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5:56 Copying OFHS CDs (Oxfordshire) by HarryW
5:53 Occupation Help (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by stevengenresearch
5:18 another occupation help (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by stevengenresearch
4:29 Mrs J.R. Burgess and Mrs H.F. Wright of Ontario (Canada Lookup Request) by JRBurgess1900
4:23 Lookiing for anyone related to Ernest Authur and Edna Brown (Canada) by pearl1316
4:13 Ribbeson in Pembrokeshire (Pembrokeshire) by Mark Smith Australia
4:00 Heinrich Finger (Europe) by TreeSpirit
3:50 Daniel Belcher - bapt. 1825 Appleton, Berks (s/o Esther) (Berkshire) by ribbo39
2:48 Family moved to New Zealand but cant find them (New Zealand) by minniehaha
2:39 Thomas QUINN, South Australia? (Australia) by Neale1961
2:28 William Hamilton... Royal Irish Constabulary (Ireland) by Wexflyer
2:13 Looking for Mary Jane McKenna (Northumberland) by Ella McMahon
2:00 Help with last residence (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by Rena
1:52 Who did Henry GILES Barber of St Dionis BackChurch London marry? (London and Middlesex) by Westy11
1:46 Typing accented letters on a computer with no number pad (Technical Help) by Mckha489
1:43 Emilia Sophia (Corry) de Candole, circa 1840-2, Westminster? Bristol ? (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by McGroger
1:41 St Michael's and All Angels Welshampton (maybe?) - Caroline Dodd Keay (Shropshire Lookup Requests) by smithemnk
1:26 Bridget/brigid dunne berkeley Road (Dublin) by Choccie
1:22 Diary > Sunday 24th January (The Stay Safe Board) by DianaCanada
1:14 How can I identify someone in a photograph? (The Common Room) by Meelystar
1:02 Craig - flax farmers in Gortree (Derry (Londonderry)) by Elwyn Soutter
12:28 Henry John Vully de Candole, circa 1850, St. James's, Westminster & Bristol (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by Trishanne
12:17 Photographs of POW's needed. (Armed Forces) by David Layne
12:06 Who was Emelie Chapman in Marquette County, Wisconsin (United States of America) by Erato
12:00 Harvey C. NORSWORTHY obituary in San Diego (United States of America) by Nikkei
11:57 Crest on a house in Hastings (Heraldry Crests and Coats of Arms) by Aquila
11:54 Mary Sandle (Australia) by Jan Prit
11:50 Thomas Johns (Staffordshire Lookup Requests) by Vixen999
11:47 Unexpected parent in baggage area (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by NPEWhoopsThatsMe
11:38 Elizabeth Ann Donkin born Newcastle c. 1865 (Northumberland) by maddys52
11:35 what documentation was required to get married in the Catholic Church? (Antrim) by heywood
11:33 Ritchie families in Blair Atholl, Dull, Moulin and Logierait (Perthshire) by Rosinish
11:30 Help finding information please. (Denbighshire Lookup Requests) by Eleri90
11:25 Mary Rocks b. 1847 (Armagh) by eileenwilson
11:20 Catherine May Tilley (Glamorganshire) by RayDen
11:18 Laura White (1897-2003) (Northumberland) by Radcliff
11:14 Diary > Friday 22nd January (The Stay Safe Board) by Roobarb
11:00 Help finding information please. (Flintshire Lookup Requests) by Eleri90