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9:43 John Murray (Scotland) by MonicaL
9:41 Y37 DNA Testing (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by Guy Etchells
9:38 James Charlton Armstrong (Orkney) by CaroleW
9:25 Henry Watson (New Zealand) by Eyesee
9:21 Death of Samuel lennox, grocer, July 13, 1887, Londonderry (Derry (Londonderry)) by Peggy13
9:17 DNA ethnicity logic check / Unexpected result (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by AndyH81
9:14 Diary Summary Week Ending 22 May 2022 (The Stay Safe Board) by DianaCanada
9:13 B. from Romania 1970s (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by japeflakes
9:12 Tinwald Mill, Dumfriesshire (Dumfriesshire) by Forfarian
9:11 Bastardy bond for Eliza Williams, baptised Jan 8, 1837, in Bettws Cedewain. (Montgomeryshire) by Gadget
9:08 Ancestry - Ethnicity Inheritance - Confused! (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by manukarik
9:07 Alphabet Clipart (Technical Help) by Eyesee
9:03 George Robert Jones 1897 (London and Middlesex) by jonw65
9:02 biological family (Ayrshire) by crisane
8:59 Molloy/Logue help required (Donegal) by Elwyn Soutter
8:36 Thomas Ferguson Clark - Father and Son - Minnesota (US Lookup Requests) by Printer
8:09 SHERRIFF family,Warks,Notts,Staffs,Derby (Travelling People) by MeirSoul
8:01 Small laptop (Technical Help) by Calverley Lad
7:58 Dna Farnham/Reed (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by Darren Reed
7:55 Death certificate Sarah Brown, June4,1889, Arnot, Tioga, Pa (United States of America) by Peggy13
7:52 William Bussey b1841 Hardingham/Hingham (Norfolk Lookup Requests) by Big Bus
7:38 Finedon Cemetery (Northamptonshire) by brummyko
7:11 How do you indicate relationships in a short and easy to understand way? (The Common Room) by Stanwix England
7:08 DNA results donít match my research. (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by Stanwix England
6:51 Scartho cemetery, Grimsby visiting today, need help. (Lincolnshire) by BillyF
6:50 Help with location (Roscommon) by Kiltaglassan
6:47 Immigration Leah Goldstein (Immigrants & Emigrants - General) by JustinL
6:42 William Alma Godderidge Cremated or buried?? (The Common Room) by CaroleW
6:34 Robert OLIVER - Margaret RUTHERFORD - 1670s/80s - Jedburgh - Roxburghshire (Roxburghshire) by GillyJ
6:31 Fairburn in Bridlington, Yks., and Ontario, Canada with DNA Match raising hopes (The Common Room) by DianaCanada
6:25 Harry Edgar Pauley (United States of America) by RJ137
6:22 Ambrose Massey, Royal Artillery Territorial Army (World War Two) by MarMnkly
6:19 George Bush in Kendal (Westmorland Lookup Requests) by Bunbury125
6:13 island of jura look ups (Argyllshire) by Forfarian
5:32 Genealogy Software and Backups. (Family History Programs, Tree Organisation, Presentation) by Biggles50
5:16 Hutton/Beveridge (Fife) by jezebel
5:10 DNA results on Ancestry just randomly change?? (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by Gadget
5:06 Old School Yard, Tottenham Ė Taylor and Draper (Travelling People) by J.J.