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Yorkshire (North Riding) Lookup Requests / Whitby Marriage 1888 (Hoggarth, Gibson)
« on: Wednesday 12 December 07 13:48 GMT (UK)  »

If anyone has access to parish records for Whitby in 1888, I'd really appreciate a lookup of this marriage:

Frances Mary Gibson and Frank Hoggarth

It's in the GRO for Whitby Sep-Dec 1888, vol94 894.

I'm moving sideways here to investigate non-blood relations from this family, who grew up and lived with my own ancestors. For that reason I can't really justify purchasing certificates for all of the offshoots, but nevertheless would like to be sure I'm looking at the correct people. So I'm hoping there will be a parish register containing Whitby marriages without resorting to the GRO every time.

Many thanks,

Durham Lookup Requests / Pittington Marriage Lookup: Dawson
« on: Tuesday 24 July 07 01:45 BST (UK)  »
If anyone has access to Pittington registers, I'd really appreciate a lookup on this marriage:

John Henderson = Ann Dawson 5 Feb 1860

I have the GRO certificate but no father is listed for Ann. I'm hoping there might be some extra information in the register that might help me go back further with her.

Many thanks,

Durham Lookup Requests / Tanfield Records 1888 - GRAHAM
« on: Sunday 14 January 07 02:41 GMT (UK)  »
The IGI records for Tanfield stop before 1888 so if anyone has access to them, I'd very much appreciate a lookup on the GRAHAM surname for that year. We have a handwritten note in the family mentioning an event at "Tanfield Church" in 1888, possibly relating to a Christiana, John or Susannah Graham, and would like to know what event is being referred to. It's rather cryptic!


Durham Lookup Requests / William Graham born c1816 Houghton-le-spring
« on: Sunday 14 January 07 01:47 GMT (UK)  »
Would any kind soul with access to the Houghton-le-spring records mind looking for a William Graham baptism c1816? I'd like to find out who his parents were, and if possible find out they came from.

Many thanks,

Durham / Ryton/Easington/Bishopwearmouth/Houghton: HENDERSONs
« on: Wednesday 03 January 07 03:38 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All,

Just registering my interest in the HENDERSON family. One John HENDERSON was born in Ryton to a William HENDERSON c1819 and went on to marry an Elizabeth BURT and later an Anne DAWSON from Haswell. As there were no previous HENDERSONs in the Ryton records, it would seem they probably came from outside the parish, but I'm at a loss to find out where, hence cannot get any further back.

I'd love to hear from anyone researching the same family to swap notes.


Kent Completed Lookup Requests / WISE family: Newington Kent
« on: Wednesday 03 January 07 03:04 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All,

Just registering my interest in the WISE family. I have a Henry WISE born c1830 who specified Newington, Kent as his birthplace on the 1861 census. He was a seaman and painter who moved up to the North East where he married Mary Robinson.

His father was William WISE, a farrier, presumably also from Kent.


Cumberland / Gilcrux/Plumbland/Bowness: SHARPs & GRAHAMs
« on: Wednesday 03 January 07 02:51 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All,

Just posting my interest in these two families. I'm having trouble finding evidence to corroborate what I've pieced together from the IGI; I'm finding it's easy to put together a potential tree but not so easy to become completely comfortable with what you've set down without some evidence from elsewhere.

The earliest back I've gone is a Jeremiah Sharp born c1745 who married a Mary Hodgson. They had a child Esther Sharp in 1792 in Bowness and I believe by 1801 they had moved to Plumbland where they had further children. I'm not sure where they were inbetween 1792 and 1801 but there were no childrens' baptisms in the IGI.

The daughter Esther Sharp married a John Graham in Gilcrux in 1812, having a few children there before having further children in Torpenhow and finally Plumbland. One child, John Graham, moved to Tanfield in Durham where he was working as a coalminer.

I'd love to hear from anyone with similar connections to share information.

Happy New Year!

Cumberland Lookup Requests / Cumberland Wills: Sharp & Graham
« on: Wednesday 03 January 07 02:36 GMT (UK)  »

If anyone has access to a wills index, I'd very much appreciate a lookup of the Sharp or Graham families in the villages of Plumbland/Parsonby. I've pencilled in a possible family tree via some IGI baptisms but am not really comfortable with using that resource alone without some corroborating evidence from elsewhere. In particular I'm hoping to find a will for Jeremiah Sharp, who married a Mary Hodgson in Bowness and became an innkeeper in Parsonby, Plumbland.

Their daughter Esther Sharp also married a John Graham in nearby Gilcrix and ended up living in Plumbland, though as a coalminer I'm less convinced there will be a will knocking around.

Many thanks and all the best for the new year.

Cumberland Lookup Requests / Plumband Parish: Henry Sharp b1820
« on: Wednesday 03 January 07 02:30 GMT (UK)  »

If anyone has access to the Plumbland parish registers, I'd be very appreciative of a lookup on Henry Sharp b1820 or any other Sharps in the village between 1800 and 1820. They are in the IGI but I'm hoping for any extra information as I've found that the details in IGI can be somewhat sparse compared to the actual entries.

Many thanks,

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