Author Topic: Places & things named for ancestors  (Read 4346 times)

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Re: Places & things named for ancestors
« Reply #18 on: Monday 19 September 05 12:59 BST (UK) »
A few bits and pieces - Carver's Carr, a wood in Norfolk near to the original family farm. Through other branches of the family, there are two hamlets in the Gosforth area of Newcastle by the name of Bulman and Hazelrigg that take their name from the families that owned the land. I have both families in my tree but have yet to prove a definitive link with the land owners. The probability is high as both names are not found too widely in the area. Somehow I doubt if my May ancestors had the month named after them though.
E Yorks - Carver, Steels, Cross, Maltby, Whiting, Moor, Laybourn
W Yorks - Wilkinson, Kershaw, Rawnsley, Shaw
Norfolk - Carver, Dowson
Cheshire - Berry, Cooper
Lincs - Berry
London/Ireland/Scotland/Lincs - Sullivan
Northumberland/Durham - Nicholson, Cuthbert, Turner, Robertson
Berks - May
Beds - Brownell

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Re: Places & things named for ancestors
« Reply #19 on: Monday 19 September 05 13:34 BST (UK) »
I believe the Northeast Aberdeenshire village of Lumsden was named after the Lumsden Lairds. However the name of the Leslie Barons came from the village of Leslie. It's hard sometimes to know what came first (the chicken or the egg :))

Aberdeenshire; Brechin, Robb, Clark, Hardie, Johnston, Watt, Elmslie, Milne, Harper, Adam, Edmond, Laing, Gibson, Aedie, Jameson, Argo & Doverty.
Booth, Watson, Grothenwell, Ewen, Mackie, Simpson, Piper, Taylor, Davidson, Willox, Chalmers & Gordon
Still, Fraser, Robertson, Burnet & Lumsden
Banffshire; Cruickshank, Bennet, Broug, Allen, West & Lyal
Caithness; Sutherland
Herefordshire, Worcester, Monmouthshire, Gloucestershire; Wagstaff, Jones, Turner, Wiggett, Hannes

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Re: Places & things named for ancestors
« Reply #20 on: Monday 19 September 05 13:48 BST (UK) »
Thanks Tabitha,
That has given me a bit of a start.  I think I will delve a little now.  No doubt named for one of my illustrious ancestors!!! (who didn't even come from there!)
Thank you.  Sue

Sue, maybe your ancestors were sooooo rich that they owned big chunks of the south west of England, never visited themselves only ever sent their servants into the wilderness to collect the rent  ;D ;D ;D (Well, you never know!!)

Tabitha  ;D
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Re: Places & things named for ancestors
« Reply #21 on: Monday 19 September 05 14:00 BST (UK) »
Many people have told me that Oregan is named after the Organ family that went there from Devon/Cornwall, I haven't found the connection yet though. My Hamilton name, well, just too many to mention, but, sadly, again no direct connection. Drummond castle?  it is in the correct place.

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Re: Places & things named for ancestors
« Reply #22 on: Monday 19 September 05 19:39 BST (UK) »
I have a couple.

Linkson Street in Burra, Australia is named after part of the Linkson family that went out there mining in the 1840s. As yet we can't pinpoint which bit of the family their father comes from but as all the other Linksons I've found across the world descend from the same family in London we've adopted the Australian ones in hope that eventually we'll get them firmly tied in

Lysterfield near melbourne is named after William Saurin Lyster who married my 5 x great aunt Georgina (Georgianna) Hodson. He was big in opera and she was an actress.

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Re: Places & things named for ancestors
« Reply #23 on: Monday 19 September 05 20:35 BST (UK) »
As always, I am still trying to find my Hessies. Every so often, I have another look in Google, to see if there is anything new.

Apart from a couple of references to my profile in RootsChat I have also found the following places:

Hessie Town, in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, Colarado. Named after the founder's wife.
Not one of my Hessies !

