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7:32 Mary FLINT nee FROST, Wirksworth (Derbyshire) by Palomino
7:24 Adoption records 1800's (New Zealand) by merg
7:16 Looking for names of two ggg grandmothers (Down) by Kiltaglassan
6:42 Wellington Archives lookup please - William Foote (New Zealand) by spades
6:39 CONVICT INFORMATION (Family History Beginners Board) by JANICELEEDALE
5:25 Wheres Emma(h)? (Shropshire) by amondg
4:57 Marriage 16 August 1817 Collace Perthshire (Perthshire) by Kay99
4:39 henry Mitchell (New Zealand) by lnr
4:15 GRO Index Army Marriage (The Common Room) by Jon_ni
4:14 Latin in 15th Century Will (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by horselydown86
4:04 James NELSON - COMPLETED (Australia) by dalek39
4:03 Mary Lillian Lucy Bates Woodville Death 1973 (Australia) by CassT
3:55 Ford & Yew Tree Cemetery Records (Lancashire Lookup Offers) by Jrb01
3:42 Probate of a 1645 Will (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by Llanfihangel
3:32 Asylum Record - Domestic Affliction? (Family History Beginners Board) by bbart
2:37 William Womack (Lincolnshire Lookup Requests) by maddys52
2:14 Wellington Archives lookup Inquest 1953 (New Zealand) by Eyesee
1:34 Alban Gough and Estelle (The Common Room) by avm228
1:08 Matfen Murder 1855 - Conroys & Allens alias Andersons (Northumberland) by maddys52
12:27 McDONALD MINE, Waikokowai, articles plse. (New Zealand) by spades
12:24 Burn of Marudy (Kincardineshire) by manawakian
12:00 Illegible Fermanagh townlands (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by shanreagh
11:18 1902 Statement of Service query (Armed Forces) by ShaunJ
11:01 James Shanks, farmer in Blacktongue (New Monkland) (Lanarkshire) by MonicaL
10:44 The frontier wars in the Eastern Cape (South Africa) by BumbleB
10:43 Duke of Wellington's (West Riding) Regiment - 95th Battalion (World War One) by mmm45
10:35 Emma Elizabeth Jackson would look great in colour. (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by PatBot
10:30 What is this document for please - Dutch translation (Europe) by lininberks
10:13 Determine if same person signed two documents and name of spouse (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by mcadamsd
10:08 Sophia Hood nee' Billingham (England) by jonw65
9:52 Daniel Bucknell & Sarah Hemmings of Essex marry 1823 St Lawrence, Kent (Kent Completed Lookup Requests) by boxoffrogs
9:45 Looking for George Plummer - Bristol/Bedminster (Somerset Lookup Requests) by Wayanad45
9:32 Entered twice in the same census. (The Common Room) by Nova67
9:19 Henry Griffiths - Timber Merchant, Farmer and Ships Captain (Merionethshire) by Nigel Porter
8:55 John Palmer (Cumberland Lookup Requests) by Gan Yam
8:54 Whitby PR Assistance (Yorkshire (North Riding) Lookup Requests) by Lensmeister
8:50 Diary > Summary - Week ending 31st October (The Stay Safe Board) by Viktoria
8:48 Marriage (Durham) by Jennarembailey