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Transcription only:

8 October 1849 - Arlesey, Bedfordshire

William Dew, father Thomas and Sarah Welch, father Timothy.

Just a thought  :-\  Until 1980 Witton Cemetery had three chapels on-site.  Could the burial services have been conducted at one of these, rather than in a parish church?  :-\

Just a thought, I'm assuming that you have people living there in the various census years - occupations ?

Armed Forces / Re: Records from the 2nd Anglo Boer war?
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Spion Kop is a very evocative place to visit. 

Have you tried to contact them to let them know of the anomalies?

I have no connections at all to Scotland, and therefore have no insight into the workings of such sites.

World War One / Re: Can anyone check this for me
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L/Cpl 4/6327 - 19th R. Hussars.  Died 5.1.1919 in France.  Widow - Violet J.

Do you have the marriage certificate, as this will give you the fathers' name for both Thomas and Ellen?

Mackworth would come into the Shardlow Registration District, and I can't see a Thomas Potter registered in 1864.  However, there is a John Thomas Potter registered in June quarter 1864.  From the GRO site, no mother's maiden name is given for John Thomas (and his surname has been transcribed as Polter).

Armed Forces / Re: Records from the 2nd Anglo Boer war?
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This might be of use

Added:  Have you tried to contact the Regimental Museum?

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