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Baptism entry says that Samuel and Mary are living in Hurdsfield, and that Samuel is a Silkman.  The BT's confirm this.

Most people seem to be uninterested in general.

I think you're right.  And that doesn't just apply to those who have no interest in family history.  OH and I are both doing our respective families, but I'm not particularly interested in his research, and vice versa.  BUT we do get together over problems!  ;)

I agree about Ireland.  Mine though, are from Yorkshire and a fairly concentrated area (even though part of it changed Ridings over time), but it's still difficult pinning them down.

I consider 1750 quite a good way back.  Of my 4 main lines I've only got one definite pre-1700 - and that is a 1699 baptism - the others I can only get to mid 1700's with certainty.

Breconshire / Re: Baptised twice - on same day!
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Looking again at the images, I'm wondering whether there is more than one register for this church.  Looking at the addresses for the parents, the majority seem to be either Old Port Inferior Ward or Old Port Superior Ward.

Breconshire / Re: Baptised twice - on same day!
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Using FindMyPast, and looking at the original parish record of baptisms at St John the Evangelist, Brecon, there is only ONE baptism in the month of July 1822, and that is 7 July 1822 = Benjamin Thomas Brock.

Added:  Nor is there any baptism at St John on 23 April 1826.

Breconshire / Re: Baptised twice - on same day!
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I think that somehow you have to see both original parish entries.

Yes, I have thank you.  I was just wanting to know how children under the age of 1 were generally entered, as there didn't appear to be any babies on the page I had seen.

Hi - I actually viewed the image of the page.  Both children are entered as being aged 5.

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