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Lincolnshire / Re: Still Born.
« on: Today at 16:34 »
If it was 1907 then it was not a stillbirth. Still births were only registered from 1 July 1927.


Lincolnshire / Re: Still Born.
« on: Today at 16:28 »
You say that you found  B.1807 D.1807 in the same last quarter Oct Nov Dec The term quarter Oct Nov Dec  only refers to civil registration entries which did not start until 1st July 1837


Lincolnshire / Re: Still Born.
« on: Today at 16:14 »
How do you know she was still born? A still born child would not usually have a name, as a still born child could not be baptised.


According to the Bristol Evening Post - Tuesday 06 June 1939 the list was to go to the printers on the 15th of June 1939.
The Dover Express - Friday 02 June 1939 states that the forms should have been returned by June 1st 1939.


The new electoral register was expected to be compiled and to come into force on October 15th 1939.


The Common Room / Re: Methodists' Records
« on: Yesterday at 21:00 »
In 1932 the Primitive Methodists joined with the Wesleyans and United Methodists to form the Methodist Church.
The University of Manchester Library has a Methodist Archive Collection
See also

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Trinity Schools, Ford translation
« on: Tuesday 12 December 17 21:21 GMT (UK)  »
This 1888 map shows two houses in the school grounds. Holy Trinity School was not residential, perhaps his father was the caretaker?
You can see the school and the School of art on this 1914 map
Change the zoom level with the - in the top left corner.

The Common Room / Re: Married by banns in 1822 at age 16/17
« on: Sunday 10 December 17 13:23 GMT (UK)  »
However, in your first reply you said that, in the event that one of the marriage partners was a minor, the cleric was required include that consent of a parent/guardian had been given.  But, in your second reply you say that if the parent/guardian hadn't objected to the banns, then consent was presumed. 

Or am I reading it incorrectly?
If the consent was presumed, then it would be taken as given, which would be entered as such in the register.


Technical Help / Re: Showing family tree
« on: Sunday 10 December 17 09:38 GMT (UK)  »
If you had had "The Master Genealogist" you could use the "Second Site" program to create a web site which you can burn to a CD to post to your family.


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