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Wiltshire Lookup Requests / Finding births pre 1837
« on: Tuesday 03 August 21 13:17 BST (UK)  »
I have had loads of support from Roots Chat over the years and am extremely grateful for those giving their free time and help.
I/ We have searched for a missing family member since 1946 when the genealogy was started by an earlier generation !
The person in question was supposedly born about 1821. She says Covent Garden. We have found no evidence of that. Over her life she lived in Hackney, Tower Hamlets ,Devizes and Yorkshire.
In 1841 she was living with her Aunt in The Castle Hotel Devizes. Prior to that she was living with the same Aunt and her first husband in Yorkshire. She inherits a large amount of money and money in trust from her Aunts elderly husband when he dies around 1835. This information comes from a will. It also shows that she now has the same ďadoptiveĒ surname has her younger sister who still lives in London with her ďadoptiveĒ parents. It appears that her parents must have died.
I have deliberately not given her full name because I donít want to waste peopleís time searching for her post 1841. We have everything and more on her life !
My question is where else could I look ?
She has a Wiltshire surname and Iíve searched.
She gives Covent Garden as Place of birth and Iíve searched.
Is there anything else I could do ?
Thank you for reading this is rather long winded !!!

Appreciate this is a very old post. The Northern Hospital ,Worlds End Lane ,Winchmore Hill was originally an isolation hospital for ill ness such as TB , scarlet fever,diphtheria etc. It had many long term patients who were admitted in the Ď20s when children but were still there in theí70s. They suffered from the results of a disease called ďSleeping SicknessĒ which was an epidemic in the Ď20s.  My late Mother went to work there in 1941 having been bombed out of a London hospital. She was a nursing sister until her retirement in 1978. My late Father started work in the offices around 1938. He had a break whilst in the Navy during WW11 but returned in 1945 to work in Highlands as it was now known. He retired having become the hospitals manager. Highlands was our life. We played there as children, attended parties, were friendly with the PEL patients ( those who lived there),knew the doctors and nurses. It operated very much as a family which cared for all its workers and patients trying hard to do the best for all.

Cork / Re: Hegarty Lahardane Skibbereen
« on: Saturday 20 June 20 20:56 BST (UK)  »
Hi again ,
Ellen Hegarty married Peter Bohane in 1900 .They are my grandparents. My grandfather Peter was born in Killaderry in June 1864 My grandmother Ellen was born in the next door townland ( the next field ! ) Laharadane in 1877.
Peters father was Michael and his father before him another Peter. Itís a small townland but many Bohane. Story is that one man had all the land and split it between seven sons ! Iím sure itís a story but do know that somehow we Bohane of Killaderry are related.
Mary Driscoll,my great grandmother comes from Drishane Tralispean which is walking distance from Killaderry and Laharadane townland. Our family had been on that land at least back to 1800. My mother too,was born there. By 1956 my Uncle John Bohane died unexpectedly. He was only in his early fifties. The older brothers were in the USA and so the farm had to be sold. It was bought by Bohane up the boureen.  Every year I go back. The glass is in the windows. The roof still on but it is falling apart 😢 Thank you for your info. Iím currently working on my English family and have just had a query about my Welsh lot.   I will find the Attridges ! 😃

Cork / Re: Hegarty Lahardane Skibbereen
« on: Friday 19 June 20 22:15 BST (UK)  »
Hi Alf 16
Iíve only just seen your post.
Iím interested to see you are linked to the Attridges because they are often sponsors for family baptisms.
I am in England but should be in Skibbereen now but canít go because of the virus. Every summer I go ď homeĒ and spend three weeks trying to link them all together with the help of the Skibbereen Heritage Centre. They are amazing.
Iíll hook out my Irish genealogy and check for names and see if I can post photos from the album on here. Miggs

I think I need to go back to the original reference as I have just had a thought ! Maybe,at the time,it was thought that the address was Mrs Fawkes but could it have been the solicitor writing on her behalf ? I have around 40/50 A4 files of research that began in 1946,Iím the second generation working in it. The two previous owners my Dad and Aunt have since died and left it all to me !
Many thanks for everyoneís help and support.
Thanks tohanes truly too, that looks interesting. Might try and work back.

Carlton Chambers. I believe it was built for Gentlemen solicitors,architects etc.

Thank you Sean J. Thatís her as we know that Louisaís husband left her and she moved in with her younger sister. Then they all moved to Regent Street. We would like to know who Mrs Fawkes is. She isnít mentioned in any more of the reams of legal documents but she can not have been poverty stricken as Louisa and Sarah both had trust funds . It is The Regent Street as I have the name of the building which has since been demolished and rebuilt. At one point we even thought they may have been high class prostitutes but now knowing the money they had I donít think that can be the case !

wivenhoe That looks very interesting. The marriage is my great great grandparents and I have that. John lead a very interesting life but not for this posting !   Louisa and her sister both took the name Evett so the link with Fowkes here is well worth me pursuing. There just might be a link .
Thank you both

London and Middlesex / Mrs Fawkes of Regent Street London linked to Perry/ Maslin
« on: Sunday 29 March 20 12:07 BST (UK)  »
Clutching at straws here !
I have a legal document showing that Louisa Elizabeth Maslin Evett Perry left Devizes and went to Regent Street London to stay with Mrs Fawkes. It was 1851 so I have trawled the London census but havenít found either of them. Of course it could be She lived there before the night of the census or after.    I have also searched the countries marriage records from 1837 onwards for a marriage of a Mr Fawkes that might fit. I can find nothing but of course she may have married before 1837. Has anyone any ideas of where else to look ? Thank you.

Wiltshire / Re: Perry's charlton & rushall
« on: Saturday 22 February 20 16:10 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Topsy Tree,
Not good news Iím afraid.
My direct ancestor is John Perry born 1819 Devizes d 1875 Potterne. He was my great great grandfather.
His brother was Thomas b1821 d1847 Devizes.
Their father William Perry bap1796 Seend d1839
His brother ,also Thomas bap1791 d1853 Devizes
Their father was Thomas bap1765Ramsbury d1820
His father was John bap ? mar1759 Ramsbury

Then there is a second branch as the Perryís intermarried.
William Perrybap1796 Seend ( see above) married Mary Ann Perry bap 1789 Devizes d 1850
Her father was Thomas Perry bap 1785 Seend d 1837
His father was Alexander bap 1721 Keevil
His father was Thomas bap 1681 Keevil
His father was Alexander bap 1636 Keevil.

Sadly not a Daniel Perry to be found ! I donít think we are linked .... what a shame !

Most of this research was carried out by my Aunt who made it to 104 ! She started around 1946 so all her info is from original sources. I got involved around twenty years ago so lots of the later stuff has my input particularly when on line access became available. I made a huge discovery concerning a name just before Christmas ,all because new will information was put on line. I so wanted to tell my Aunt and Dad but sadly they are no longer with us.

If you have any surnames that your Perryís may have married let me know as Iíve some of those too. Good Luck !

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