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Herefordshire / Re: Rev Van Blerk
« on: Saturday 02 May 20 22:44 BST (UK)  »
Yes, I already know this information.  Thanks.

Herefordshire / Re: Rev Van Blerk
« on: Saturday 02 May 20 22:43 BST (UK)  »
yes, he was born about 1830.

Herefordshire / Rev Van Blerk
« on: Saturday 02 May 20 17:56 BST (UK)  »
Seeking a death record or 1901 census mention for a Rev. Felix Van Blerk, parish priest who served at the former Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Ross-on-Wye in 1897-1898.  This info from Bernard Kelly’s Historical Notes on English Catholic Missions.  Any information as to his death or whereabouts would be appreciated after the years indicated.  He was originally from Belgium and had served in several Catholic parishes in Maritime Canada. This was as far as I could trace his paper trail.
Thanks in advance for any help in finding him.

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Re: REDMAN /FRANCE look up please
« on: Friday 28 June 19 15:32 BST (UK)  »
Hi Beverly,

I found this family group in the 1880 Census of Rhode Island (living in Lincoln, RI, next town up from North Providence wherein can be found Greystone village).  I live in the neighboring village to Greystone, and wondered if this might be the family you're seeking.  Lincoln is next door to Central Falls, RI.

Family Number 171

REDMAN, John, 42y, head of family, born England (works in Sayles Bleachery)
REDMAN, Hannah, 40y, wife, born England
REDMAN Edgar, 19y, son, born New Jersey (sic)
REDMAN, Ada, 14y, daughter, born New York (sic)
REDMAN, John Jr., 9y, son, born New York (sic)
REDMAN, Frank, 7y, son, born New York (sic)

and also:

Edgar REDMAN, 27y, son of John & Hannah (France) Redman
Mary A. THORNLEY, 22y, daughter of Squire & Jane (Tuthell) Thornley
m Lincoln, RI 25 Dec 1886

Frank REDMAN, died Central Falls, RI 28 Apr 1923; 45y, 9 mos, 29d; son of John & Hannah (France) Redman; born New York, NY June 29 (No Year); place of death 78 Rand St, Central Falls, RI; single; occupation: chemist making blue dye; burial Moshassuck Cemetery, Central Falls, RI; cause of death: suicide by asphyxia from illuminating gas.

If you can access Family Search, here's the link to his death record:

John REDMAN, son of John & Hannah (France) Redman; d Cranston, RI 29 May 1935 (64y) [State Hospital of Acute Lobar Pneumonia]; born 1870; single; 64y; occupation: janitor; burial Moshassuck Cemetery, Central Falls, RI

Hannah Maria (France) REDMAN, daughter of Thomas and Sarah France, died 78 Rand Street, Central Falls, RI 29 Oct 1924 (84y); born England November (No Year Listed); widow of "Frank" Redman; buried Moshassuck Cemetery, Central Falls, RI; cause of death: broncho-pneumonia, chronic myocarditis and senility; informant: daughter, Mrs. Edwin Bamford (this would be Ada Redman)

Ada (Redman) BAMFORD, daughter of John & Hannah (France) Redman; died 112 Rand St. Central Falls, RI 21 Dec 1930 (65y, 7 mos, 14d); born New York City, NY 6 May 1865; wife of Edwin Bamford; buried Moshassuck Cemetery, Central Falls; cause of death cerebral hemorrhage.


You mentioned Frank was your ancestor, yet he died single  This doesn't seem to be the correct family but they were only Redmans I could find in Central Falls, RI fitting the description you gave in your primary post.  I don't know how Sanford, Maine comes into play, but perhaps they came through New Brunswick to the USA?  The family did live in New Jersey and New York (where their children were born) before coming to Rhode Island.  Hope some of this helps.

