Constance St. Ct. 1 No.1
do do No. 2
do do No. 3
do do No. 4

Constance St. Ct. 4 No. 1; 2; 3; 4
Constance St. Ct. 6 No. 1; 2; 3; 4

So, four house numbers within each Court. 
My people are in Court 2, and the census shows Court 1, 4, 6.   

Yet, the maps do not have a Court 1.  Also, page 1 has the enumerator's summary, and it mentions Court 2, 4 & 6.  I also had a little hunt in 1881, and couldn't find a Court 1.
So, if there's no Court 1, then maybe those households should all be Court 2. 

Back to the Campbell & Dunn family, and just below them is an unusual entry.
No. 3 is marked as Uninhabited --- written in the Name section: Occupied on the 4th Inst.

1871 Census: Sunday April 2nd.  It's quite possible they were the people who moved in and occupied it just days later.

Thank you again to everyone for your searching!  Yes, they are the Cockburn - Larkin family, as Tickettyboo listed above.  We've been missing them just in 1871, with all manner of searching variations attempted. 

It was interesting to learn about the Courts and sort of tour around the neighbourhood in the maps!  Liverpool isn't one of my main areas of research, so that was fun to learn more.

Thank you all!

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Re: 1871 census address search please
« Reply #11 on: Wednesday 12 June 24 07:56 BST (UK) »
I gained the impression from surrounding streets that the court numbers were probably odd or even in line with the house numbers on the street.  So if courts were only located the even side there would be no odd-numbered courts.  I agree the enumerator appears to have made an error by entering court 2 as court 1.  It seems my example of an address was accidentally the correct address!

These were back-to-back houses, one room deep but probably three storeys high, so three rooms.