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1:38 1939 Enumeration District help (The Common Room) by skybluechris
1:33 William Ayling 1850/1928 (South Bersted) 2nd District Battalion 17th Regiment (Armed Forces) by Bessria1
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1:31 Thomas Nash (Armed Forces) by wendy47
1:19 Audio Books (Technical Help) by Mart 'n' Al
1:19 Peter Colin Blair McIntyre (Dunbartonshire) by Sharon Mcintyre Boyd
1:19 Higgs, Bridgnorth (Shropshire) by Alberbury
1:04 Mary Allen Murison Young (London and Middlesex) by rosie99
12:54 Can anyone date this please. Paice: John or Charles (Photograph Resources, Tips, Tutorials) by kt4u
12:50 Captain William Denby of Goole and family, is a clean possible please? (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by jess5athome
12:48 Master Tailor (The Common Room) by KGarrad
12:47 Have I got the correct parents? (Denbighshire) by kt4u
12:46 Help with Hough Hall, Moston, Manchester (Lancashire) by Blackburn Fossil
12:43 kILMALLOCK WORKHOUSE (Useful Links) by Mary Tuohy
12:42 Could this photo of my father be tidied up, please? (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by Lisajb
12:40 OUR LADY'S HOSPITAL CORK (LUNATIC ASYULM) (The Lighter Side) by Mary Tuohy
12:39 Elizabeth Anderson of Peterhead mystery (The Common Room) by ryan37
12:35 re-baptised (The Common Room) by xinia
12:30 Damaged Photograph of Charles Hammond (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by littlesis 76
12:30 Dryden marriage (Northumberland) by Tickettyboo
12:30 Comments please? No name, probably Stocksbridge WRY (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by trish1120
12:27 Lookup please William Tindall born circa 1817 Eastwood Nottinghamshire (Nottinghamshire Lookup Requests) by nottsgirl1
12:24 Help with word on birth record from 1848 “ Uncleanness” (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by Guy Etchells
12:16 WDYTYA repeats BBC2 (The Lighter Side) by nanny jan
12:11 Dorney/Durney family in Tipperary (Tipperary) by Sinann
12:08 HM Dockyards (World War Two) by odbsmith
12:05 Date for CdV of Mr & Mrs Lumley please (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by jim1
12:01 lookup request marriage Philippe Win(d)ley and Ann ? (Essex) by dutch missmarple
11:59 missing Robert SWIFT (Lancashire) by plimmerian
11:56 Died Crag End, near Rothbury 1878, looking for a burial (Northumberland) by Tickettyboo
11:54 address in Wrexham (1891) (Denbighshire) by plimmerian
11:49 Crossing the boarder - Scotland to England (The Common Room) by Skoosh
11:48 Sarah Smith 1878 Norwich, Norfolk, Isaac William Smith b1879 and Harriett 1882. (Norfolk) by heywood
11:46 Any information - GEOFFREY JOHN FALKINER born SUDBURY 1921-1927 (Suffolk Lookup Requests) by [Ray]
11:44 Joel Place, Busk, Chadderton, Oldham (Lancashire) by stanmapstone
11:35 GEOFFREY JOHN FALKINER Western Australia (Australia) by Jamjar
11:34 Driver Joseph Sparkes, RFA, puzzle (World War One) by jim1
11:20 Searching for a burried relative in Dysart (Fife) by dawnsh