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  Verney Lovett Cameron was from  Weymouth, Dorset so likey not a relative, or at least not a close one..." he was employed for a considerable time in the suppression of the East African slave trade"
  Perhaps the connection to Nova Scotia may have involved researching British Loyalist slaves in Nova Scotia & the move to Sierra Leone   Sounds as though they found gold and concentrated on that misson...  All Praise the Almighty dollar...

Staffordshire / Re: Elizabeth Roylance Child
« on: Monday 07 December 20 04:10 GMT (UK)  »
   Going to make a guess...Being that not many marriages took place in Staffs at that time. Could be way off base... and only the licence was in the correct year...But should anyone find a connection to this and a Taylor family, you never know.
     Mucklestone (Muckston) Turnstall  Barlaston  Ashley are all close to Hales Hall.

Agnes Harding - bapt: 22 February 1807 Ashley, Newcastle-Under-Lyme Borough, Staffordshire,
 Marriage: 7 Jan 1830 Ashley, St John the Baptist, Staffordshire, Eng.
 spouse  Rowland Heathcote  Residence: Maer?  Marriage Lic: 31 Dec 1829   Both age 21 
    father: Samuel Harding Esq.- mother: Ann (nee Hartshorne of Yoxall, Staffs.d.manor hall Yorks)
        married Ashbourne, Derbyshire, England
     Sam'l had a Meeting Place for Christian Worship - Willoughbridge Wells, Ashley
      -1852 was a land agent, surveyor, and valuer for Staffordshire, Derbyshire & Shropshire
        was churchwarden, then clerk to the Guardians of the Newcastle under Lyme Poor Law Union
      - 1852 son next door: Rev Thomas Hartshorne Harding , M.A., rector, Rectory
         His wife: Fanny/ Frances Heathcote
Her DEATH Mar 1899 (aged 9192) East Bridgford, Rushcliffe Borough, Nottinghamshire, England
Her children Edward 1830, Rowland 1833, Godfrey 1835

Rowland Heathcote, later a.k.a. Heathcote-Hacker  b. Nov 13 1802 Chesterfield, Derbyshire
         of East Bridge Old hall  - Occupation: Land Agent.
         Of Manor Hall took name Hacker succeeded brother John at East Bridgeford who died 1870
  Parents: Reverend Edward Heathcote Jr. b.1766 East Bridgford, Derbyshire d.1844 Rose Hill,
        Chesterfield buried: East Bridgeford, Notts Marr. 1792 Jane Cock (1770-1809 leaving 9
        children) only child of John Cock Esq.
  GrParents: Reverend Edward Heathcote c.1726 Morton, Derbyshire (d.1801)  bur: East Bridgford
       Nottinghamshire Marr. Catherine Hacker dau of Robert Hacker Esq. East Bridgeford
        & Co- heiress to his estate.
  GrGrParents: Reverend Ralph Heathcote-rector of Morton/ Stavely b.1697- Derbyshire
       d.1765 Leicestershire Marr. Mary Ockley c.1698 Morton, Derby dau. of Rev. Simon Ockley
His uncle who has been mistaken for him in several genealogies:
Rowland Heathcote Hacker d.  ESQ lieutenant Colonel of the late newfoundland fencibles
 youngest son of the late Rev Edward Heathcote and Catherine his wife

Staffordshire / Re: Elizabeth Roylance Child
« on: Monday 07 December 20 00:22 GMT (UK)  »
Her daughter,  Margaret Blunt's husband Richard Henry Jelf was also the son of a reverend. 
They inherited a sixth share of the Mill Farm Estate (from her Grandfather Baddeley Smith)
  I had an interest in this lot, as I'd found an older publication with a claim for John James Blunts' ancestors to have also been a direct line ancestor of mine, which they are not...But the names Child & Smith, plus all the reverends, surely points to them as possibly having a connection somewhere along the roots of the family.

Staffordshire / Re: Elizabeth Roylance Child
« on: Saturday 28 November 20 02:21 GMT (UK)  »
How exciting to have the cookbook!
Here are the other children of Smith Child Sr

Baddeley Child -baptism: 2 Jan 1774  f. ( Admiral) Smith Child  mother:  Margaret (nee Roylance)
  His father Smith Child (1730 1813) was an officer in the Royal Navy. He served in the Seven Years' War, the American Revolutionary War, and the French Revolutionary Wars, rising to the rank of admiral.   From the Admiral's mother, Mary Baddeley, the Child family inherited the estates of the
Baddeley family, which had lived at Tunstall for four hundred years.

Completed Census Requests / Re: Photographs of Shrewsbury / completed
« on: Sunday 15 November 20 14:55 GMT (UK)  »
 I had this on my web pages ( no longer online) regarding Tower Place:

28 Tower Place, 4 story home of the Blunt Family. Betw. the Tower Town Walls and Crescent Cottages  This and neighbour's homes were on the site of the old Shrewsbury wall.
- Occupied by Thomas Porter Blunt  (1861 census)  - death  1829  ( then daughter - Mary Ella)

Thomas Blunt sr. - 1861 census resided at Tower Place with wife Sarah,
 daughters Elizabeth & Sarah Maria, sons Thomas Porter & Charles Gaire

  I eventually found through online archives that Robert Blunt, Thomas Porter Blunt's grandfather owned and leased out land at Town Walls in the earlier part of the century. In 1836 marriage of son Henry...Robert Blunt was living Tower Place. I imagine Town records might have exact date he moved in...their 3rd child was born Shrewsbury 1809.

