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3:02 Another missing Winde (Family History Beginners Board) by Seelife
2:36 Translation help needed from German to English (The Common Room) by tornado
2:28 How much did folk move between villages in 1700s (Family History Beginners Board) by Seelife
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2:04 Surname MARTIN - need to find a link between two places HARTING and ICKLESHAM (Sussex) by ellenmaggie
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1:57 Looking for the births of Thomas Chappell and Mary Penton - 1770s (Family History Beginners Board) by kchappell
1:56 How to find connection with DNA matches in unexpected geographies? (The Common Room) by melba_schmelba
1:51 Elizabeth J. Keith 1811 St. James Westminster (London & Middlesex Lookup Requests) by SR999
1:44 Watters or Waters, Hugh Parents search but no please? (Scotland) by rosie17
1:41 Diary summary week ending 2nd OCTOBER (The Stay Safe Board) by Maiden Stone
1:02 CANTLE in Keynsham (Somerset) by Nanna52
12:35 White Window Hall, Sowerby Bridge (Yorkshire (West Riding)) by Stickerby
12:18 UKRAINE. Kiev. Anniversary of the Babyn Yar (Babi-Yar) Massacre. (Europe) by garstonite
12:14 William Emblen Oseman Chauffeur (Occupation Interests) by jonw65
11:52 Looking for family of Luke Gillen born circa 1825 (Family History Beginners Board) by markggillen
11:45 What happened to my German relative? (Europe) by liverpoolgenealogy
11:29 Staffordshire (Staffordshire Lookup Requests) by ciderdrinker
11:27 BLYTH, CHURCH STREET (Northumberland) by belfordian
10:51 Restore photo of Catherine Bird's headstone please. (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by Dovecote.
10:48 Wrexham births Denbighshire (The Common Room) by Gadget
10:39 Obit - Dora Mumford, Ontario, 1935, please (Canada Lookup Request) by *Sandra*
10:12 James Gawley, died 1970 Saskatchewan, Canada (Canada Lookup Request) by *Sandra*
9:46 Butters/Hennessy. Lancashire (Ancoats) & Scotland (Lancashire) by heywood
9:42 Help with a mystery photo (Scotland) by janan
8:51 William Murphy Gordon (Aberdeenshire) by alanatabz
8:39 Mary Grace Cornish b1902 d1941 Yoxford - seeking final resting place (Suffolk) by jonw65
8:27 FindMyPast subscription renewal offer (The Common Room) by Roobarb
8:24 Sims Hotel restoration please (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by Tina Hughes
8:02 Grenadier Guards Crimean War Memorial in London, soldiers used as models (Armed Forces) by tonepad
6:06 Grenadier Guards officer valet, ggf’s 1901 death (Armed Forces) by Claralida
5:47 Workhouse ward/notes (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by liverpoolgenealogy
4:22 New searchable Post Office & Telephone directories for NSW and Tasmania (Australia) by jc26red
4:19 Caunt family of Sileby 1582 (Leicestershire) by trish1120