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Europe / Re: Translating from French to English - Birth certificate
« on: Wednesday 14 June 17 17:20 BST (UK)  »
Pierre Siméon MOREL is aged 56 years and six months.

Europe / Re: Translating from French to English - Birth certificate
« on: Wednesday 14 June 17 17:18 BST (UK)  »
I think Anne's surname is SUART - same T as at the end of "vingt" and that the second witness is William BREWER  - same R as at the end of "soir".

Hi Ros

If I may take advantage of your kind offer, I would love to have the probate details regarding my uncle:

- Frank Noel DICKINSON
- died 01/05/1967
- probate granted 11/03/1968
- Item number Series 4-646628

Needless to say, there is absolutely no hurry.

Many thanks in advance.


Europe / Re: birth details wanted - France after 1838
« on: Saturday 13 May 17 11:41 BST (UK)  »

 They lived at 16 Rue Pastourelle, 3rd Arrondissement.


Just a bit of information that might be useful you and other researchers if you are not aware of it is that the numbers of the districts in Paris changed in 1860 after the incorporation of some surrounding villages into the city.

Rue Pastourelle is in the 3ème now but before 1860, don't think it was - it looks more like 8ème.  That said, I can't for the moment find whether the old or new numbers were used for the reconstitution of the Paris civil registration for events prior to 1860.  For what it's worth.


Europe / Re: birth details wanted - France after 1838
« on: Saturday 13 May 17 10:49 BST (UK)  »
As I've said before elsewhere, one of my better tricks is sending posts before they are finished though I don't know which key is responsible!  My dreadful typing certainly is. Anyway, as I was about to say, the year of birth of Jeanne Marie Anne is year 9 of the French Republic.  It's the Republican calendar which began on 22 September 1792 and was abolished by Napoleon on 1 January 1806.  Year 9 corresponds to 23 September 1800 to 22 September 1801.


Europe / Re: birth details wanted - France after 1838
« on: Saturday 13 May 17 10:36 BST (UK)  »

that is more interesting is number 41  because the child is called Jeane marie anne. Jeane was the name of Anne Boval's mother and Anne of course was her own name, I am thinking marie may have been the grandmother maybe. Thee only thing that is frustrating is I cannot read the year. It looks like it may end in a 9, so any children they had must be born after or in the year 1838 and possibly 1839 as by 1841 Barnet is back in England. He just up and left Anne according to the write up in Wikipedia.


The surname on image 41 is definitely BURON

Europe / Re: birth details wanted - France after 1838
« on: Friday 12 May 17 17:05 BST (UK)  »
I can't make it out at all, but I see it has been indexed as Hen'tte presumably for Henriette though I agree it looks more like Ken'th.

Europe / Re: birth details wanted - France after 1838
« on: Thursday 11 May 17 19:06 BST (UK)  »
The problem is that if the children were born in Paris most pre 1860 records were burnt and I can't see anything likely in the reconstituted civil registration which is incomplete anyway.  Just in case you don't already have the information, the reconstituted registration of the BURNS/BOVAL marriage gives his parents as George, deceased, and Anne  née COMMANS (I think) and her parents as Jean-Baptiste, deceased, and Jeanne Louise née TOUCHARD or BOUCHARD.  There is also a birth of an Anne Mélaine (sic) BOVAL on 1st April 1820 in Paris 6ème with no further details (this is a transcription on a commercial site but with no source indicated).

Europe / Re: French Records Help Please
« on: Monday 08 May 17 13:56 BST (UK)  »
I'll send you the links - I looked at the entries via a commercial site to which you wouldn't have access to without subscribing, so I need to search again, but with all the details it shouldn't take long.

The main problems with research in Paris are the lack of records because so much was burnt in 1871, as you probably know.  Also there were no censuses  for Paris before 1926 unlike elsewhere in France.  However, I have found two mentions of a death for Jean Achille ROUGET, one on 10 March 1838 in the reconstituted civil records (which must make his marriage one of the shortest on record) though I don't think it is his death but probably a misattribution of his marriage by the commercial site, as I also found a record for the death of Jean Achille ROUGET widower of Agnès CHIPPENDALE on 4 December 1897 in Paris 8ème.

Do you read French by the way?  If so, I can send you just the links if I find any other records.

There are also some references to Agnès on Généanet, for example here are three photos of her grave in the Cimetière Montmartre:

And I've just noticed that Frédéric Georges and Jean Achille ROUGET are there too, with the latter's date of death as 1897, so that all ties in nicely.  Three references link to those photos and the other two to Family Search, so you've probably already seen them.

I fear Anna Mary DUPIN would be hard to find in France without any other information.  Sorry to be pessimistic.


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