US Lookup Requests / Re: Rhode Island
« on: Friday 28 June 19 14:26 BST (UK)  »
From: Rhode Island Marriages Collection (FamilySearch):

Isaac James Hickman, 32y, son of William & Anna
Mary Anna Whitney, 33y, daughter of Patrick & Judith
m Providence, RI 26 Nov 1902

US Lookup Requests / Re: Death Henry Young 1901 Rhode Island
« on: Friday 28 June 19 14:16 BST (UK)  »
According to his death record recorded in Providence, RI:

Henry Young, 75y
died: 463 Chalkstone Ave, Providence, RI
married; occupation: polisher
place of birth: Ireland
parents: Henry & Amelia
buried: Bristol, RI
cause of death: Bright's disease
physician: JH Bartley, MD
Undertaker: DF McCarthy & Son


Canada / Re: Looking for more on this family... NEW BRUNSWICK
« on: Friday 28 June 19 14:00 BST (UK)  »
Have you seen this link?  May save you lots of trouble on this question:

Canada / Francois-Xavier Rouleau (Part 2)
« on: Wednesday 26 June 19 18:01 BST (UK)  »

1   Thomas SAUVAGE, blacksmith (Jacques & Élisabeth Récié)
   b circa 1683 Rouen, FR [par St-Godard]; d Grand-Pré, Acadia
   Anne LAPIERRE (François & Jeanne Raimbault)
   b Grand-Pré, Acadia ca 1693
   m Grand-Pré, Acadia 13 Sep 1717

2   Jacques-Christophe SAUVAGE (Thomas & Anne Lapierre)
   b Grand-Pré, Acadia circa 1729; d St-Charles (Bellechasse), QC 14 Sep 1765 (36y)
   Marie-Geneviève COUTURE (Pierre & Marguerite Bouffard)
   b St-Laurent (Ile d’Orléans), QC 24 Sep 1728; d St-Gervais, QC 14 Feb 1806 (78y)
   m St-Valler, QC 7 Aug 1758

   Note: Geneviève was the widow of Jacques Rémillard (m 1754) at her marriage to Jacques-Christophe; after his death she remarried in 1767 Pierre Rouleau; thus the name: Sauvage/Savache dit Rouleau

3   Jacques SAUVAGE (Jacques-Christophe & Marie-Geneviève Couture)
   b St-Vallier, QC 30 Apr 1759; d Ste-Claire (Dorchester), QC 30 Jul 1826 (67y)
   Angélique RICHARD (Michel & Marie-Angélique Mercier)
   b St-Vallier, QC 6 Feb 1762; d Ste-Claire (Dorchester, QC 25 Jul 1854 (92y)
   m St-Vallier, QC 21 Jun 1784

4   Michel SAUVAGE dit Rouleau (Jacques & Angélique Richard)
   b 178_; d St-Ferdinand (Mégantic), QC 23 Aug 1851
   Marie-Louise TURCOT (Jean-Baptiste & Marie-Anne Drouin)
   d St-Nicolas, QC 14 Nov 1830 (36y)
   m (1) Ste-Famille (Ile d’Orléans), QC 17 Jan 1815


   i- Michel,  b Ste-Famille (Ile d’Orléans), QC 5 Oct 1815; d St-Nicolas, QC 29 Oct 1820 (5y).    

   ii- Marie-Nicolette,  b Ste-Famille (Ile d’Orléans), QC 2 Mar 1817.

   iii- Marcelline,  b St-Nicolas, QC 4 Jun 1819; d St-Nicolas, QC 17 Nov 1820 (17 mos).

   iv- Flavie,  b St-Nicolas, QC 25 Oct 1820; d St-Nicolas, QC 29 Dec 1820 (2 mos).

   v- Marie-Esther,  b St-Nicolas, QC 10 Dec 1821.

   vi- Jean-Chrysostôme, b St-Nicolas, QC 26 Jan 1823; d St-Nicolas, QC 21 Jul 1823 (6 mos).             

   vii- Marie-Rosalie, b St-Nicolas, QC 3 Jan 1824; d St-Nicolas, QC 4 Jan 1824 (1d).

   ix- Marie-Rose,  b St-Nicolas, QC 5 Jun 1825; d St-Nicolas, QC 24 Jul 1825 (7 wks).

   x- Ambroise,  b St-Nicolas, QC 17 Oct 1826.

   xi- Joseph, b St-Nicolas, QC 27 Jun 1828; m Laurierville, QC 14 Feb 1854 Marie-
      Désanges CÔTÉ (Louis & Marie-Louise Côté).

   xii- Louis,  b St-Nicolas, QC 1 Aug 1829; d St-Nicolas, QC 2 Aug 1829 (1d).

