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Cavan / Re: Stevenson in Co. Cavan, Meath, Down (1596-1829)
« on: Wednesday 23 September 15 21:45 BST (UK)  »
Sorry, don't have any reliable sources on the Stevensons but do have a look at

Cavan / Re: Stevenson in Co. Cavan, Meath, Down (1596-1829)
« on: Tuesday 14 July 15 00:21 BST (UK)  »
Yes, it is the same Hans Stevenson. Dorcas Stevenson and her grandfather Hans  appear on . Thanks for your thoughtful post.

Cavan / Re: Isabella Stevenson & William English - Glasleck, Shercock
« on: Sunday 18 May 14 13:32 BST (UK)  »
Grateful thanks to both Les and Gaffy for your information. Given that you could not find Randal's birth entry and some notes that I took when I was there, I am now wondering whether Randal English was born 26 Sep 1845 rather than the 1854 which he was claiming in Canada....Interesting that he might have been named after the Church Minister.

Cavan / Stevenson in Co. Cavan, Meath, Down (1596-1829)
« on: Tuesday 18 March 14 20:34 GMT (UK)  »
The story is told that James Hamilton  became a schoolteacher in Glasgow. In about 1587 he left Scotland by ship and due to storms unexpectedly arrived in Dublin, Ireland. He decided to stay and took up the position of master at the Free School in Ship Street. On the side, he was an informer for King James VI of Scotland  and in that process was able to gain some property and eventually a title.

According to Wikipedia, Hamilton recruited tenants from the Scottish Lowlands to migrate to Ulster to farm his newly acquired lands for low rents. He persuaded members of his extended family to come and, in May 1606, the first group of farmers, artisans, merchants and chaplains arrived to form the Ulster Scots settlement.  By 1611, a new town of eighty houses had been established at Bangor, where Hamilton lived. His brother John acquired lands in County Armagh and founded Markethill, Hamiltonsbawn and Newtownhamilton.

Some Stevensons were among the Scots that James Hamilton transplanted. In 1617, William, John and Thomas Stevenson  settled on land that they bought from the Hamilton family. William Stevenson (born about 1595 somewhere in Scotland probably Lanarkshire) settled in  Bangor, County Down; John Stevenson settled in Armagh; and Thomas settled in Tyrone.

William is said to have had five sons who married and farmed in Ireland. In 1850, a couple of his descendants, David Alexander Stevenson (b. 1829) and his brother John Stevenson emigrated to the US. I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who has figured out the generational connections between David (b 1829) and William (b. abt 1595)
 William Stevenson’s property was inherited by his son John Stevenson born about 1620 who married into the Hamiltons – Rachel Hamilton. Their daughter Eleanor was born in 1677 and sons included Hans “John” and James.

Another of William's sons is said to be  William Stevenson d. 1627, who bought land in the parish just south of Bangor called Donaghadee on  townland named Ballyraer. His son (appear to be missing a generation or two here!) William married Isabelle Orr (1744-1818) from Drumfad in the same parish. (Isabelle Orr BIRTH: ABT 1744, of Kilmood, Killinchy, Down, N Ireland married : William Stevenson 1730-1786) and his wife Isabella Orr are buried at St. Andrews Church of Ireland - Balligan Down Ireland
Their son  William STEVENSON ABT 1788, Of Ballyraer , Down, Ireland; married Jane M'KEE on  24 Jul 1813, Killinchy, Down, N Ireland)

A third son of William Stevenson who emigrated to Ireland in 1617 was  Alexander Stevenson who  moved to Killyeagh by 1641, married Elizabeth Rainey from the same parish.(editorial comment - looks like a few generations are missing here.) They lived in Ballywalter in Inishargee. (Elizabeth Rainey, d/o Robert Rainey b. abt. 1775, b. abt. 1801 Kirkcubbin, Down, d. 1831, m. Alexander Stevenson on Feb 11, 1818, Kirkcubbin, Down.) Their son David Alexander (b. 1829) came to the US in 1850 with his brother John. John Settled in Ohio and David came further west and his descendants settled in the Nevada and Utah areas. (some websites showing Alexander’s dates as 1773-1847) is showing Alexander’s parents as William and Isabella Stevenson married 1761.

Elizabeth Rainey b.1791 married Alexander Stevenson 11 Feb 1818 at Kircubbin Presbyterian Church, County Down, Ireland; She was the wife of Alexander Stevenson of Ballymullan/Ballywater; died 20 Oct 1831 aged 40; & buried Whitechurch graveyard, County Down, Ireland. Possible Children include:

vii. David Alexander Stevenson born 1 Nov 1829 Ireland and died 17 Nov 1905 Sunnyside, Carbon County, Utah, USA. He married three times . His wives names were Ann Stevenson, Sarah Carroll and Catherine Justet (1858 - 1893)  . Children:  David John Stevenson (1877 - 1948) and Heber Moroni Stevenson (1886 - 1956). He was buried in Orangeville City Cemetery, Orangeville, Emery County, Utah, USA

vi.Kilmood, County Down, Ireland- John Stevenson b. 1831 was the  son of Alexander Stevenson; aged 20 married Jane Moorhead 6 Aug 1852

It is very possible that my ancestor in County Cavan, Isabella Stevenson (born about 1824), is descended from one of the three Stevensons that emigrated to Ireland in 1617 from Scotland. She and her husband  William English attended the Glasleck Presbyterian Church. Isabella seems to have died before the 1901 census . Isabella Stevenson is one of my brick walls and I am looking for any information on Stevensons in County Cavan.

