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Armed Forces / Chaplains in the British Royal Navy, 1700s
« on: Monday 05 October 20 11:23 BST (UK)  »
Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any experiencing researching chaplains who served in the British Royal Navy during the 1700s? And if so, what records have you used?

One of my ancestors, Edmund Campbell, was appoined to serve as a chaplain on board the HMS Resolution (built 1770, not the ship used by Captain Cook) in 1771. I'm looking to find anything that may relate to his service: ship musters, logs, captain's diary, etc.

Any ideas would be much appreciated!  :)

United States of America / Baltimore, 1863, Master Mariner Records?
« on: Sunday 04 August 19 09:05 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone,

There is a story in my family that my 3rd great-grandfather, Michael Laughlin Doyle (c.1840-1914), became a "Master Mariner in Sail" on 15 August 1863 at the "College of Seamens Studies", Baltimore, USA.

Unfortantately, I don't have any knowledge of Baltimore's history or of genealogical records from that area. Does anyone know if any such college existed and whether I would be able to find some kind of Master Mariners register or paperwork that I could use to verify this story?

Any help that could be offered would be greatly appreciated!

Limerick / Brickwall Help - Spanish Ancestry, Patrick Gleeson, 1830s, Limerick
« on: Sunday 13 August 17 01:45 BST (UK)  »
Hello fellow genealogists and family historians,

My ancestor Patrick Gleeson was born in Ballybeg, County Limerick, Ireland, in about 1839. His parents were Laurence Gleeson and Johanna Baragry.

An old, but reasonably reliable, family story has it that Patrick had recent Spanish ancestors (probably his great-grandparents or closer). I would like to find out, how would I go about finding the names of his Spanish ancestors, if he did have any?

Any help, whether in the form of information on the family or suggested research techniques/methods, would be immensely appreciated as I would really like to know more about my supposed Spanish ancestors.

Many thanks,


Additional info:
- Laurence & Johanna married on 21 May 1835 in Sologhead, witnesses: Patrick & Margaret Gleeson
- Laurence Gleeson was a farmer
- Johanna Baragry's father is believed to have been a soldier ('probably a sergeant')
- The Spanish ancestry is believed to be on Johanna's side of the pedigree
- Could the surname 'Baragry' be a misspelling/mis-transcription of a Spanish surname such as Baragui, Barangri, Barangui, Bargui?
- Patrick Gleeson was baptised 19 Apr 1839 in Sologhead, sponsor: Maria Gleeson
- Patrick had no known siblings
- Patrick had brown eyes and dark, curly hair - features supposedly inherited from his Spanish ancestors
- Johanna Barragry supposedly remarried to a man with surname O'Brien
- Patrick is believed to have arrived in Australia with his step-father O'Brien
- Patrick may have arrived in Australia per the 'Great Victoria' on 28 Nov 1864
- He married Ellen Hogan (1860-1953) on 9 Jun 1882 in Yarrawonga, Victoria (Marriage Cert. 1882/2315)
- He died on 14 Oct 1914 in Goorambat, Victoria (Death Cert. 1914/12596)
- Patrick's ancestry hasn't been proven beyond his parents, but there are likely grandparents in the records
- The story of his Spanish ancestry was told by his daughter, who passed away in 2000
- Autosomal DNA testing will soon be done for two of his descendants to possibly find distant cousin matches

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