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One Name Studies: A to G / Re: Calling all Freethy Descendant's.
« on: Saturday 29 December 12 00:56 GMT (UK)  »
there's an IGI extracted marriage in batch M022231 for Perranuthnoe
Thomas Powning & Mary Freethy 12/1/1813

You can get a copy of this from the record office in Truro

1841 census Perranuthnoe HO107/143/11 folio 23 pg 15
Thomas Powning 55 miner my great great great grandfather
Mary Freethy 50 my great great great grandmother
Eliza 15
George 15 miner
Richard 13 miner
Eliza - daughter who married William Trestrail - my great great grandparents from Hayle.

Any connections to the Trestrails or Powning families?

Linda Trestrail 

I'm not home right now but want to thank you so so so much for contacting John SMith and giving me this information.  I will write more tomorrow. 

big hugs and a thanks - you made my day

Linda Trestrail. 

Yes I was just on the map and came back to tell you that I realize it is a street.  My family never moved too far from where they were, but it looks like they moved as the size of the family changed. 

My great great grandparents, William Trestrail and Eliza Powning Trestrail had 5 children

Mary Jane born 1844 Dec. qtr. Redruth 9 267
Elizabeth Ann born about 1849  - died Jan. 1929 - Mt. Pleasant, Phillack
Charlotte Powning bapt 4 Dec. 1855 Phillack
Thomas G Powning bapt 4 Dec 1861 Redruth 5c 307 - moved to Gateshead
Eliza Emily born June qtr 1866 Redruth 5c 326

Elizabeth Ann would be the blind sister, yes?  If my great grandmother, Eliza Emily Jenkin was widowed and living on Bodriggy Street with her 5 children in 1911, and her sister, Elizabeth Ann, was living with them, too, if we step it up to 1929, is Mount Pleasant a cemetery?  Could it be a street, a nursing home, a private home?   

Thank you for this information on Mount Pleasant.  I do believe that there was a strong connection to my great grandmother and great gt. aunt.

Dear Milliepede,

So far I have not heard anything from John Smith since I wrote on May 18th. †It's possible the records don't go as far as I'm hoping for.

With the old computer still disabled and not being able to access my Family Tree Maker and learning how to bookmark and use this new one, I'm not able to work with ease on my journey to find my family. †All the sites I was using were bookmarked on the old computer. †I've started putting info on this computer, but in total, its all very disjointed, now.
I cannot even print out from this computer. †My son left the fax, printer, phone, speakers on the old computer and then the monitor went out a week later. †The 2 computers are on two desks across a 6 foot span from each other. No monitor, no Family Tree Maker, no nothing. †:-) † Meanwhile I am slowly getting back the free sites I had been using and bookmarking them. †I should write them down in a book.

Thank you so much for helping.
Linda Trestrail

Cornwall / Re: TRESTRAIL from Hayle, Cornwall
« on: Tuesday 29 May 12 19:41 BST (UK)  »
Grandfather was Percival Powning Trestrail born Feb. 26th 1886 married to Bessie Knight born March 29th 1893.† They lived at 5 Clifton Terrace in Hayle - row housing† My grandfather was a mariner and worked with the British Navy for 20 years.† They had one son, my father, William Percival Trestrail - born Jan. 7 1924.† They sailed to New York around 1928.

I THOUGHT my grandfather, Percival Trestrail's parents were Albert Trestrail (born around 1860) and Minnie (Jenkin) Trestrail. They lived on Bodriggy Rd. in Hayle.†  It's like my grandfather's parents just vanished with no records.† It also seems he lived with his grandfather and grandmother at age 15.† Maybe while he was on the naval ships at a young age, something happened to his parents.† But why no record.† I will have to find or purchase his birth certificate.


I was told my great grandparents are buried in the† Hayle church graveyard, but I could not find their tombstone in 1990 when I visited the church.†

Bessie (Knight) Trestrail's father was John Thomas Knight of Hayle.† I didn't have a record of Bessie Knight Trestrail's mother, but thanks to this great site, I found out today that her name was Bessie (Tremlett) Knight. ††

Percival and Bessie Trestrail were married in

Parash Phillack of Hayle
S. Elwyn Vicarage
P.E. & Berry - Pastor
on Feb. 3rd 1923† †

My grandfather, Percival Powning Trestrail, was in the Royal Navy.† He sailed out of St. Ives either to come to America or with the Navy. †We were told he was only SEVEN when he boarded the Naval ships, trained,† and took off to sea.† I think that is incorrect.† They made laws to protect young children, except under odd circumstances or pauper laws.†

Once in New York, my father went to New York City public schools, and he met my Mother whose family was from Cambourne, Cornwall.† My mother's name was Elizabeth Joan Gill.† That will be under another subject title.† Mother's grandfather's surname was Uren.† Mother's mother, Rubina Uren married Horace Gill of Cambourne.