A man that was perhaps her brother, was alive for the 1901 census. John Stevenson ,age 75, farmer, Presbyterian, lived in Horath, Newtown, Meath, next to James and Margaret Brady . Birthplace  is given as Scotland . In the same house is Mary Stevenson, his wife, age 74, birthplace Scotland and Margaret Blackwood, stepdaughter 35 - Presbyterian born County Wicklow. Does anyone know this family?

I am interested in hearing from anyone who is working on the Stevenson family tree in County Down, Meath, Cavan. Other names for the farming area I am interested in include Lisagoan, Taghart, Tahart, Parish of Enniskeen, Sheognegleagh.

Lanarkshire / Re: Thomas Smith & Ann Graham
« on: Thursday 12 December 13 23:47 GMT (UK)  »
Margaret Smith died before 1831. She had eight children. The second son was named Thomas(b 1806) and the first daughter(b. 1808) was named Ann. This naming sequence strongly suggests that her parents were named Thomas and Ann.

Lanarkshire / Thomas Smith & Ann Graham
« on: Thursday 12 December 13 13:16 GMT (UK)  »
The OPR for my ancestor Margaret Smith reads:"10 Jun 1781 Thomas Smith tenant in Libertown and Ann Graham his spouse had a daughter baptized named Maregaret". (Libertown is now known as Libberton ).

It appears that Thomas Smith was born 10 Nov 1747 in Libberton, Lanarkshire, Scotland to James Smith and Margaret Scott who married 30 Apr 1742 in Dunsyre, Lanarkshire. The family moved to Carnwath when Thomas was two.

It may be that Ann Graham's parents were Ann Harvie and William Grham or Grhame married in 1734 in Carnwath, Lanarkshire. Anna (who married Thomas Smith) was their fifth child born 20 Mar 1744. Their seventh child was James Graeme (1749-1772) a minor poet whose profile appears on wikipedia where his father is described as a farmer of the middling class. In another profile, William Graham is described as a poor farmer.

But I can't find the marriage of Thomas Smith and Ann Graham or whether they had children in other parishes. Knowing the names of all their children may provide me with important clues as to the names of their ancestors.

I have identified three children for Thomas Smith and Ann Graham - Ann in 1779; Margaret in 1781 and Janet in 1784. All three were born in Libberton. Ann Graham would have been 35 at the time of her daughter Ann's birth. This makes me suspect either that they had other children in another parish or that this was a second marriage.

So my questions are:

When and where did Thomas Smith marry Ann Graham?
Did Thomas Smith and Ann Graham have any other children?
Is anyone working on a family tree of the Grahams of Carnwath or have information on them?
Is anyone working on a family of Harvie or Harvy or Harvay of Carnwath?
What size of farm would William Graham been farming in the 1740's? Would it have been large enough that he would have employed labourers outside his family? ("Small cultivators needed no regular labour but that of their wives and children. The middling class employed besides some farm servants drawn from the families of the cottagers and little farmers.")

Does anyone have more information on James Smith and Margaret Scott who married 30 Apr 1742 and had John (b 1743) and Elizabeth (b 17444) in Walston; Thomas 1747 and James 1748 in Libberton; Marion 1751, Elizabeth 1752, David 1757 and James 1760 in Carnwath?

Cavan / Re: Isabella Stevenson & William English - Glasleck, Shercock
« on: Monday 09 December 13 19:46 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Les,

Thank you for your kind offer....I am wondering if the baptismal entry for Randal English 4 Oct 1854 at Glasleck Presbyterian Church,Eire would give any further information on his parents (William English and Isabella Stevenson). Could you tell me the exact wording on the OPR?

Unfortunately William and Isabella got married abt 1841 before the records in the books you have access to. However, their son John Henry English married Cecilia Shekleton about 1880. I am wondering if there might be info on William and Isabella on the marriage entry.

Are there any death records ?

I enjoyed the photos of the area on your website. Do you live in the area?

Roxburghshire / 1849 cholera deaths in Hawick -John Turnbull
« on: Tuesday 16 July 13 15:20 BST (UK)  »
I am interested in the comment that "Cholera struck Hawick and Wilton  on July 31 1849"

 John Turnbull, a joiner, and his wife Margaret Murray were listed in 1841 Hawick census at 10 High Street, back house...and do not appear in 1851 census. A sasine transfer of property to his son-in-law, Thomas Brunton, in 1849 leads me to believe that John died in 1849. John may have been born 1 Aug 1781 and Margaret 17 Sep 1785 and I am hoping that info on their deaths will help confirm birth dates. The ages given  for John and Margaret in the 1841 census were 60 and 55.

Their first born son John Turnbull born 1 April 1807 seems to have also died about 1849 either in Hawick or Canada.

I am hoping that someone has seen or has a MI for the deaths of the two John Turnbulls and Margaret Murray Turnbull.

Roxburghshire / Helen Elliot and John Turnbull in Parish of Castleton
« on: Thursday 04 July 13 22:43 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to trace the parents of John Turnbull who married Margaret Murray on 13 Apr 1806 in Hawick. The naming of their children- John  (b 1 Apr 1807),; Jane (b. 1807) and Helen would indicate that John's parents may well be John Turnbull and Helen Elliot. An entry in family search tree gives John Turnbull a birth circa 1749 in Piper Burn, Castleton. Does anyone have information on this John Turnbull or the Turnbulls of Piper Burn?

I found  a record of a Helen Elliot bapt. 20 Apr 1755 to Robert Elliot and Margaret Turnbull who seemed to have married 22 Jun 1739 in Ancrum. Does anyone have more info on these Elliots?

Thank you.

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