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5:43 LOOKUP OFFER - (Nassau) Elsoff and Rennerod parish registers C17th to C19th (Europe) by davecapps
5:35 William Buckingham and Alice Sherman North Marston (Buckinghamshire Lookup Requests) by tazzie
5:28 A major cleanup for my grandfather and mother please. (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by RJ137
5:23 Hugh Jones & Jane Prichard - Clynnog 98 & 100 years Old (Caernarvonshire) by rosie99
5:06 Thurning PRs - Hall (Northamptonshire Lookup Requests) by lcsnor
5:01 Info please about Gallipoli veteran William Rupert Goddard of Merriwa, NSW (Australia) by Neale1961
4:51 23and Me - data theft (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by Romilly
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4:44 Ernest Victor Bickerdike (The Common Room) by Ili1133
4:36 Find My Past Newspaper search changing (The Common Room) by fhtess1165
4:24 Waterbeach Mill, Cambridge Road. (Cambridgeshire Lookup Requests) by NethGil
4:16 Hugh Jones & Jane Prichard - Clynnog 98 & 100 years Old (Caernarvonshire Lookup Requests) by climbingthewalls
4:14 I can't find Burial information for Pennycook/Penicuick Midlothian, Scotland (Midlothian) by DiGi
4:06 William Hall m. Elizabeth Williamson, Sawtry 1802 (Huntingdonshire Lookup Requests) by lcsnor
4:06 where was Marguerite Terrace, Belfast? (Down) by Kiltaglassan
4:01 FindMyPast has decided I'm a "Nibling" !!! (The Lighter Side) by Jebber
4:00 What letter (World War Two) by Milliepede
3:59 What a man (Northumberland) by AllanUK
3:53 Identification of name of company (Lancashire) by AllanUK
3:42 Witton Park & Spennymoor (Durham) by PaulBinns
3:41 Parents/Birth David Armstrong (Dumfriesshire) by Ed Brumby
3:30 29th Regiment (Armed Forces) by smallisles
3:17 Clifton Union confusion (Gloucestershire) by baytree1970
2:13 Transportation (The Lighter Side) by DiGi
2:12 Edwardian Photo Collection - name Hazelgrove? (The Common Room) by arthurk
2:01 *VERDUN AS A MIDDLE NAME AT FREEBMD SEARCHES. (Reference Library) by NickDub
1:43 would you be offended (The Lighter Side) by DiGi
1:22 Diary summary week ending 10th December (The Stay Safe Board) by KGarrad
1:06 is this "my" Isaac Stickland? (Hampshire & Isle of Wight) by LizzieL
12:59 mackie family, crigglestone, wakefield, painthorpe school, cliff house (Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests) by Pictavian
12:02 Alexandar Grant (The Common Room) by Mackenzie777
11:23 Enderby, Jays/Jeys etc (Leicestershire) by Annie65115
10:54 Cuppage family and relations, Macaulay, Dunlop, Stewart-Moore, et. al (Antrim) by Kiltaglassan
10:47 IGNORE - 1939 Register: Post-1939 surname change w/o marriage record (Lancashire) by nexus41
10:25 Help with another part of the will please (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by horselydown86
9:54 Evelyn Mavis (born Dyer -1919 (Australia) by AlKeallz
9:49 Ann CRAMP (Sussex) by Neale1961
9:48 Richard Mayotte, Eleanor Wroughton and the Paulets (Oxfordshire) by maddys52