My parents William and Elizabeth (Gill) Trestrail had two children, my Brother James William Trestrail, and myself, Linda Joan Trestrail. †

I had lots of family documents and gave them to my two sons inside two leather bound family tree books and both of them misplaced or tossed out the books.†I'm devastated over their loss.

In August 1990, I had been to Cornwall, Cambourne, Hayle and visited Phillack, and the minister took me to a Trestrail family who lived on the sea.† Ken and Rachael Trestrail lived at 82 Gwithian Towans in Hayle. They were not related to my family.†

Trestrail - from tre-strayl:† homestead of mat or carpet (maker).† Place name Trestrail,† Probus, spelt Trestrael 1278† †

Anyone related to me?† †

Linda Joan Trestrail

Hi Millipede,

Thank you for responding.  Eliza Emily (Minnie) Trestrail Jenkin was recorded as - born June qtr 1866 Redruth 5c 326.  Eliza married William Henry Jenkin March qtr 1893 Redruth 5c 329.  William H. and Eliza E's second child (the first boy) was bapt William Arthur Powning Jenkin on 20 Feb. 1896 at Phillack.  The family were living in Bodriggy St in the 1901 census but Eliza E was a widow by 1911 having 5 children from ages 8 - 16, and her older blind sister, Elizabeth Ann (born 1849) was also living with her.  William Henry Jenkin died in 1908.

My grandfather, Percy Powning Trestrail DOB  Feb. 26 1886 - June 22, 1968 (died in my house in New York on my high school graduation day) According to the 1891 census, he lived with his grandparents, William  and Eliza Trestrail on Prospect Place Phillack, RG!@/1852 folio 50 pg 34. until he went into the military service in 1902 as a seaman. 

In the 1901 census, William Trestrail now a widow, moved to Bodriggy St. Phillack RG13/2245 folio 59 pg 14, and only his blind daughter, a chair caner, age 50 and my grandfather, Percy, age 15, farmer, were living with him. 

William Trestrail died in 1904.  His wife, Eliza Powning Trestrail died in 1900.  I am thinking is it possible that my great great grandparents are buried in the graveyard in Phillack behind the church.  In 1929, the blind daughter, Elizabeth Ann died at age 80.  Perhaps she is buried with or near her parents.  It looks like there are lines of longevity in my family.  Perhaps my great grandmother is buried in Penzance.  I wish that I could trace her 5 children and see if one of them moved to Penzance and maybe she lived there with them.  How do I even begin to do this? 

I was in Penzance in 1990 and it was so beautiful there.

Linda Trestrail

May 28 2012 -† Searching for the Burial Site of my great grandmother, Eliza Emily (Minnie) Trestrail Jenkin.

It's 2 years later, and I've requested a birth certificate for my grandfather, Percy Powning Trestrail† DOB† February 26, 1886.† His mother was Eliza Emily (Minnie) Trestrail and father is unknown.† The search is over and now I know that I will never know who my great grandfather is.†

My great grandmother, Eliza Emily (Minnie) Trestrail married William Henry Jenkin in March 1893 when my grandfather was 7 years old.† It looks like my grandfather stayed and lived with his grandparents after his mother married. And my grandfather, Percy Powning Trestrail went into the military service at a very young age.† His grandparents were William and Eliza Powning Trestrail of† Hayle.† †

Eliza Emily Minnie Trestrail Jenkin and her husband William Henry Jenkin† had 5 children which I was shocked to discover my grandfather had half brothers and sisters.†

William Arthur Jenkin
Charles Garnett Jenkin† DOB June 15 1897† Bapt Sept 30 1897† Bodriggy St. Hayle
Eliza Minnie Jenkin† DOB July 18 1898† Bapt May 4 1899† Copperhouse Hill
Walter Perry Jenkin
Elizabeth M Jenkin

According to the Phillack PR:

William Henry Jenkin was buried 29 Nov 1908 Ė my great grandmotherís husband.

