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Useful abbreviations, plus links
« on: Thursday 25 November 04 17:27 GMT (UK) »
For the novices, to help you understand what we are all talking about, here are some useful abbreviations:

GRO   General Register Office – order certificates online at

GROS      General Register Office for Scotland –
                      search & view certificates, Scottish wills (to 1901), census and OPR baptism & marriage entries online at:

NAS             National Archives of Scotland - home page: 
                             Online Public Access Catalogue   

LDS      (Church of Jesus Christ and) Latter Day Saints (Mormon church)

TNA      The National Archives (formerly  PRO) online at

PRO      Public Record Office (old name for the National Archives)

PRONI      Public Record Office of Northern Ireland – web site

CRO      County Record Office

LMA          London Metropolitan Archives

FFHS      Federation of Family History Societies – web site

IGI   International Genealogical Index – available on microfiche at many record offices and libraries.  Also available online at

BVRI2   British Isles Vital Record Index 2nd edition – available on CD from LDS church. complements the IGI

NBI2   National Burial Index 2nd edition – available from the Federation of Family Histoy Societies

Other abbreviations which may need some explaining:

BMD   Births Marriages & Deaths
CMB       Christenings Marriages & Burials - used for the "all in one registers" found most often pre 1754
otp   of this parish
otsp   of the same parish
BTs   Bishops Transcripts
MI   Memorial Inscription (or Marriage Index)
Admon     Letters of Administration

MS     Male Servant
FS      Female Servant
J      in conjunction with an occupation tends to mean Journeyman

RD   Registration District
ED   Enumeration District (census)

PCC   Prerogative Court of Canterbury (probate of wills pre 1858)
PCY   Prerogative Court of York (probate of wills pre 1858)

All census information: Crown Copyright

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Re: Useful abbreviations, plus links
« Reply #1 on: Tuesday 12 April 05 12:49 BST (UK) »
UD - Urban District (these would be in urban areas).

There is also rural districts, which i assume is RD.
Smith (Lancashire), McKenna (Ireland/Liverpool/Leyland), Maynard (Hertfordshire/London/Preston), Ricketts (Gloucestershire/Wigan/Preston), Scowcroft (Preston), Harling (N. Yorkshire/Lancashire), Willis (Preston), Clegg (Manchester/Preston), Dodd (Wigan/Cheshire), Alston (Lancashire), Hulks (Hertfordshire), Nicholson (Lancashire/Cumbria), Russell (Lancashire), Wilson (Cumbria), Bracewell (Lancashire), Moxham (Lancashire0

Census information is Crown Copyright, from

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Re: Useful abbreviations, plus links
« Reply #3 on: Monday 18 July 05 21:57 BST (UK) »
Thanks for the warm welcome. :)

Yes, that's him. I'm not sure if he was living with his daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren at the time of the 1881 census or if he was just visiting, along with his son, a fellow worker from the sugar refinery and also one of the men listed at (James). I don't know if he was a British Subject or a Naturalised British Subject, though. Will follow the link and read more.

Thanks again,
Barrington, Westerman (originally from Hannover), Long (originally from Prussia), Lorymore, Flyng, Porter - all Bristol, Gloucestershire.
Grimes - Bridgwater, Somerset.
Lamb - Poplar, Essex, Hither Green, Kent.
Dwan, Turner, Cole, Carter, Walker, Kay, Hughes, Maplesden - all St Olaves/Bermondsey/Rotherhithe/Southwark/Stepney/Lambeth/Wandsworth.

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Re: Useful abbreviations, plus links
« Reply #4 on: Tuesday 17 April 07 22:47 BST (UK) »
These confused me when I first saw them in print, occasionally seen when someone gives a census reference

USD Urban Sanitary District

RSD Rural Sanitary District

All census lookups are Crown Copyright from
Sussex - Knapp. Nailard. Potten. Coleman. Pomfrey. Carter. Picknell
Greenwich/Woolwich. - Clowting. Davis. Kitts. Ferguson. Lowther. Carvalho. Pressman. Redknap. Argent.
Hertfordshire - Sturgeon. Bird. Rule. Claxton. Taylor. Braggins

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Re: Useful abbreviations, plus links
« Reply #5 on: Tuesday 18 March 08 22:00 GMT (UK) »
Im glad I found this page, I was going to put up a question but this page is so useful to goofs like me!  So much stuff to learn.  I wondered about BMD but heres the explanation! Thanks Nell.

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Re: Useful abbreviations, plus links
« Reply #6 on: Wednesday 19 March 08 15:50 GMT (UK) »
Hi Kelowna Kid,

You can find lots more abbreviations in the
RootsChat Reference Library => Lexicon (click here)

and if you can't find it there, then
put up a question


Any UK Census Data included in this post is Crown Copyright (see:

My research interests (and data found) can be seen on my website:

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Re: Useful abbreviations, plus links
« Reply #7 on: Friday 08 May 09 15:43 BST (UK) »
To little nell

Thank you for abbreviations.  Most usefull.

Stokes, Derbyshire/Staffordshire UK
Windmill, Staffordshire, uk

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Re: Useful abbreviations, plus links
« Reply #8 on: Sunday 10 May 09 23:57 BST (UK) »
Thanks so much for posting the information! Will really be a big help.