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10:08 Where to with William Ball m. Margaret Bailey 1937 (London & Middlesex Lookup Requests) by jomcd967
10:05 Where was my uncle Albert born? (The Common Room) by solidrock
10:03 Looking for photo Date Susannah Lloyd - USA (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by Drayke
10:02 William James Pay Pic Restore (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by Wiggy
9:51 Archibald RICHARDSON - man or myth? (The Common Room) by carol8353
9:49 Mary Dunn (United States of America) by TreeSpirit
9:48 Read family Wiltshire to Australia (Australia) by majm
9:46 New Genealogy tv programme - The Generation Frame (The Lighter Side) by rosie17
9:45 John Mcaulay Walker Ardrossan & Saltcoats (Family History Beginners Board) by Tinribs1965
9:45 Isabella MURRAY nee SCOT (Cumberland) by warwickb
9:41 Translation from Dutch to English of Death Record - Mathijs van HOOIJDONK (Europe) by TreeSpirit
9:41 Elusive Londoners (London & Middlesex Lookup Requests) by Mckha489
9:36 Paterson and related families of Forfar (Perthshire) by Forfarian
9:35 Donald families throughout Banffshire (Banffshire) by bellaode
9:34 Millbrook Cottage, Llanhamlach, Brecknock, Powys (Family History Beginners Board) by londonscorpion
9:28 hambridge family on there canal boat. (Travelling People) by Sandra H
9:27 Bude Sedlan born 21.10.1918 died Pontefract Yorks 2000 (Family History Beginners Board) by magslote
9:27 1872 Passenger List From Germany to US (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by davecapps
9:26 Trying to find relative of Isabella Haig Stevenson (Banffshire) by bellaode
9:23 1670 Scottish record (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by GR2
9:20 Thomas Simister. InternationalTraveller. (Australia) by rosball
9:12 Clapson Family (Sussex) by artifis
9:11 Traditional naming patterns (The Common Room) by pharmaT
9:07 Include or not? (The Common Room) by pharmaT
9:06 James Duncan and Maggie Donald (Banffshire) by bellaode
8:55 Harnash 2290 Davidson Ave ,Bronx 53 N.Y (United States of America) by alan w jones
8:26 William O'Neill and Margaret Donnelly (Tyrone) by dathai
8:23 Adoption Certificate DoB (Scotland) by Chef_Hendrix
8:23 Ann Chandler circa 1775 - 1778. Possibly born in Denham Buckinghamshire ? (Family History Beginners Board) by Fitz1
8:21 Helen thorley in real in 1935 (Kent) by kay727
8:18 683 centimorgans - hard to pigeonhole! (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by GailB
8:16 Maesycar ,Llansamlet Swansea on a document from 1880 where is it ? (Glamorganshire) by JohnG_Swansea
7:58 Middlesbrough not Middlesborough (Yorkshire (North Riding)) by GrahamH
7:57 HILTON family of Lancashire and Jamaica, late 1700's - early 1800's (Lancashire) by TKMax
7:50 South Brisbane Cemetery Spruce up! (Australia) by majm
7:21 Aberdeen - Adams - Birth record look up (Family History Beginners Board) by Flattybasher9
7:12 Miners Arms (Northumberland) by MKG
7:10 Richard Kelly and Catherine Moore Marriage Register (Carlow) by Joseph Keenan