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... Yes, Sharon has done a lot of research on the Surname!
A heroic endeavour given that it's not exactly a rare name!

... Just wondering if you made any progress with finding out what happened with the murder trial. ...
I've found nothing further but then I haven't looked either, partly because John Andrew Jackson is so far from my line.

... Also how did you come to have interest in this case?
Well, the Jacksons aren't my relatives, instead they are related to an old school friend (who turns out to be my 4th cousin - that's what happens when your mothers' both have connections to the same small village in Cheshire). In fact, I started helping him with his military stuff on that line, which included Major Jackson, and then, as often happens, simply got interested and did some more research, partly as a training exercise for myself to understand Irish Genealogy. In fact, John Andrew Jackson isn't even particularly related to him, as he descends from a younger half-brother via Rapla.

... the lady of Mr. Tuthill of Rapla, and the sister of Judge Jackson, was found outside the house quite dead ... situated about two miles from Nenagh."
Yes, I think I found that in a newspaper search. So far as I know, that's a different lot of Jacksons, even though Rapla is common to that and "my" lot. The Major and John Andrew Jackson were both JPs, not judges, for one thing. And there's a website, "The Silver Bowl", which identifies her as "Anna Strettell JACKSON (1793-1844) of Cork"  (See I don't guarantee the identification - just that I can't match her to the Major's lot from that description.

Cheshire / Re: Cheshire Families Buck & Elliott
« on: Thursday 26 July 18 16:19 BST (UK)  »
Georgia - it will cost you but you absolutely must get the birth, marriage and death certificates for each of your ancestors right back to the start of civil registration. And all of the censuses available.

When I say "ancestors", I mean your grandparents (probably), great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents, etc. Even I don't bother about the aunts and uncles and cousins, though it's worth pointing out that sometimes it's easier to trace them, particularly if they have a distinctive name.

It may seem to be an expense but having everything there helps stop mistakes. Particularly when you find, as you surely will, that someone didn't quite tell the truth on one certificate.

... So this is the second time in my research that I've seen two death certificates registered for the same person. ...

Really? Wow - I'd never seen it before at all. Usually the tricky bit is the opposite - trying to find just one!

Fascinating! And thank you for ordering the pair.

I reckon that part of the confusion has arisen because Aston by Budworth is very close to the edge of the Altrincham Reg District, where it butts onto the Runcorn District. So nobody's been quite sure who should be reporting to who...

Joseph Donald was actually present at the death - he lives at Aston by Budworth, where the death is supposed to be, and he's gone to Samuel Carter, the registrar of deaths(?) for the Lymm sub-district of the Altrincham district. Notice that there's no certification here.

Thomas Gough of Budworth was "in attendance" on her and he's gone to Peter Edgeley, registrar of deaths(?) for the Budworth sub-district of the Runcorn district. This one is certified so I wonder if Thomas Gough knew the doctor? (The village of Great Budworth actually is over the border of the district and so is in Runcorn RD. He's told the registrar that the death was at Crowley, a township in Great Budworth parish in Runcorn RD).

Joseph Donald has gone quite a bit later on 11 January 1847 while Thomas Gough went on 4 January. Given that the death occurred on 27 Dec 1846, I would take a guess that Joseph Donald wasn't doing anything about it until something came up in conversation and someone told him that he should talk to the registrar - or the registrar heard of it and went to him. Never quite sure about how it's likely to happen. Since the 2 registrars are different, neither would realise that the other was also working on the case. We'll never know the exact circumstances but "muddle" seems a good word!

NB - my 1857 Directory has a Thomas Gough in Great Budworth as a boot & shoe maker. And Mr Joseph Donald at Aston by Budworth, a "private resident" at Birchbrook House. Which is kind of the opposite way round to what I guessed!

Indeed - but let us know if you solve the mystery of which is her death certificate - those 2 index entries look so similar!

... - Residence Aston by Budworth ...

Except that the parish register on FindMyPast says just Aston, not Aston by Budworth, which is a bit worrying given that there are several places called Aston. Having said that, the likelihood of it not being the woman in the newspaper report is about zero - rather I worry that the CPRDB people have "clarified" that place name with no justification. No issue here but in other circumstances?

It's not obvious to me whether they are 2 different people - especially given what I thought I found about the places - though it is possible that I got confused by all the Astons.

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