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Odd that you couldn't just use the original profile by just changing your password...
   Too bad you were not notified back then as sometimes when the site gets busy notification can be turned off...

    Not sure if this was shared with everyone, but a lovely site...I think some illustrations were done by the website owner...

   This song is about coal mining towns, where everything is owned by their employers. Blackburn was owned by the colliery

   Also this amazing & entertaining newer version of the same song

Sarah, something odd as he posted that back in 2008 (previous page) yet his new post says he only has one post & not 2...or have I forgotten how to add in my old age?  J.J.

Canada Lookup Request / Re: British Home Children to Nova Scotia
« on: Saturday 31 July 21 09:28 BST (UK)  »
   Welcome to Rootschat, warwick16.   My notification had been turned off for this topic, sorry. Happens sometimes when the site gets busy. Below is a link to the Home Children Database. Scroll down past all the distractions, ads & such and you'll see at the bottom you can enter a surname to search for.  If there is nothing about the children you, or other researchers can enter their data.

My goodness but people must have trouble finding information with everything so irrelevant & busy at the top visible part of the page.  I guess ads are necessary to keep the site running, but I'd think there was nothing valid to see if I came upon these pages from an outer source.

adding: Just checked and I see you have them with ship entries only... if you want to enter more about them here is a link

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Will of John Turner
« on: Monday 28 June 21 11:02 BST (UK)  »
Errr...just noted a page two, and your comment
Excerpt from
More on the Turner family further down...about halfway on page ( use find on page feature)
   In 1580, Imberhorne Manor House was leased from the Sackville family by John Turner(1) of Tablehurst in Forest Row, who took out a 99-year lease on the property being succeeded by his son Sackville Turner on his death in 1581. Sackville Turner died in 1636 and was succeeded by John Turner(2) who died in 1662 leaving seventeen years of the Turner lease to run....

The Common Room / Re: Chris Swarbrooke, Chris 1066Land has sadly died
« on: Friday 19 March 21 02:54 GMT (UK)  »
   Hello Rootschatters... Was so sorry to see that Chris had passed... He left a lovely legacy of his work & time transcribing and creating databases with cemetery information.
   So many Rootschatters gone & missed over the years! Hugs to all of you helpful people who give so much of your time & effort to help lighten the load for other searchers!   Stay safe & well. J.J.

Sussex / Re: MONK, John Arthur (FOORD Family)
« on: Thursday 18 March 21 14:47 GMT (UK)  »
  Welcome to Rootschat!  Not sure if you will get an email address as the person who originally posted was doing it on behalf of another person. They specified this and also asked me to post again that they were satisfied with the information they had, and perhaps did not want to share anything further.   Please do not post your email info on here or anywhere online as you'll be spammed extensively.
  Having said can likely hijack this thread for your own unless you'd like to begin your own thread regarding your searches. Being that there is a start on this thread, and to avoid repetition...I'm suggesting you post all queries regarding your grandfather on this thread. All the best!   J.J.

Canada / Re: Duncan CAMERON and Janet CHISHOLM Pictou NS 1820`s
« on: Thursday 21 January 21 00:38 GMT (UK)  »
Familysearch is a wonderful database. It is only as good as the volunteers who transcribe, though, as some are absolute aces...but a few are devil may care. Be careful as you will get many duplicates and also family trees which are often not entirely correct.  in this case there are duplicates galore.
   Especially in the era being researched, where repetition of names can be very confusing, especially when fathers & sons are having children at exactly the same time, people are marrying cousins, and older widowers are marrying very young ladies who were thought to be caregiving parents for their existing children, but end up being vessels for another generation of children. Scottish naming may or may not apply as they are 2nd & 3rd generation Canadians...and without proper census taking being done prior to's age seemingly more important that one's actual name.

Canada / Re: Duncan CAMERON and Janet CHISHOLM Pictou NS 1820`s
« on: Wednesday 20 January 21 20:57 GMT (UK)  »
Here is Janet/Jennie on 2 censuses living with daughter Jessie.  If she was living with them it seems they could not have remained at odds.  It may have been the fault of the father, choosing favourites or Perhaps the fellows got the son's / male heirs crap / usual larger share of the pie so more had to be fought for?
1871 Hopewell, Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada
Hugh Fraser   47 1824   N S
Jessie Fraser   47 1824   N S
Jennie Fraser   20 1851   N S
Margaret Fraser   18 1853   N S
Hannah Fraser   15 1856   N S
Jane Fraser   13 1858   N S
Duncan Fraser 11 1860   N S  (middle name Cameron?)
John M Fraser   8  1863   N S
***in household:
Jennie Cameron  71 1800   N S

Jessie Fraser      Female   57   Nova Scotia
Fredrick Falconer   Male   42   Nova Scotia
Catheren Falconer   Female   32   Nova Scotia
Nettie Fraser      Female   30   Nova Scotia
Margret Fraser      Female   27   Nova Scotia
Hannah Fraser      Female   24   Nova Scotia
Janine Fraser      Female   22   Nova Scotia
Cameron Fraser      Male   20   Nova Scotia
John Fraser      Male   17   Nova Scotia
Jennie Chisholm      Female   85   Nova Scotia
(Note Frederick Falconer & Catherine Ann Fraser
 Marr. 16 Aug 1870  Truro, Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada)

See that they were also enumerated again...home with their children
Well at least it helped find another child for her!!!!

Hugh Fraser 1823 DEATH 16 Aug 1878 (aged 5455) BURIAL Riverton Cemetery , Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Canada
Jessie Cameron Fraser BIRTH 1824 DEATH 30 Apr 1888 (aged 6364) BURIAL  Riverton Cemetery Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Canada / Re: Duncan CAMERON and Janet CHISHOLM Pictou NS 1820`s
« on: Friday 15 January 21 01:45 GMT (UK)  »
  Verney Lovett Cameron was from  Weymouth, Dorset so likey not a relative, or at least not a close one..." he was employed for a considerable time in the suppression of the East African slave trade"
  Perhaps the connection to Nova Scotia may have involved researching British Loyalist slaves in Nova Scotia & the move to Sierra Leone   Sounds as though they found gold and concentrated on that misson...  All Praise the Almighty dollar...

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