A well-known hiking trail, the Hessie Trail starts from Hessie Town.
In the same area, for Rock-Climbers, there is also the Hessie Chimney.

Then there is Hessie's Sinkhole, a cave in Jamaica
The story goes that many years in the past, a woman named Hessie, in a terrible fit of depression brought on by a romance gone bad, had disappeared and was strongly suspected to have thrown herself down this deep shaft. It was known of by all for its bottomlessness and for being a gateway to oblivion. Hessie, prior to her vanishing, had threatened to do great harm to herself and a last long leap into this dread hole had been one of the options. When Hessie went missing, she went for good. No trace of her was ever found and it has long been believed that the deep sinkhole that I would descend into was where Hessie had ended her days.

Also not one of my Hessies, thankfully !!

But in a house in Germany, there is a "Hessie's Room" !! 
And that is named after my daughter, in fact, it is her room !!

So that is definitely named after my Hessie !!

Any UK Census Data included in this post is Crown Copyright (see:

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Re: Places & things named for ancestors
« Reply #24 on: Monday 19 September 05 20:54 BST (UK) »
Berlin-Bob, said like a true Daddy, good on ya ;D
"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it!  No matter if I have said it,
unless it agrees with your own reason and with your own common sense" ~ Buddha

SCOTT ~ Monmouthshire & Glamorgan
BUCKLEY ~ Cork & Manchester
FRANKLIN ~ Clerkenwell, London
BRADY ~ Kildare & Manchester
DERICK ~ France
FRIEND ~ Kent & Portsmouth
TYLDESLEY ~ Lancashire
Census information posted here is Crown Copyright from The National Archives

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Re: Places & things named for ancestors
« Reply #25 on: Tuesday 20 September 05 05:04 BST (UK) »
G'Day All!
Ater that' Ford's' claim there's not much else to say is there?
BUT,by the Lord Harry I'm sticking my beak in!
The Prendergast+variation's,the Binstead+variation's,from the lowest to the highest,and if one is to believe other Genealogist's tree's;connected to every line with other connection's!!!
Wonder where they were when I was strapped for cash??? ;)
               Regard's Goggy.

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Re: Places & things named for ancestors
« Reply #26 on: Wednesday 21 September 05 11:21 BST (UK) »

The suburb of Hillsborough Auckland New Zealand was named by my 3rd Gt grandfather James Carlton Hill 1798-1858  who once owned and farmed the land.
Several streets in the area are names after family members.

Carlton Street ~ named after my 2nd Gt Grandfather Carlton Hollis James Hill 1823-1893

Frederick Street ~  named after Frederick Eldon Winchelsea Hill 1835-1912  James Carlton Hills son

Phillips Street ~ named after James Carlton Hills first wife Sarah Phillips who died in 1836. Later this street was realigned as the extention of Frederick Street then in 1951 renamed Bagley Street and its name on longer features in the borough

Filgate Street ~ named after his second wife Emma Maria Filgate in the 1880's

Warkworth New Zealand was founded by my other 3rd Gt Grandfather John Anderson Brown in 1853 he named it after Warkworth in Northumberland where some of his ancester came from.
his grave stone inscription reads
" John Anderson Brown who laid out and named this township of Warkworth in 1853"

His daughter Amelia Brown married carlton Hollis James Hill and Hill Street in Warkworth is named after them.

HILL ~ Wicklow Ireland & New Zealand
PHILLIPS - FILGATE ~ Wicklow Ireland
MIDDLETON ~ Staffordshire & New Zealand
HART - GREEN - TURNER ~ Staffordshire
PEARCE ~ Gt Malvern Worcestershire
HYDE ~ Madresfield & Powick Worcestershire
BARNES - BAYLIS Worcestershire
BEDWARD ~ Hanley Castle Worcestershire & Surrey
BROWN ~ Newcastle Upon Tyne & New Zealand
ROBSON ~ Hedden on the Wall Northumberland
SMITH ~ Wales & Somerset