   Michel SAUVAGE dit Rouleau (Jacques & Angélique Richard)
   b 178_; d St-Ferdinand (Mégantic), QC 23 Aug 1851 (73y)
   Marie THIBAULT (Ignace & Victoire Demers)
   b 1806;
   m (2) St-Nicolas, QC 17 May 1831


   xiii- Émilie,  b St-Nicolas, QC 20 Feb 1832; d Lauzon, QC 8 Sep 1888 (56y); m St-Gilles (Lotbinière), QC 12 Aug 1850 Jean-Baptiste MARTEL (Jean-Baptiste & Hortense Michon/Phichon).

   xiv- Marcelline,  b St-Nicolas, QC 6 Jul 1833; d St-Gilles, QC 12 Oct 1872 (39y); m St-Gilles (Lotbinière), QC 27 Jul 1857 Louis BÉLAND (Joseph & Marie-Josèphe Bergeron).

   xv- Caroline,  b St-Nicolas, QC 12 Jun 1835; d Disraeli, QC 22 Dec 1893 (58y); m Laurierville, QC 9 Aug 1859 Augustin DUBOIS (Augustin & Marie-Charlotte Daigle).

   xvi- Rosalie,  b St-Nicolas, QC 21 Feb 1837; m Laurierville, QC 13 Apr 1858 Joseph CÔTÉ (Louis & Marie-Louise Côté).

   xvii- Sara,  b St-Nicolas, QC 24 Jun 1839; m St-Ferdinand (Mégantic), QC 16 Jan 1866 Joseph DUBUC (Joseph & Marguerite Bibeau).

   xviii- Adeline,  b St-Nicolas, QC 19 Dec 1840; d St-Ferdinand (Mégantic), QC 31 May 1868 (27y); m St-Ferdinand (Mégantic), QC 4 Mar 1867 Augustin LESSARD (Augustin & Isabelle Binet) widower Marie-Josèphe Huard & Euphrosine Gosselin.

   xix- Nazaire,  b St-Nicolas, QC 5 Apr 1842; m St-Ferdinand (Mégantic), QC 13 Oct 1879 Adéline BOISSONNEAU (Benjamin & Luce Fournier).

   xx- Honoré,  b St-Nicolas, QC 20 May 1844.

   xxi- François-Xavier,  b St-Nicolas, QC 13 Aug 1846.

   xxii- Virginie,  b St-Nicolas, QC 11 Apr 1849.

I could be wrong but based on my over 40 years genealogical expertise, I think this is the François-Xavier you’re searching for based on three things :

1- He was born in AUGUST.

2-He was born of his father’s SECOND marriage.

3-He appears with his widowed mother and brother Nazaire and sister Virginie in Halifax South,  Mégantic County, Québec in the 1861 census; but is gone from this family unit in the 1871 census of the same place, leaving but his mother, brother and sister in that household.  Perhaps he went west to Ontario and Manitoba.   

1861 census Mégantic County (Halifax South) (pp 1-2)

Mary Roulo (farmer), widow, 54y
Nazaire Roulo, 20y
Francis Roulo, 14y
Virginie Roulo, 11y

1871 census Mégantic County (Halifax South, Family 106)

Nazaire Rouleau, farmer, 27y
Marie Rouleau, widow/mother, 66y
Virginie Rouleau, sister, 22y

Hope this helps,

Dennis Boudreau

Canada / Francois-Xavier Rouleau Part 1
« on: Wednesday 26 June 19 18:00 BST (UK)  »
Hello K. Shaw and others responding on this question,

I also saw a similar question as this on Rootsweb, and think I may have the answer to your question.

First, the Francois Rouleau, son of Ignace and Rosalie (Fontaine) Rouleau is not your man.  He
was born at St-Jean-Chrysostôme, QC on 5 July 1849, and married at St-David (Lévis), QC on 30 Jun 1884 with Léa St-Laurent, daughter of Louis and Anastasie (Lamothe) St-Laurent.  This François died before 1890, as his widow remarried at St-David, QC on 28 Jan 1890 with a Hyacinthe-Elisée Dionne, son of Honoré and Mathilde (Guimond) Dionne, and widower of Célina-Elmire McClure.

Not to be discouraged, however, as I have another candidate for you. You mentioned that your Francis Rouleau was born in AUGUST 1848; the only other François-Xavier Rouleau that I could find was born in August but two years earlier in 1846.  Remember, all information was given by surviving members of the family, not by the deceased themselves, and they could have been off by a year or so.

The François-Xavier Rouleau I found was born at St-Nicolas, QC on 13 August 1846, the son of Michel Sauvage dit Rouleau and his SECOND wife, Marie Thibault.  I have the family traced back as follows  (see part 2)

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