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I thought I had sent a reply to your post the other day - did you get it? - it is years since I used this site and find it difficult.

I have just found your post form 2014  - your assumptions are correct - the photograph is of Mary Hannah Hanlin Blair, my wife's mother as a child.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: The Phoenix - Liverpool to Melbourne July 1854
« on: Saturday 19 August 17 01:10 BST (UK)  »
Hi majm

Thank majm for you input and your careful checking of earlier posts - I appreciate the time and effort you have given in responding.

As is evident, I am a first-timer on RootsChat (or any other family history chat site for that matter) and I am feeling my way. 

Over the years I have noted how easy it is for confusion to arise from misinterpretation of material - for example, for a long time I had thought the Phoenix was subsequently wrecked in Torres Strait in 1856 or thereabouts - it was in fact a steamer of the same name!

Again thank you



Thank you for this and your previous generous advice - I will follow up.



Family History Beginners Board / Re: The Phoenix - Liverpool to Melbourne July 1854
« on: Thursday 17 August 17 12:26 BST (UK)  »
Well I am amazed stsearcher.

The baby Philips (sometimes one l, later two), is almost certainly the son of my gt-grandfather, Thomas.  How the mother came to be recorded as Margaret I cannot say.

And what a happy reflection on the voyage is giving baby Aggie Evans Phoenix as a second name!

Again thank you so much - and how did you access this information?  I am sure I have looked in births at sea over the years (but perhaps I was looking for a David Phillips when his name was yet to be recorded).

Once more, my thanks


Armagh / Re: Emigration from Lisnadill parish
« on: Thursday 17 August 17 08:52 BST (UK)  »
Dear Meredith

I am a newcomer to RootsChat and I have just stumbled on your HANLIN posting.  My wife's Gt-Gt-Grandfather was the Thomas Hanlin who sailed with his mother, Anne Donnely Hanlin on the Tomatin in 1840.  We have just been in Kapunda and elsewhere chasing up some loose ends.
I have never pursued the Irish end, nor to any extent, Thomas' brother James, but I now have a truckload of info on Thomas and his son George.  I have just "completed" a write up of the life of George Hanlin which touches heavily on his father Thomas (but like almost all of this is likely to be a work-in-progress forever).
I should be interested to know how far you got in your enquiries.  My own notes on James Hanlin are sparse - just his marriage to Mary MacKellar and their family births.


Family History Beginners Board / Re: The Phoenix - Liverpool to Melbourne July 1854
« on: Thursday 17 August 17 07:43 BST (UK)  »
Thank you AussieJulie and stsearcher and now miri– I do appreciate your efforts.

From your work and other sources I can now identify the following 14 names/family groups as passengers on board the Phoenix on her voyage from Liverpool to Melbourne, arriving 29 October 1854:
Per Ancestry lists identified by AussieJulie
Collier x 5 people
Kelly x 4 people
Lowden x 2 people
S McDonald - 1 person
Per press report in The Argus Monday 30 October 1854
Cabin Passengers
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan,
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler,
Mr McClere,
Mr Wilmot,
Mr Hillier
Per testimonial The Argus Wednesday 8 November 1854
Thomas Main
Mr Percy
Mr Dawson
Per Missing persons enquiries
Harriet Speed The Argus Saturday 4 November 1854
William Weightman The Argus Friday 10 November 1854
Per later birth registration of David Phillips –
Thomas Phillips
Anne(e) Phillips
David Phillips (born 12 October 1854, registered 4 February 1856)

As you might guess, my interest in the Phoenix first arises from who accompanied my Welsh forebears, Thomas and Ann(e) Phillips (nee Rowlands), and their son David, born en route, to Melbourne.  (They had married in the parish church of St John the Baptist in Aberdare Glamorganshire, Wales on 29th October, 1853, exactly twelve months before the Phoenix berthed in Melbourne.)

The Welsh families from which they came were large and whilst I have a good handle on the Rowlands family through censuses from 1841, including members of that family who came to Victoria, the later details for the Phillips fade after 1841, (although Thomas Phillips’ mother, Mary, nee Howells, appears to have survived until 1861).  But perhaps Thomas’ brother, John Phillips, came to Victoria. 

When Thomas Phillips of Amherst was entered on the Victorian electoral role in 1856, the following entry at the same place was John Philips (sic) – Thomas had a brother named John (who didn’t) but whether he emigrated or not is unclear.

Responding to miri, I will try again via Ancestry and the cd-roms and the like of the shipping lists maintained at the State Library but I am not particularly hopeful – perhaps thirty years ago when the records were available in hard copy on open shelves in the library, I had no success then in finding the Phoenix passenger lists for 1854.
However, clearly some people are interested specifically in the Phoenix – entries have been tagged in Trove and so on – and I am impressed with the responses on RootsChat!


Family History Beginners Board / Re: The Phoenix - Liverpool to Melbourne July 1854
« on: Wednesday 16 August 17 12:20 BST (UK)  »
Dear stsearcher

For some years I had thought I had searched the Melbourne newspapers and records for news of the Phoenix and her voyage, and in particular I thought I had exhausted the material to  be found on Trove at the NLA, but within a day or so of my post, you have happily proved me wrong!

Thank you so much for directing me to the advertising columns and the report of the testimonial address to the captain of the ship.  I had always feared a very ordinary, if not terrible voyage.  One trusts that the address to the good Captain was accompanied by a suitably generous collection.

Again thank you for taking the time and interest to respond to my enquiry.



Family History Beginners Board / Re: The Phoenix - Liverpool to Melbourne July 1854
« on: Wednesday 16 August 17 01:38 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Seaweed - as a newcomer I am very much encouraged by your prompt and helpful response.  I will be in London later this year and I will trek out to Kew to inspect the log if it exists, although I am aware of the difficulties there - and I suspect the master of the Phoenix was not very diligent in administrative matters:  for example, I have never been able to find any record of the birth on board of David Phillips on 12 October 1854 in lists of "Births at Sea".

However the information you provided adds to and confirms what I know of the Phoenix and I thank you.


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