Elizabeth (Eliza Powning Trestrail ) was buried 28 Nov 1900† - my great gt grandmother

William Trestrail was buried 19 March 1904 Ė my great gt grandfather

 Elizabeth Trestrail was buried 15 Jan 1929.(Blind daughter of William & Eliza Trestrail)

If Minnie was still living in Phillack at the time of her death she also might be buried there with her parents, William & Eliza Powning Trestrail, her sister, Elizabeth, and her husband, William Henry Jenkin.† It is possible that there are no Headstones for their graves.

Perhaps Minnie & William married in a non conformist church or chapel & that Elizabeth M & Walter Perry were bapt in a non conformist church or chapel.

On the Genuki website the online burials only go up to 1929. The Online Parish Clerk for the parish is John Smith. I emailed him last week.† (Genuki, Cornwall, Phillack webpage or from the Online Parish Clerk, Cornwall, webpage.)† I have not heard from him, yet.† I hope I had the correct email address.†

I want to note that my other computer that has all the Family Tree Makerís information has a monitor down and I can not access it.† Itís very maddening for me that I cannot access it for more detailed information.† I must make hard copies of everything as soon as I get a monitor working.†

What happened to my great grandmother, Eliza Emily Minnie Trestrail Jenkin. She was widowed at age 44 and she had 5 young children.† Perhaps she re-married.† It took all these years to confirm who she was and now I cannot follow her life to her burial.

I'm readng a page I wrote on in August 1990 when I was in Hayle looking for my great grandparents.† It says that my grandfather was in the Royal Navy from age 16 in 1902 - 1922.† He was married to Bessie Knight, of Hayle at age 36 at Parash Phillack of Hayle, S. Elwyn Vicarage, Wesleyian on Feb. 3, 1923.† They sailed to America and are buried in Brooklyn, NY.†

Iím not clear on what Phillack really means.† Is it a church?† A village run by a church?† Is it a village?†

Also, in August 1990, I knocked on the door of 21 Bodriggy Ct. and made a statement that my grandfather and great grandmother may have lived there and did the name Minnie Jenkin Trestrail ring a bell.† The young lad was Roger Jenkin and he said, "I'm a Jenkin" and I said what a coincidence, but I'm looking for information on my great grandmother and grandfather Minnie and Albert Trestrail.† †DUH....I had no idea Minnie was a Trestrail and married a Jenkin.† Maybe this man was a descendent of my great grandmother.† I don't know how I got that exact address.† It must have been on the documents that my sons lost.† †sigh.

Thank you for anyone that can enlighten me.

Linda Trestrail
Long Island
New York.†

Cornwall / Re: MATTHEWS in Cornwall
« on: Saturday 28 April 12 03:20 BST (UK)  »
I'm sorry I can't aid anyone in their search but I'd like to place my lineage in this MATTHEWS thread.† Maybe there is a connection somewhere.†

William Hosking married Elizabeth Matthews May 18th 1788 at Phillack, Cornwall. They had 3 children.†
Catherine bp. 29th November 1789
Elizabeth bp. 29th April 1792
Richard bp. 28th July 1798

Their daughter, Elizabeth - 1792 - 1850 married John Trestrail 1784 - 1824. They had 6 children.
John Trestrail bp 7 June 1811
Richard Trestrail bp 13 Spetember 1812
Elizabeth Trestrail bp 12 March 1815
William Trestrail bp 8 March 1818
James Trestrail bp 7 May 1820
Thomas Trestrail bp 9 March 1823

Their son, William Trestrail, 1818 - 1904, married Eliza Powning, and they had 5 children.†
Mary Jane Trestrail bp december 1844
Elizabeth Ann Trestrail bp 1849
Charlotte Powning Trestrail bp December 1855
Thomas G. Powning Trestrail bp March 1861
Eliza Emily (Minnie) Trestrail bp June 1866

Their daughter, Eliza Emily (Minnie) Trestrail, born 1866 had a son out of wedlock on Feb. 26, 1886. He was my grandfather whose name was Percy Powning Trestrail.

Eliza Emily Minnie Trestrail married a William Henry Jenkin in March 1893, and they had a few children.† William Jenkin died in 1908.† I did not know my grandfather had half siblings until I started searching my ancestry.† I know their second child was a son.
I'd love to find out who my grandfather's father was.† It is unknown but in some documents is the name Albert Trestrail for his father.† He had an uncle named Albert Trestrail.

I'd also like to know more about my great gt gt gt gt gt gt grandmother Elizabeth Matthews and who her parents were.

Does anyone have a connection to my Matthews, Hosking, Powning, Trestrail lineage?

Linda Trestrail

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