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It sounds like you are being as thorough as anyone can be. I hope you are able to solve this mystery.

Have you reached out to any cousins who might have heard stories from their parents? In my experience, sometimes cousins can know more than the people directly involved in this type of situation.

Census records are rife with inconsistencies; I wouldn't give them too much weight. They are useful as pointers but not always reliable.


Canada Lookup Request / Re: Need Assistance with Flan (Clarence) Mcadam New Brunswick
« on: Saturday 01 December 18 16:36 GMT (UK)  »
Also, do you know if your grandfather's name was legally changed to Smith or if that's just the surname they all started using after his mother's remarriage? If it was done officially, I wonder if his biological father's name would have been listed on the form?

Did he have a Social Security number? If yes, do you know who was listed as his father on that form?

Canada Lookup Request / Re: Need Assistance with Flan (Clarence) Mcadam New Brunswick
« on: Saturday 01 December 18 16:02 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, Res7922:

Have you got your grandfather's marriage and death records? If yes, who is listed as his father on those records?

Edited to add:

Have you requested a search for his birth record from the Maine Vital Records office: ?

What religion was May? It's not listed in the 1925 marriage record but Flan is listed as Catholic and they were married in a Presbyterian church. Have you searched for a baptismal record for your grandfather?


The Common Room / Re: Help with unravelling a family mystery
« on: Tuesday 27 November 18 15:38 GMT (UK)  »

I would say it's a possibility but no one can say if it's probable that your theory is correct.

The girl might have been related in a different way; she might not have been related at all.

You'd have to order all of the certificates to see if they supported your theory and then try to find other substantiation afterwards.

Have you looked for obits for some of the people involved, in case they provide any clues?

Have you tried to make contact with the boy whom your sister knew in school? Perhaps he could solve the mystery for you.

Good luck with your research!


Hi, Rebaby:

Have you inquired with any cousins who might have been told something by their parents (your grandmother's siblings, assuming she had any)? In my family, sometimes cousins (and their children) knew about secrets that were hidden from my direct ancestors.

Have you seen your grandmother's birth record, in case it named her father?

Was your grandmother baptized? If yes, her baptismal record might contain a father's name (and it might not).

Have you checked your grandmother's marriage record, to see if a father's name was given?

Have you checked the local newspapers in case your great-grandmother sued someone for child support? (It's a long shot but worth checking.)

Good luck in your search!


The Common Room / Re: Help me unravel the truth....
« on: Tuesday 06 November 18 17:23 GMT (UK)  »
Have you asked the orphanages or are you just going on assumptions? If the latter, it might not hurt to contact them.

The rules are different everywhere (I'm in Canada). I was able to get a copy of my great-grandmother's Salvation Army Maternity Home records (in the United States) because my grandmother was never adopted (she was raised by relatives). I had to provide notarized copies of birth and marriage records proving my relationship to them.

If you haven't already made inquiries with the local libraries and archives, and the local history societies, it might be a good idea to give them a try. In my experience, just because records aren't available online doesn't mean they don't exist in hard copy form somewhere.

Do you have a baptismal record for your grandmother? If one exists, it might have a father's name listed. If you haven't done so already, and if those records aren't online, you could contact the local churches and ask for a look-up.

Have you considered DNA testing?

Good luck with your search.


The Common Room / Re: Help me unravel the truth....
« on: Tuesday 06 November 18 15:47 GMT (UK)  »
There are additional details in this thread from 2011:

The Common Room / Re: Help me unravel the truth....
« on: Tuesday 06 November 18 15:23 GMT (UK)  »
Also, is it possible to get a copy of your grandmother's records from the orphanage (if they still exist)? Sarah might have told them a different story about her daughter's father.

Keep in mind that it's quite possible that Sarah might have used part of her landlord's name on her daughter's birth certificate not because he was the father but because it was an easy fib to think up.

How did Sarah support herself and her children? Is it possible she might have asked for financial assistance from the local government or the church? Do such records still exist?


The Common Room / Re: Help me unravel the truth....
« on: Tuesday 06 November 18 15:09 GMT (UK)  »

Did Thomas Henry Parish leave a will? Just wondering, in case an illegitimate child was provided for within his will (if he had one).

Is it possible that Sarah might have sued your grandmother's biological father (or his estate) for support? I'm wondering how you would find out; either through newspapers or court or bastardy orders held somewhere (if they exist)?


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