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8:06 Word above Waterhead Mill (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by gnorman
8:05 Oakley Mill Betton Market Drayton (Shropshire Lookup Requests) by AlanBoyd
7:54 Richard Gibson married 1792 Selby- 1800 trade directory a Cooper Wren lane Selby (Yorkshire (North Riding)) by BushInn1746
7:48 Understanding Medieval wills (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by mcmp
7:45 Chasing Robert Fitton (Lancashire) by gnorman
7:27 Harry Warner Marriage(s)/early life (Lancashire) by Bill 4423
6:50 Finding migration to Australia of Joseph Crome and wife Frances nee Jarvis (Immigrants & Emigrants - General) by janjim
6:34 Frank Benjamin CRESWELL1856 - 1950 (New Zealand) by wivenhoe
6:33 John and Robert Bailey (Wiltshire) by Gloria Newton
6:29 Christina Howe / Mordue b. 1858 (Durham) by Neale1961
6:17 Evan Evans B1878 , His Wife Ellen B1880 ( 6 Doctors buildings Barmouth) (Merionethshire Lookup Requests) by Robbo1973
3:02 Troopship B17 to Australia (World War Two) by Parkybe
2:48 Peter Edward Lester (Family History Beginners Board) by KimLester
2:14 Jane Bryan, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1866-67 (Canada Lookup Request) by bbart
2:14 Family Mystery - African American in Scotland 1870s? (Family History Beginners Board) by J.J.
1:17 John Taylor (1807 - 1847) (Monmouthshire) by ashtayl04
11:54 WDYTYA Series 21 (The Lighter Side) by BillyF
11:03 Richard Watts & Sarah Rosier (Berkshire) by Jules1
10:40 Frederick William NORMAN b 1873 St Pancras (London & Middlesex Lookup Requests) by Petros
10:35 Betts family Silvertown, London (Family History Beginners Board) by bripar
10:17 William Richards (Gloucestershire) by Helina
10:15 Norfolk and Suffolk Norwich wills online at familysearch - guides? (Norfolk) by BushInn1746
10:14 Allen Bell, b.1840/41 Crumlin, Co Antrim (Antrim) by SpudKiwi
10:02 Dorking Council Offices 1939-45 (Surrey) by rosie99
9:58 Fanny Sophia Hodson - What happened to her? (London & Middlesex Lookup Requests) by rainbowsandskies
9:56 Cyril Dibnah (Canada Lookup Request) by paja
9:54 Joseph Ernest Jones CLAY: (Leicestershire) by willsy
9:53 I've just had my Ancestry DNA results (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by Zaphod99
9:50 Magraths and Maguires of Fermanagh (Fermanagh) by iem
9:33 Westmeath Ireland Re 2 times Great Grandfather (Family History Beginners Board) by Sinann
9:31 FORTECH, Computer clean up system (Technical Help) by David Nicoll
9:16 County Cavan/Iniskillen - Curry Family (Ireland) by heywood
9:13 Private George Stock (Armed Forces) by SnowyHog
9:09 George Hood 1815 Selby Marriage - James Cookin / James Cook in W (Yorkshire (West Riding)) by dobfarm
9:04 Glasgow Celtic Great War Dead (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by hoobaloo
8:53 Norman Lane Wesleyan Burial Ground: Dixon (Yorkshire (West Riding)) by CaroleW
8:15 How can I return an old Bible to it's rightful family? (Family Bibles) by BrazilianBombshell
7:53 Diary summary week ending 14th July 2024 (The Stay Safe Board) by Viktoria