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10:44 Armstrong family Belfast (Antrim) by Kk7
10:36 e-mails (The Common Room) by Ellenmai
10:29 Diary Wednesday 24th February (The Stay Safe Board) by Ruskie
10:27 Action of 1/10th King's Liverpool Scottish Regt 09/08/1917 (World War One) by jim1
10:15 Gertrude Thelma Hopewell (Canada Lookup Request) by theolddear
10:14 Bramwell form Chesterfield (Derbyshire Lookup Requests) by rosieM
10:09 Missing Marriage (London & Middlesex Lookup Requests) by osprey
10:07 Gorst of (possibly Overton, Lancs) (Cumberland Lookup Requests) by trish1120
9:42 Clarity (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by CanKan
9:39 CLARK - Marriage Lookups & Possibly Death Lookups (New Zealand) by Mckha489
9:37 Occupation - attorney/solicitor in 19th century Limerick, Ireland (Ireland) by Jang
9:36 Where was hamlet of Pound on IOW? (Hampshire & Isle of Wight) by GixerGirl
9:34 Passenger manifests - person listed as 'stateless' (The Common Room) by kob3203
9:31 RMS "NIAGARA" - Ship Passenger List (The Common Room) by MaureeninNY
9:22 Sims family photo..needs TLC and dating please (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by japeflakes
9:21 LOVATT Sheffield area late 1800s onwards (Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests) by jgosling
9:10 stuck with John Lee. (London and Middlesex) by jonw65
8:56 Dido Street Liverpool (Lancashire) by garstonite
8:54 Gramsley surname (Northumberland) by aling
8:53 Annie Bean ROBINSON, born 1878, Chester, Cheshire (Cheshire) by rosie99
8:40 Help with Manche Catholic records (France) (Europe) by Eidde
8:38 Tracing McGreevy (Sometimes spelled McGreevey)Family in Belfast (Family History Beginners Board) by Bee1710
8:27 "Potential" Common Ancestor - Anyone else got one of those? (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by LizzieL
8:27 Access to Lutheran Baptism's (South Africa) by Karytay
8:27 Graves of Margaret Buchanan and Alexander Bate (Family History Beginners Board) by garstonite
8:18 Riley Smith of Royston (Cambridgeshire) by Nash42
8:16 a place and a name (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by Mckha489
8:10 Appended (extra) surnames in a will? (Ireland) by heywood
7:46 FindMyPast film strips on census pages- help (The Common Room) by Guy Etchells
7:45 Jakub van der Strot (Kincardineshire) by alanatabz
7:44 UK marriage register index 1955 - TWO entries for one partner in a marriage ? (The Common Room) by rosie99
7:39 Possible Wedding in Switzerland? (Europe) by Karen McDonald
6:47 William Hamilton Franks & Sarah Letitia Franks (nee Jones) (New Zealand) by minniehaha
5:44 1930 birth records Italy (Other Countries) by amondg
4:35 Turnbull / Bonchesterbrige (Roxburghshire) by BrettMaximus
3:43 The 'Stafford' O'Neills of Rocktown / Ballymacpeake (Derry (Londonderry)) by M_ONeill
3:18 What is a 'Halfway House'? (Durham) by maddys52
3:17 Seeking help identifying this surname, Termoneeny, Ireland (1861) (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by M_ONeill