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Shropshire Lookup Requests / Re: Alehouse Recognizances lookup, Shropshire Archives
« on: Tuesday 29 December 15 17:19 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you for that excerpt from the Shrewsbury Chronicle.  Despite searching many different ways, for some reason that eluded me :)

I have been able to find other notices in the Chronicle as well as the Chester newspapers to determine that the public house was known as the "Golden Heart Inn" before it was sold in 1838 and later became the Coach & Horses. 

Shropshire Lookup Requests / Alehouse Recognizances lookup, Shropshire Archives
« on: Saturday 19 December 15 19:55 GMT (UK)  »

Back in the 1960s, a letter sent from an English relative to my mother's aunt in Ohio, USA stated that the their great-great grandfather's brother "had a coaching inn on the road between Chester and Shrewsbury called Coach & Horses".  I believe the story is true, but they attributed it to the wrong person. 

While researching my Roberts ancestors in Burlton, Shropshire - the parish registers from 1819 onward list my ancestor William Roberts' occupation as "innkeeper" or "victualler".  Seeing that there was a public house just south of Burlton called "Coach & Horses", I realized this story may have applied to him.  However, I cannot find a directory or newspaper online which specifically links my ancestor with Coach & Horses in Burlton.   Since I am in the US, I cannot look for anything in the Shropshire Archives.

If anyone happens to be going to the Shropshire Archives, would they look in the alehouse recognizances to see if William Roberts (1784-1855) appears connected with Coach & Horses in Burlton?

I found this citation in the online catalog for the Shropshire which matches William's appearance in the Loppington parish registers.

XQ/E/2/1/6: Registers of alehouse recognizances: (1822-1828)

Thank you!

World War One / Re: WW1 grave
« on: Tuesday 28 April 15 15:56 BST (UK)  »

May I inquire as to your interest in Enoch Edward Shaw?  Are you related? He is a distant cousin of mine.  His mother, Julia Gibbons, is the younger sister of my great-grandmother Annie Gibbons.  Julia died in 1905 and Enoch's father re-married.


Warwickshire / Re: "St. Andrews Church, Bordesley
« on: Thursday 08 April 10 16:04 BST (UK)  »
This may help locate the former site of St. Andrews.  My great grandfather's brother was married there in 1894.


Hello.  I do not know if they were buried together or separately.  I don't know if it was customary in English churchyards to select the burial site based on what land was available at the time of burial or if families were buried together.

I do know when they were born.

Richard JONES was born in 1799 (Cleobury North, Shropshire) and Rosanna JONES (formerly BIRCH) was born in 1798 (Newport, Shropshire).  They lived in Oaken.  Richard and Rosanna also buried a young daughter Lucy JONES there on 24 November 1833 (she was born in 1826).

Anne JONES (formerly ROBERTS) was born in 1828 (in Ruyton-XI-Towns, Shropshire) and she and her husband Thomas JONES lived in Codsall.

Rosanna, Lucy and Anne JONES all appear in the Codsall parish records as having been buried there.  I am assuming that Richard is there, but I have not seen the burial registers in 1880 when he died.

I would be quite pleased and amazed if you can find any of them as I would not have known how long any marker would have survived.  If you find them and can take digital photographs, that would be wonderful.


Here is the text in the certificate:

When and where born: Sixth December 1896, 87 Summer Hill Road
Name: Minnie Kate
Father: William Arthur JONES
Mother: Annie JONES formerly PEARSALL
Father's occupation: Carpenter Journeyman
Informant: A. Jones, Mother, 87 Summer Hill Road

I originally thought I was ordering the certificate for my grandfather's older sister, Minnie Jones, whose parents were Alfred and Annie Jones (formerly Gibbons).

Contact me for more information:



This is a request to anyone who has access to the burial registers for Ruyton-XI-Towns.

I am trying to determine when my g.g.g.grandfather William Roberts died.  He was a journeyman carpenter in Ruyton-XI-Towns and was born/baptized in 1783 in Loppington, Shropshire.

He appears in the 1851 Census for Ruyton, but in 1861 his wife Elizabeth Roberts is listed as a widow.

On the marriage certificate (dated May 23, 1859) of my g.g.grandparents Thomas Jones and Ann Roberts, he is listed as her father and is not listed as deceased with leads me to believe that he was still living at the time of his daughter's marriage.

The only parish records I can get access to through the LDS Church for Ruyton end in 1858, so I have no way of verifying a burial of a William Roberts in Ruyton after 1858 (Since I am in the USA, I can't visit the Shropshire Record Office).

It would be a great help if someone who has access to the Ruyton-XI-Towns burial registers could check for William ROBERTS between 1851 and 1861.

Thank you very much,

Hello all,

If any owns or has access to the title "Monumental inscriptions of St. Nicholas Church, Codsall, Staffordshire" would they be able to do a lookup for me?

I am looking for:
Anne or Ann JONES d. 1867 wife of Thomas JONES
Rosanna JONES d. 1873 wife of Richard JONES
Richard JONES d. 1880

I know they were buried in St. Nicholas' churchyard through Codsall parish records.  Since I am in America, and unlikely to visit any time soon, I am interested as to whether any monument inscriptions exist for them.


US Lookup Requests / Re: Look-up Requests in USA.
« on: Friday 05 September 08 23:34 BST (UK)  »
Hi Barbara,

I just read your request and I would not want you to think what you want to do is impossible.  It just may take quite a long time involving much research, letter writing and the occasional phone call.

Firstly, even though individual states may not have mandated registration of births and deaths, many counties did so at an earlier date, where they would be recorded in Probate Court records.  I have several death records from my Ohio ancestors who died well before certificates were issues.  Most likely they will simply make a photocopy of the relevant page in a book for you at some nominal charge.

Secondly, another way to pursue this is to locate the cemetery in which Alice was buried.  You mentioned that some other family members were living in the same area.  You might want to research where these family members were living, as perhaps Alice was buried somewhere close to them.  Douglas County has a GENweb site that offers information.  When I searched the GNIS for Douglas County, there were quite a few cemeteries, but if you use this information in conjuction with other records, you might be able to narrow down some possibilities.

The other possibilities is to see if you can search newspapers from Lawrence, Kansas for that time period as deaths may be listed.

Hope some of this information restores some hope

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