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World War One / Re: Housewife supplied by army.
« on: Wednesday 25 July 18 14:17 BST (UK)  »
My brother was one of the last to do National Service, he says he still has his housewife somewhere.  It seems you can still buy them. Does that mean they are no longer part of standard issue kit ?🙁

The Common Room / Re: What exactly is an agricultural labourer?
« on: Sunday 06 May 18 11:48 BST (UK)  »
You can find some more topics on Agricultural Labourer in the
RootsChat Reference Library => Lexicon (click here)
(Tip: click on a category - on the right - for related topics)

These topics will give you various descriptions and links for further reading.


the first topic in that list also notes that some agricultural labourers (or sometime aka :Ag.Labs) were also known as Husbandmen

Husbandmen, you'd need to see if he was an employed man rather than renting or owning his own land or farm as I believe originally a husbandman would have been one step up from an ordinary ag lab. in that he would have owned or rented his own farm.

Later in time I was led to believe that a husbandman looked after the farm livestock as opposed to crops.

The Common Room / Re: Unofficial Victorian adoption
« on: Monday 02 April 18 17:31 BST (UK)  »
Twenty years is a big gap but does not account for any 'lost' babies in between.  I have a lady married 10 years with no children, two in quick succession and another 10 years later.  I could read all sorts into that but put it down to the times and conditions.  :-\

The Lighter Side / Re: .s.d (Pounds stirling, shillings and pence) multiplication
« on: Sunday 25 March 18 13:00 BST (UK)  »

I'm pretty sure that you can be number dyslexic, maths may as well be Japanese to me  ::)

Not sooo bad as I was at school, I've now had years of practice of adding up and taking away etc.  ;D   I never sat any exam in maths.  I remember my poor mum trying to teach me long division when still in primary school.  I've never had occasion to use it since.

I did do the op's original calculation and came up with the correct answers, but all done on a calculator not by brain power, which it would have been back in the day.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Help Please
« on: Sunday 25 February 18 19:26 GMT (UK)  »
I had a go at taking out the pigeon but I'd have to do a fair bit of  work to adjust her arm so that she doesn't look as if she's holding something.


Quite amazing what you folk can do with a photo  :-*  Maybe give her a posy of flowers?   

The Lighter Side / Re: Monumental Inscriptions
« on: Saturday 03 February 18 19:18 GMT (UK)  »

The Lighter Side / Re: Monumental Inscriptions
« on: Saturday 03 February 18 19:10 GMT (UK)  »
That's how our church controls the Rabbits.


What?  :o  With toasted sandwiches  ;D ;D

The Common Room / Re: 1939 confused
« on: Wednesday 20 December 17 13:18 GMT (UK)  »
That is good news.  Who was she mistranscribed as  :-\

Stingon instead of Sturgeon which didn't come up on a variants search  ::)  I found her eventually under her first married surname.   

Quote from NA website " The Register was continually updated while National Registration was in force, when it was a legal requirement to notify the registration authorities of any change of name or address. This ended in 1952, but since 1948 the Register had also been used by the National Health Service, who continued updating the records until 1991, when paper-based record-keeping was discontinued".

Despite another marriage in early 1953 and three further children (born in hospital) her record was not updated with her second married surname.

The Common Room / Re: 1939 confused
« on: Wednesday 20 December 17 09:57 GMT (UK)  »

Thank you to everyone who replied with suggestions.

 ;D ;D ;D I've found her  ;D ;D ;D  Badly mis-transcribed, no surprises there  :-\  Just a question of trawling every female with the same birthday, year by tedious year.


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