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9:33 passenger lists (The Common Room) by iluleah
9:29 Death of Annie Brown, nee Watterson, Jan 31, 1946, New York (United States of America) by *Sandra*
9:26 LIGHT, Edward Parkhurst Prison 1841-43 help needed please (Hampshire & Isle of Wight) by BAC3
9:22 elizabeth bridges (Devon) by clare sharp 14
9:22 Lunacy Patients Admission Registers - Discharge conditions (The Common Room) by northern_rose
9:16 Looking for information (Wexford) by HinderRo6
9:00 Conroy's from Rosmuc (Galway) by Kiltaglassan
8:56 Robert Lowe death (Canada Lookup Request) by Sallygenealogy
8:55 Date please if possible my Mother Jane with Georgina (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by Gadget
8:40 John Thomson b 1868 Barnhill Poorhouse Springburn Glasgow (Lanarkshire) by Diana
8:36 Another court order (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by Kerrill
8:19 Where to start? Bridging a 2-generation gap in 18th century Northumberland (The Common Room) by Gibel
7:55 Bond Family (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by billybobb
7:54 David Allan - Theft of Books (United States of America) by *Sandra*
7:32 Monmouthshire marriage 1862 (Monmouthshire) by Cas (stallc)
7:26 Evans hopson Hobson familys (Cardiganshire) by osprey
7:03 Assisi Mother & Baby Homes (Surrey) by KathrynBryant1
6:50 Return to the 1921 Census again - Intended P-P-V cost set by FindMyPast (The Common Room) by BumbleB
6:32 Cause Of Death assistance [SOLVED] (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by Lensmeister
6:27 Numbers on marriage certificate, plus scribble (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by Stanwix England
6:23 Blyth History. (Northumberland) by peteloud
6:22 The ancestors of Ann Miller (Durham) by jonw65
6:17 The man who captured a fading industrial Scotland (Lanarkshire) by sancti
6:07 Family Tree Maker 16 (Technical Help) by harbouruk
6:06 Musgrove Strange (The Common Room) by shellyesq
5:58 Deaths in Blair Atholl parish (Perthshire) by Throth
5:53 Pinch Family (Glamorganshire Lookup Requests) by HinderRo6
5:38 Third word on second line is? (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by manukarik
5:29 Henry Ripszam of Ockley Surrey (Surrey) by Lifeisnotmonochrome
5:24 John BIDDULPH born in Penkridge (Staffordshire) by kevsters
5:08 American 'CSA' convalescents - Malvern (World War Two) by Brewins girl
5:04 Ford & Yew Tree Cemetery Records (Lancashire Lookup Offers) by Johnorrett
5:04 Unknow French Person and Photographer (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by BumbleB
5:01 Looking for Jane Penstone in or near Shellingford (Berkshire) by jonw65
4:42 2nd King Edward Horse (World War One) by MaxD
4:41 Thomas Mannion (Family History Beginners Board) by thearobin
4:18 South Australia: George PICTON, born 1839, Manchester (Australia) by Kyoto5
3:49 Birr Castle Archives -- SPRIGGE Family History (Offaly (Kings)) by marc roberts