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7:46 LOUISA JANE MORRIS b. 1876 Bridnorth in Lancaster in 1891 (Lancashire) by Brentor boy
7:45 Johanna Pepper married to Robert Dunn Johnston (New Zealand) by minniehaha
7:41 Where do I go from here? Losing hope... (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by Petros
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7:14 A Williams mystery (The Common Room) by heywood
7:11 Which alias is real . Lacey , Wharton or Dobson , 1913 , habitual criminal Reg . (London & Middlesex Lookup Requests) by heywood
6:57 Help translating German document please (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by eilidh
5:46 Advice/Marriage Please (Glamorganshire) by Heather Walsh
5:43 Restore Patrick Sheehan Please (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by KATE1001
5:41 Caroline Key (Cheshire) by Neale1961
4:28 Name Variant Confused (The Common Room) by stevengenresearch
4:19 Joseph Stansfield (Family History Beginners Board) by maddys52
3:39 Medway Cityark site difficulty (Kent) by josh jones
2:31 Looking for biological grandmother (Family History Beginners Board) by Dundee
2:17 Diary Sunday 9th May (The Stay Safe Board) by DianaCanada
2:07 Benjamin Watterson, 1895, emigration to Philadelphia (United States of America) by Peggy13
1:46 Cant find 1949 stillbirth in GRO births or deaths. (The Common Room) by Jon_ni
1:30 STACKHOUSE (New Zealand) by Lucy2
12:21 John Joseph Wealleans b. 1871 Morpeth dist. (Northumberland) by Gadget
12:15 Finding arrival of Jurgen Heinrich (Harry) Burmeister between 1835 and 1875 (Australia) by GeoffTurner
12:07 Second Anglo-Afghan War 1878-80 (Armed Forces) by Gunner1984
11:57 Most children of same gender in a row (The Lighter Side) by Viktoria
11:56 Withers family Leicester (Family History Beginners Board) by Neale1961
11:29 Help finding info on Grandad in the army? (Armed Forces) by Sandblown
11:09 Kilcommon Graveyard Co. Wicklow - JUDD aka JUDDE graves (Wicklow) by Alma
10:58 Would men stationed in India in the late 1800s travel back to England sometimes? (Armed Forces) by scotmum
10:57 Parents of William Fitzsimmons (Fitzimmons) (Armagh) by aljepeka
10:48 John Gregory's Parents (Oxfordshire) by Keitht
10:34 what's so special about India? (The Stay Safe Board) by DianaCanada
10:32 Somerset, England Parish Records pre-1600 John Kent (Family History Beginners Board) by tonyrutti
10:25 Help with deciphering a situation in a newspaper clipping! (England) by Anthony Beacock
10:13 John Andrews - Royal Warwickshire Reg (World War Two) by merthyrastley
10:06 Ocean View Burial Park, British Columbia............ (Canada) by *Sandra*
10:06 Can Anybody smarten up this wedding photo please (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by Neale1961
9:47 Thomas Gilmour. (probably GILMORE). born 24 Sept 1841, Boveedy, Coleraine, Derry (Derry (Londonderry)) by AdmiraltyCat
9:46 Edward Grove Mankelow (Kent) by Mckha489
9:45 3061492 Pte James George Williams 1 Bn Royal Scots (World War Two) by dowdstree