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Username: This is the name you chose when you registered for RootsChat. It is your default "Name" (see below) and will appear on PMs and in the Chatroom.

This is the name that people will see on RootsChat.
This is your profile name, or displayed name. This is what will be shown throughout the forum, in place of your username. You can change this name, but we recommend that you don't do it often, as it could confuse others.

If you have entered names in the SIT, you will need to get your name changed there, too.
See RootsChat Topic: Changing your RootsChat name

This must be a valid email address, as RootsChat will send you a confirmation email.

This must be valid as things may be sent to this email address by RootsChat, such as notifications of replies to your messaged. It is also needed if you ever wish to retreive a forgotten password.

Choose password:
For best security, you should use six or more characters
with a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Passwords have no restrictions, but it is recommended that you type at least 6 characters, using a combination of characters and numbers. Both password fields must be the same, simply as a check that you typed it correctly.

Verify password:

Secret Question:
To help retrieve your password, enter a question here
with an answer that only you know.

Choose carefully, you wouldn't want someone guessing
your answer!

Current Password:
For security reasons, your current password is required
to make changes to your membership details.

And of course ......
Don't forget to click on this button when you have finished making any changes !