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6:45 AUSTRIAN translation (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by Zefiro
6:44 Alex Wood Neilands 1881 census (Fife) by Starla85
6:37 Male Agnew Descendants of the Kilwaughter Castle Family (Antrim) by Gossamer
6:33 Sarah Fuller Lookup request (Sussex Completed Lookup Requests) by DianaCanada
6:24 Moffatt Brick wall (Lancashire) by Kloumann
6:18 Diary summary week ending 11th June (The Stay Safe Board) by louisa maud
6:15 Parents of William Brightmore (Derbyshire) by Stacey.tree31
6:01 Mary CLARKE, Ellastone, 1770's (Staffordshire) by ColC
5:57 Can anyone find Winifred Harriet Dean? (Family History Beginners Board) by rosie99
5:50 Beginner and deciding on genealogy software (One Name Studies: A to G) by Ploppy123
5:49 1931 Canada Census - released on 1st June (Canada) by fhtess1165
5:31 Problem with GRO online site (The Common Room) by Jebber
5:20 DNA results comparing my 3 children (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by Glen in Tinsel Kni
5:01 Help with second line, please? (Armed Forces) by SmallTownGirl
4:58 Trying to find the parents of John Davidson born 1771 in Botriphine (Banffshire) by lynellen
4:47 Mystery Church (Derbyshire) by arthurk
4:27 Settlement and poor law removals & changing your parish of settlement (The Common Room) by coombs
3:56 Asylum at Heavitree, Exeter. (Wonford House) (Devon) by Special Needs Girl
3:54 looking for info on a Daniel McCarthy, son of Timothy (Family History Beginners Board) by Milliepede
3:49 cemetries around Clynnog (Caernarvonshire) by neno
3:38 DNA Family Secrets - BBC Two, Stacey Dooley presenting (The Common Room) by melba_schmelba
3:36 Phil D (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by JMB1943
3:34 1950 Detroit marriage of Patrick Corbett and Lucienne Fenner (US Lookup Requests) by RJ137
3:06 O'Malley from Islandeady (Mayo) by AK101
2:56 New modern microfilm reader in Grantham library (Lincolnshire) by tup1
2:43 James Crossett, died Nov 27, 1927 in Durham, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania (United States of America) by Peggy13
2:06 Latin Translation from Irish Marriage Record (Ireland) by Runner55
1:58 Impossible births (The Lighter Side) by coombs
1:54 Assisi Mother & Baby Homes (Surrey) by ClareMG
1:49 John and Jane MURRAY nee Grace (Antrim) by Dundee
1:21 Benjamin Kleinman (Europe) by JustinL
1:12 George Hawkins need help finding birth (Devon) by raa
12:03 General questions about the Haggart family (Scotland) by Forfarian
12:02 Reason for DNA matches with no match to parents? (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by Glen in Tinsel Kni
11:42 Help with mother's maiden name from marriage record (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by ChrissieL
11:40 Maiden name of mother (HELP) (Glamorganshire) by CaroleW
11:24 Jemima and Isabella Telford (Lancashire Lookup Requests) by Frannienz
10:58 Significance in Longest Segment (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by AlanBoyd