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In the 1841 Census Craig is followed by Chesterhope, which you can see on the map at


From the Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer - Saturday 20 July 1929

It is called Dues Hill Grange on the 1923 map and Holystone Grange on the 1957 map
Listed Building

You can see that there is a Peel, or Pele, Tower marked on the map.

Just trying to position it on a modern map as Google maps show no railways now.


If you keep zooming out on the map I gave you get the modern street map.

It is now Beachdale Close.



PS can't see your link Stan, says I need to subscribe at that map level.

You change the zoom level with the - in the top left corner, then you can see the map.

This is from No. 8

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