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From this page you can change a variety of personal messaging options, including how messages are displayed and who may send them to you.

Display personal messages:
  • All at once
  • One at a time
  • As a conversation

[x] Show most recent personal
      messages at top.

Receive personal messages from:
  • All members
  • Administrators only

Notify by email every time you receive a personal message.
  • Never
  • Always

[x] Show a popup when I receive new messages? Enable Personal Message Popup - this option is to allow a small notification to appear let you know that you have new messages, so it is useful to have it ticked.

[x] Save a copy of each Personal Message in my 'sent items' (outbox) by default.

And of course ......
Don't forget to click on this button when you have finished making any changes !