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Canada / Re: Jeremiah Johnson-Lineage
« on: Friday 10 July 20 03:57 BST (UK)  »
a few thoughts, no answers.

Jeremiah Johnson is said to be mentioned in this book. Can you find a library who will look it up for you?

The loyalists of New Brunswick
Author:    Esther Clark Wright
Publisher:    Beaver Bank, N.S., Canada : Justin B. Wentzell, 2008.

library locator:

This doesn't help the situation. I thought this was them for a while, but this lady's father was named Samuel:

Massachusetts, Compiled Marriages, 1633-1850
Name:    Jeremiah Johnson
Spouse:    Challotte Chace
Marriage Date:    20 Oct 1806
City:    Swansea
County:    Bristol
Source: Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0022366 item 3 & 0903395 items 7-8

same event, different source:

Name:    Jeremiah Johnson
Event Type:    Marriage
Marriage Date:    26 Oct 1806
Marriage Place: USA
Spouse Name:    Charlotte Chase
Spouse Father Name:    Samuel Chase

The New England Historical & Genealogical Register, 1847-2011
Page Number:    26
Volume Number:    088

and another thought, can you find the son of Nathaniel Johnson (1726-1797) and Sarah Nichols of Fairfield CT on later Connecticut records? If so, he didn't go to New Brunswick. If not, then maybe.

And were they a loyalist family, or were families divided as in the American Civil War? Where did their other sons go? Where did Nathaniel and Sarah die?

lots of stuff on Reuben Chase here, if you don't have it already. Or maybe you posted it :)

Does the Wing in your user name come from the New England family of the same name? They are one of the few my wife is not related to by marriage, but there used to be a huge Wing genealogy tree on rootsweb that had some of her connected families. I think he has it on ancestry now.

Haha,no,actually it comes from a Yu-Gi-Oh! card. My actual last name is Negus. (I should maybe change that username now....)

i did read Loyalists of New Brunswick but sadly there wasn't all that much to go on and,while there was a Jeremiah Johnson listed from CT,it turns out that there was more than one with that same name;the other Jeremiah's wife,if I recall correctly,was named Sarah.

Searches for the son of Nathaniel and Sarah also didn't really yield many results but admittedly I didn't put that much effort into it. Nathaniel and Sarah,as I understand,both died in 1797 in Wesport,Fairfield,CT. I don't know for sure if my Johnsons were Loyalist;where they had lived in Gagetown,it's a distinct possibility but if they weren't,they did marry into Loyalist families. The 1851 census for New Brunswick shows race as "U.S."

Canada / Jeremiah Johnson-Lineage
« on: Thursday 09 July 20 13:39 BST (UK)  »
Seeking information on the parents of Jeremiah JOHNSON,who married Charlotte CHASE and lived in Gagetown,N.B. at the time of his children's births. Charlotte was the daughter of Loyalist Reuben CHASE;her sister Thankful married Tertullus DICKINSON. Jeremiah and Charlotte had (at least) four children,all baptized in Gagetown:

William bapt.1795;md.Rebecca DICKINSON (Tertullus and Thankful's daughter)
Salome bapt.1797,d.1840 Richmond,N.B.;md.John LONDON
Mary Psalter bapt.1799
Mahalah bapt.1801;md.Thomas PRITCHARD

I had thought,originally,that Jeremiah might be s/o Nathaniel Johnson (1726-1797) and Sarah Nichols of Fairfield,CT (their son Jeremiah was b.1756 according to the Barbour Collection;two older brothers were Joseph(1750-) and Solomon(1753-)),however I may be wrong in my thinking now.

William and Rebecca's Children:
(not in order):

Jane(1826-);md.? DAY
Roseanne(abt.1829-);md.John COLLICOTT
John William(1836-1899);md.Ruth COLLICOTT (John's niece)
Mary Elizabeth(1840-1887);md.George COLLICOTT(Ruth's brother)
Charles M.(abt.1853-)

The only (confirmed) child of Salome i've come across:

William Mansfield LONDON(1821-1840);d.age 19,the same month as his mother

It has been a bit frustrating to move forward on my maternal line,given the most common surname in the world and a real lack of resources in order to do so!

Cork / Re: Maguire Cork>Lorneville,N.B.
« on: Tuesday 07 July 20 21:44 BST (UK)  »
Hi Wingweaver84

It would appear that your Maguires came from Mallabacka townland, Dunmanway, Co. Cork
and you are connected to a very famous Irish man named Sam Maguire.

Gaelic football and Hurling are our two national sports.   You might have heard of the All Ireland Football competition held every year here and the Trophyfor this competition  is
named after Sam Maguire.   It seems that this famous Sam was a nephew of Samuel and Nathaniel.   Their brother John would have been Sam Maguire's father.   Lots of information on this famous Sam

The parents of Samuel, Nathaniel and John are William Maguire born 1785 died 1886 Mallabracka, Dunmanway, Co. Cork & Elizabeth Ross born 1804 Drimoleague, Co. Cork died 1846 11 Nov Mallabracka, Dunmanway.   They had 8 children -

