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Nottinghamshire Resources & Offers / Link: Presentment Bills Search online
« on: Saturday 14 June 14 07:53 BST (UK)  »
Use "find" plus surname.  Otherwise read through the records to see some interesting behaviours.  I found a likely ancestor (having a very rare name) who was a churchwarden.

Surrey / Avis (nee Winch) ERRINGTON/HARRINGTON in 1851 census - help find please.
« on: Sunday 30 March 14 07:07 BST (UK)  »
I am unable to find Avis (Winch)Errington/Harrington in the 1851 census.  I have placed this request on the Surrey board as Camberwell, hamlet of Peckham was her last known address in 1841 census.  This what is known:

27 Oct 1782 Avis Winch was baptised in St Giles Camberwell, parents John Winch and Priscilla (Bennet)

28 April 1836 Avis Winch married Robert Errington, widower, St ?Nick..., Deptford, Kent

1841 census: HO 107/1051/7 Lambeth, Camberwell Hamlet of Peckham.
                    Robt Harrington, 80, not born in Co
                    Avis Harrington, 60, born in Co
                    (better eyes than mine deciphered above)

Sep qtr 1843 death: Robert Harrington, Camberwell district
1851 census: neither found
Mar qtr 1858 death: Robert Harrington, Camberwell district

Sep qtr 1859 death: Avis Harrington, Camberwell district.

My direct ancestor, Giles Winch, had a sister, Avis Winch, which is an unusual name.  I would like to find her on the 1851 census to confirm that Avis Harrington is indeed born Peckham/ Camberwell and thus the sister.

Thanks, Gazania

Australia / Violet Armstrong : 1943-1949 Electoral Roll Bowen, Queensland
« on: Tuesday 25 February 14 00:11 GMT (UK)  »
Could I have a lookup for an address on the Electoral Roll for:

Violet Armstrong living in Bowen, Q, 1943-1949 (also George Harold Armstrong?)

OH is trying to pinpoint the family home on Google Maps.

Regards, Gazania

Lincolnshire / List of 300 Lincolnshire Gentry in 1625
« on: Friday 21 February 14 04:13 GMT (UK)  »
I found the following list through searching British Newspapers on a subscription site. The reference is:

Stamford Mercury Friday 21 June 1889:


"The following list is taken from a MS preserved in the Queen's "Exchequer of Receipt" now in the  Public Record Office, London and contains the names of some 300 Lincolnshire gentlemen who compounded (sic) for the privilege of being allowed to decline Knighthood at the Coronation of King Charles 1"

I came across this list as I was doing a general search using my family's rare name of Cundith.
I found William Cundith of Boston, 10pounds, dated 23 Nov 1630.
All I have to do now is find the links from my Cundiths in Yorkshire 1750.

Technical Help / Buying a new TV set - deaf person
« on: Saturday 11 January 14 05:57 GMT (UK)  »
OH is planning to buy a new TV set as the old one is dying.  The one he likes has a an USB connection and 2 HDMI connections.  He is not too sure whether the latter connections are worthwhile.  OH is also very deaf and loves his old TV as he can hear most things with  wireless head phones. (OH is also a technophobe)

Would I be right in advising him (I have googled the HDMI stuff) that through my ipad (and our desktop computers with wireless connection) he could hear/watch more content such as music - youtube ?  We do have poor internet connection from time to time because of geography.

I'm keen as although my hearing is OK, my eyesight is poor.  We make a good pair.  Thanks, Gazania

The Lighter Side / Throwing out the 1881 census - downsizing sadness
« on: Wednesday 23 October 13 23:02 BST (UK)  »
No, I am not making the outlandish suggestion to do away with the 1881 census!

We are downsizing and moving.  I have placed my copy of the 1881 census in the throwout pile.  You know the one with the discs nicely packaged by the LDS.  I know & still use the free online record.  But I still remember the excitement when the 1881 census transcription was being released and then we could buy for home use the entire census.  As most of my family migrated about this time, the 1881 census showed me my family either before they migrated or those relatives left behind.

But life moves on, luckily the memories stay.  Gazania

Australia Resources & Offers / $2.9 million research on Convict Outcomes announced
« on: Saturday 28 September 13 23:08 BST (UK)  »
Today, in my local "The Courier Mail", there is a news item about convict research.  The study is called "The Digital Panopticon:The Global Impact of London Punishments, 1780 -1925"  involving the Universities of Tasmania, Oxford, Sussex & Sheffield. Eventually the public will have access. You can read more here:

Sounds exciting.  Gazania

Lancashire / Marriage of John LANE & Ellen MADIGAN 1870, Walton, St Mary, Liverpool
« on: Wednesday 14 August 13 04:02 BST (UK)  »
I have a strong suspicion that my elusive gggrandfather, John Lane, has married for the third time.  I have found references to this marriage on the GRO (twice indexed), LancBMD & Family search.  However I am unable to find the actual church marriage online (eg LANOPC).  Before I buy the certificate, I am wondering if anyone has easy access to the church record:

John Lane marries Ellen Madigan, 6 July 1870, Walton-on-the-Hill, St Mary, Liverpool.

I have followed this family through the 1871, 1881,1891 censuses until John's death aged 87, Dec qtr 1891.  See my previous requests:

Thanks, Gazania

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