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The Common Room / Re: Where was Oliver Twist's workhouse ?
« on: Saturday 15 June 24 12:07 BST (UK)  »
Some research into this here:


The Common Room / Re: How can I see 1948 electoral register?
« on: Friday 14 June 24 10:39 BST (UK)  »
You'll probably need to visit a local archives.


Probably worth adding that ones choice of software can be dependent upon the workflow that you use in your Genealogical research.

It's interesting to hear how others work. For myself I keep my trees on Family Tree Maker only. I don't sync with Ancestry.

But I do have FTM on more than one computer - so I keep my FTM family files on cloud storage synced to local copies on each computer. My desktop computer has a backup external hard drive which I can use if needed to get back to a tree version from any time in the past.

I never search from within FTM - I always go directly to ancestry, findmypast etc and add everything manually to FTM. I like to be in control.

The Change Log feature of FTM I find is redundant for me and it does cause an irritating problem. The family tree file size continually grows as you make more and more changes. Mine became excessively large which made cloud syncing slow. So I now frequently (once a month?) reduce the file to its initial size by using export and restore. Takes about twenty minutes. This works because export doesn't include the change log. None of this would be needed if you were able to specify the number of changes to keep in the log. I could drone on and on about this but I'll stop now.


I live on the Isle of Wight so a day trip to the records office in Winchester is easy enough.

Thanks again to everyone.


I think I've done all the research I can for now, so I thought it a good time to summarise my findings. I'm looking for the origins of Edmund Dugoe who died in 1715 in Amport and had eight children from 1675 onwards, seven in Amport.

It's worth keeping in mind that the name Dugoe is uncommon so there won't be many households/families at any one time.

The 1637 will of Salathiel Dugoe in Appleshaw (Amport) names three brothers, Thomas, Edward, and John. One of these four brothers is likely to be the father of Edmund.

Thomas (born 1591) lived with his wife Dorothy in Ludgershall Wiltshire. They had several children one called Edmund born in 1621. This seems to be too early to be my Edmund - he would have had his first child at the age of 54, and died at age 94. Possible but not very likely. 

Edward lived in Shipton Bellinger with his wife Margery. They had a daughter Marjorie mentioned in Edward's 1641 will. If they are the parents of Edmund why wasn't he mentioned in the will?

John lived in Collingbourne Kingston, Wiltshire with his wife Priscilla. In his 1675 will he mentions a daughter Rose. They also had a daughter Jane. Again it seems unlikely that John is the father of Edmund.

Salathiel was married to Jane. They seem to be the most likely parents of Edmund, who would have been born around 1638 or earlier.  But the lack of parish registers for Amport earlier than 1665 means that we have no proof.  Amport is where Edmund lived all his life. If Edmund was born in 1638 he would have been aged 37 when his first child was born, and 77 when he died. 

So for now my working assumption is that Salathiel and Jane are Edmund's parents.

Widow Dugoe of Amport is the only Dugoe household in the 1665 Hampshire hearth tax - and I think it's Jane.

Thanks to everyone for ideas and suggestions. I am much further forward now than at the start.

Here's Thomas Dugoe family.

Hello Vance

Yes that's what I thought. I've identified a lot of their children as well. I'm pretty confident this is the Thomas, brother of Salathiel in 1637. Helpfully from the marriage licence we have his age 28 - so born about 1591.



I presume you realise Edward/Edmund are often inter-changeable christian names?

Trish :)

Hi Trish - yes indeed. The baptisms of Edmund's children - some have Edmund, some have Edward. I'm keeping an open mind to the possibility that any Edward could be my Edmund.



Hello Vance

Yes that is exactly the way I'm thinking just now. I'm in the process of putting everyone with the Dugoe name into a tree (Family Tree Maker), to see how it might fit together. Thomas Dugoe from Ludgershall is the head of the family I mentioned in my original post. I find that it can take a lot of time just looking and thinking about the people and possible relationships. And yet when you see a possible connection (like the will of Edward - and he is mentioned in the will of Salathiel) it looks blindingly obvious, and you wonder why you never saw it before.

I've avoided going too far away geographically from my original area around Amport which is why I've not looked at the Durrington records. I think I will now on the basis of leaving no stone unturned.

I didn't mention in my original post why I'm interested in this line. Edmund Dugoe is my 7xGGrandfather.



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