 It must be have been exciting for the family to have lived in such a place of ancient town history.


Completed Census Requests / Re: Photographs of Shrewsbury / completed
« on: Sunday 15 November 20 13:16 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you so much for your interest in my ancestor. I made the website many years ago because there was not a single web presence for Thomas Blunt & Arthur Downes & their very important discovery in 1877 of the effects of various spectrums of light on bacteria which is being utilized to this day. I did it for my mother...who was so sure when she'd bought her set of encyclopedias for us that he'd be mentioned as a pioneer in ultraviolet research. She was heartbroken to see that he was not.  It was, for the most part, students & other people with web interests who found my site & started sharing their respect for him online. A lot of them are no longer online either, but there is still residual interest thanks to them.
  Again, it was an educator, Professor of Chemistry Thomas Tidwell of the University of Toronto who found my site mentioning their papers.  He made contact and was interested enough to look into the work of Blunt and Downes and subsequently found the mention of radicals. I cannot thank him enough for all the work & time he devoted to this.
   My mother visited her grandfather's home when they went to England for a WW2 reunion as both had served. Someone there must have been kind enough to show her some of it. She was so surprised that it was now part of a school and that it now had an elevator! She was young when he died but she always remembered her visits with her loving grandfather, and his magnificent fruit & flower gardens. She had an enormous garden and tried to grow as many varieties of flowers, fruits and vegetables as would grow locally (middle Prairies of Saskatchewan) just as her ancestor had in Shrewsbury. ❤ ❤ ❤
   Now that you have 2 posts I can reach you in private message mode (the scroll image to the left) and will do so shortly.  Chilly hugs from Canada  J.J.

p.s. he was also interested in fossils...whether he found this trilobite or not I am not positive, but it was in his collection: "Mr. Blunt, of Shrewsbury , who has had it for twenty years is covered with a strong oblique striation . And the incurved fascia beneath is the widest and most coarsely ribbed that I know in any British species . It resembled that of the Bohemian fossils..."  I wonder if he found it in the quarry nearby the home we can find the imprints of fossils here in our limestone quarries..


Completed Census Requests / Re: Photographs of Shrewsbury / completed
« on: Saturday 14 November 20 15:40 GMT (UK)  »
  Hello  lex_hale, and welcome to Rootschat. I really appreciate you communicating with me on the forum.  I wish I could invite you into the website I created to honour my great grandfather Thomas Porter Blunt and his many papers & accomplishments, but the recent cost of keeping it online was becoming rather steep.  I think it may have been of interest to students who wished to enter the sciences. ( He was also an active amateur botanist) or the art field for that matter, as his uncle who was also a chemist & amateur astrologist, was one of many artists who loved to paint the marvelous picturesque town landscape, castles & abbeys. Several artists have descended from the family including my mother & myself.
   I just recently stopped looking into my genealogy entirely, so perhaps this may be a nudge to do more. Do your records follow the students after their school years? While I'd managed to trace the children into the 20th century to a certain extent, I'd found early deaths from sickness & war, very few children except for the son's family who thrived in New Zealand.  One daughter for whom I never found a marriage nor any other information. 
  The town has no interest in my ancestor. I made a webpage for a Shrewsbury website who said they wanted the information, but they never posted it after all my work putting it to their specifications... There was mention of a plaque outside his old shops, after the writeup that he & Downes had also recognized & mentioned Free Radicals long before they were thought to have been named...but have not seen it come to fruition.  Thank you so much for contacting me.  Not sure where to go from here, as I haven't touched anything for at least a year, and 8 months of isolation has made me a little down.   J.J.

Canada / Re: 1941 'Sudden death' in Montreal of Elizabeth Katherine DAWNAY nee GREY
« on: Wednesday 28 October 20 20:02 GMT (UK)  »
   The children went through a lot if they were informed, as ThePeerage site also mentions that Ronald was said to have been a P.O.W some time in 1942.  Married again & lived to be 82.
 Just found evidence of him serving Jan 1945 so not sure about that???

We probably should not be discussing Mary as she appears to be alive, but already has a great deal of published celebrity for numerous accomplishments so probably alright. (magistrate-20 years / climbed Mount Kilimanjaro - twice)

Individual & group portraits of Mary & her husband & children
Husband used John at marriage but appears to use Richard later in life, perhaps to differentiate from his father. Wish my rellies would have used repetitive names as only middle names.

Canada / Re: Home Children
« on: Friday 07 August 20 10:35 BST (UK)  »
  Using some husband's surnames Edward & Welsh plus a couple of the mother's maiden names used, Merchant & Barnes I found there are more Rootschat threads & searches related to this family.  Sorry they are out of order... copied from one of those threads.

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