Margaret Mary 1831-1906
William   1832-1911
Samuel  1833-1912
Jane 1838-1896
Nathaniel 1839 -1914
John 1840- d 1908  m. Jane Kingston b 22 Jan 1851 Clodagh, Drimoleague d 1917 Mallabracka
               (these are the parents of the famous Sam Maguire b 11Mar 1877 d 6 Feb 1927)
James 1841 -1917
Richard 1844-1894

Hope this helps

Celtic Liberty

Thank you so much for the info! I was actually looking at stuff about Sam this morning while looking for records and somewhat wondered if there had been a connection. I am going to look at this further and see what else I can find. :)


Cork / Maguire Cork>Lorneville,N.B.
« on: Tuesday 07 July 20 14:25 BST (UK)  »
Seeking information on the MAGUIRE family who emigrated from Cork,Ireland to Lorneville (formerly known as Pisarinco),New Brunswick,Canada around the 1850s. The individuals I'm specifically looking for are the parents of Samuel Maguire,who married Jane Tyner(1838-1905) d/o Richard Tyner and Martha Clark. Samuel had a brother,Nathaniel,who married Mary Driscoll. Both brothers settled in Lorneville. Nathaniel possibly died 1912 but I have no info on Samuel.

United States of America / Re: Johnson Marriage-Houlton ME 1897
« on: Monday 28 October 19 12:10 GMT (UK)  »
I have an update to this:

Not too long ago my uncle revealed that Carl was the result of an affair between Hannah and Elijah's brother Asa. Not sure how that situation went down but Carl was regarded as Elijah's son even in official records.

Canada / Re: William NEGUS b.abt.1867 Westmorland County
« on: Monday 28 October 19 12:04 GMT (UK)  »
West Virginia DC:

It's not him. William's year of birth,according to New Brunswick census,was about 1867(except for Frank and John,all children were born in New Brunswick).The William Negus in the record has a birth year of 1851,when my g-g-grandfather John was born in England.

Canada / Re: Children of Rachel Smith and Manley Steadman-Where Were They 1891?
« on: Wednesday 18 September 19 13:55 BST (UK)  »
The marriage of Gertrude S Stedman 23 to John G Thompson  21 on 13 April 1904 says she was born in River Glade N. B. of Manley J Stedman and Rachel N Smith.
You can't get any closer than that.

ADDED her Vermont death record 9 July 1968 gives a date of birth as 3 December 1881 River Glade Canada with Manley and Rachel as her parents

Her brother Everett also in Massachusetts. ADDED in 1900, later New Hampshire and Conn.

It seems as though after the grandparents died they were sent to live (hopefully with relatives) in Massachusetts. The 1890 census of USA is missing so you may never know unless we can find border crossing events from Canada to USA.

If I recall correctly,Rachel's father Benjamin died in 1898 and her mother Mary Jane died ten years later;Mary (or "Polley" as she also went by) was living with the widowed Rachel in the 1901 census(John had been killed in a mill accident three years prior,meaning that Rachel had lost both her husband and father in the same year). So I suppose that even though they were still alive at that time,they may not have been able to help care for the children as well as their own children still helping out around the home.

Canada / William NEGUS b.abt.1867 Westmorland County
« on: Tuesday 17 September 19 15:35 BST (UK)  »
Seeking information on William NEGUS b.abt.1867 New Brunswick(poss. River Glade). William was s/o John NEGUS(1819-1899) and Harriet SMITH(1831-1885). Have not seen him in N.B. or N.S. census and is the only one out of ten children I have not located info on.

Canada / Children of Rachel Smith and Manley Steadman-Where Were They 1891?
« on: Tuesday 17 September 19 15:32 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find information on the children of Rachel SMITH(1847-1919)and Manley STEADMAN of New Brunswick:Everett Curry(b.1876-),Berdetta G.(1878-) and poss. Gertrude(1881-). I believe Gertrude may be:

I believe I also have marriage information from Familysearch for Gertrude as well;her parents are listed as Manley and Rachel but I need to make sure that this is the correct individual.

(Side note:I believe Manley is the same Manley C. Steadman who was put on trial for bigamy;Rachel remarried about 1882 to my g-g-grandfather,John NEGUS and had three children with him,one of which was my g-grandfather.)

In 1881 Rachel,Everett(5) and Berdetta(3) were living in the home of Rachel's parents in Salisbury;if Gertrude was also her child,she was likely born after the census was taken. It would also suggest that Manley left Rachel while she was still pregnant.

(upon reading:the Steadman trial took place in 1879;Provincial Archives website has details on the case. In Daniel F. Johnson's New Brunswick Newspaper Vital Statistics,there is only one Manley Steadman listed. Hmm..)

By 1891 Rachel had remarried to John and were living (poss.River Glade) with their children,Harriet (7) and Garfield (5) (their youngest daughter,Mabel,died 1887 only a year old).Everett and Berdetta,as well as the potential Gertrude,are not listed in the census,despite Everett,as the oldest,only being about fifteen at this point.

Everett later resided in the States,but I am mainly wondering what happened to them in those early years. Did they just take up residence with Manley after he and Rachel ended their marriage?Could they have lived with another family while their mother made a new one?(Or maybe Manley was not the one on trial and merely died?)

Long story short,I am seeking information on what happened to the two (three?) children of Rachel and Manley,what actually happened to Manley and the whereabouts of Berdetta.

(I also apologize for the convoluted way I wrote this.)

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