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Canada Lookup Requests Completed / Re: 1906 Canada Census
« on: Friday 20 January 23 10:59 GMT (UK)  »
Most probably! Would love to find out, I will send a private message....


I'm thinking that I should leave the External drive plugged in and set a up a regular weekly backup through my Nero backup facility.

You should definitely do that :D

Although it costs money, your data is priceless...

There are a number of automatic backup programs around, I use Second Copy and it backs up all my data to an external hard drive every time that I log off. This can also be set to timed backups if needed and also will do incremental backups so that if you need to got back in time you can.


I think based on your responses I'll download the free Legacy software and begin there. I'm planning on entering people from scratch and not importing a GEDCOM so I can format everything how I want, not how Ancestry thinks I want it :P

Personally I find it easier to enter information into Legacy than FTM, especially useful if you are starting from scratch.

I also like the fact that it allocates specific numbers to individuals & marriages, which makes it easier to refer to when there are a lot of people with the same common names.


I have used it for over a year now on Windows 7 64-bit with no problems... :D

Technical Help / Re: Firefox6
« on: Wednesday 17 August 11 07:00 BST (UK)  »
Firefox 6 has disabled a number of add-ons for me; including McAfee Site Adviser and the Ancestry Viewer  :o

World War One / Re: Whare was the 1st Battalion Royal Fusiliers in May 1918?
« on: Tuesday 16 August 11 07:46 BST (UK)  »
Well I have to say that was a bargain; 795 pages for 3.50  ;D

World War One / Re: Whare was the 1st Battalion Royal Fusiliers in May 1918?
« on: Tuesday 16 August 11 07:07 BST (UK)  »
Thank you all,

Greatly appreciated ;)

As has been said, as he died of wounds this action could have been some time before he died...


Technical Help / Re: how can i make my own website for free?
« on: Monday 15 August 11 08:53 BST (UK)  »
If you are planning on designing your own website I do hope that you have a good grounding in HTML, stylesheets, etc. And even a better one in design. The reason I say this is that there are some incredibly badly designed family history websites out there done by people without a lick of design sense.

I completely agree with that Nick...

The biggest problem that I had with my website was not so much the data input, nor the technicalities, but how to make it look good. After all no one is going to spend time on a badly designed site, thereby negating all the effort expended on it.

BTW I should say that Dreamweaver is not old hat or out dated, it is the industrial standard... :D


World War One / Whare was the 1st Battalion Royal Fusiliers in May 1918?
« on: Monday 15 August 11 07:56 BST (UK)  »
I am researching a relative who died of wounds on 24 May 1918 in Rouen:-

Thomas Rattle; Private 225094 1st Battalion (City of London) Royal Fusiliers

I presume that he was being taken injured back to the UK but died on the way. I would really like to find out where he was when he was injured, but have been unable to find out where the battalion was in May of that year. There are no surviving service records of course...

I would appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right direction. Below is a tribute page on my website with the full details:-

Many thanks in advance - John

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