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1066 Genealogy | Tuesday, 14 April 2015
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About Us
Local & Family History in Hastings & 1066 Country

Welcome to 1066 Genealogy.

At present, our web site is still under construction, but we are making an effort to present you with as much information as is possible on tracing your Ancestors in Hastings & the 1066 Country. At this point in time we can provide you with Transcribed Burial Registers and Monumental Inscriptions on many churches in Hastings and other East Sussex Towns or Villages - plus a transcription of the 1851 Census for East Sussex Only.

If you are not familiar with the work that we do (all voluntary of course) and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know how we can help you to locate or research your ancestors here in Hastings or further afield in 1066Country.

Use the 'Contact Us' button in the Main Menu

1066 Genealogy was formed in 1999 and its main purpose was, and still is, to encourage and assist the study and research of Family History and Genealogy especially in Hastings and the 1066 Country.

A small but dedicated team of Genealogists and Researchers are very busy surveying and transcribing the tombstones situated in the many churchyards throughout Sussex with the intention of making the data available to Family Historians.

Burial Registers, Baptism Registers together with Marriage Registers are also being transcribed and cross referenced with the Data from the tombstones to further aid the amateur Genealogist.

Each and every stone in a Churchyard undergoes several stages of work including - Physical Surveying of All Surviving Tombstones, (but not burial mounds) Digital Photography of all Stones paying particular attention to images on stone, Transcription of all words on the Monuments, Checking & Re-Checking and Cross Referencing with the Burial Register before the data is published

Since 1984 I have personally been researching area's of Hastings (such as the America Ground) in order to further my own knowledge and to complete University Papers connected with Local & Family History. During this time I have become very familiar with the workings of the Archives in the Local Library and records at the County Records Office in Lewes; and now feel able to pass on hints and tips on Genealogical research.

Later on, we envisage having a section devoted to 'Old Photographs of Hastings' and the surrounding area's - so please keep coming back to see what has changed.

Chris in 1066Land
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