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The Common Room / Re: The May 2005 Rootschat challenge
« on: Monday 25 October 21 18:36 BST (UK)  »
Welcome to Rootschat Nickolas and it's good to see that such an old thread can still be found on the internet and be of interest to people.

It's also good to finally find out what type of poles Richard was making and that it was still related to his previous upholstery work.

I'm also pleased that after re-reading all of this I had a look on ancestry and found a tree with Keziah Mason in and have now finally found her in the 1861 census!

It seems that her parents are William Mason and Charlotte Lefevre, but that William died before 1861 and Charlotte remarried a George Potter so Keziah is down as Keziah Potter in 1861 at 92 Milk Street Lambeth.   This also probably explains the Charlotte Potter who was a witness at her wedding.

Best of luck with your Hunter searches Nickolas. Hopefully Jan or Shanko will see your messages and you might be able to share information on your respective parts of the Hunter families with each other.


Bedfordshire / Re: For 'Linmey' re Woodhams from Bedfordshire
« on: Monday 23 June 14 22:28 BST (UK)  »

Thanks for the further Woodham info. It is difficult isn't it the further one goes back to be 100% sure one has the "right" person, especially when they are all called things like John and Thomas. And when most people probably weren't very literate either to be able to check that their details were all written correctly by the priest/etc.

With best regards,


Oops just realised it says Thistle in the quoted post rather than Tickle (must have been some autocorrect or something)..sorry

The De Vaudichon connection is very interesting. I can't find anything on them other than has been posted. So is curious that he seemed to be briefly in the area but married a Woodham and then went back to France?


Bedfordshire / Re: For 'Linmey' re Woodhams from Bedfordshire
« on: Saturday 14 June 14 16:26 BST (UK)  »

Thanks for the further Woodham info. It is difficult isn't it the further one goes back to be 100% sure one has the "right" person, especially when they are all called things like John and Thomas. And when most people probably weren't very literate either to be able to check that their details were all written correctly by the priest/etc.

With best regards,


Bedfordshire / Re: For 'Linmey' re Woodhams from Bedfordshire
« on: Friday 13 June 14 11:26 BST (UK)  »
Hi Tickle,

I actually have no idea if Benning/Benjamin are brothers/the same person as I was just trying to quote that bit with the Simms link from post 41 (but used copy and paste rather than doing it properly).

My Simms descendency: Edward Simms and Sarah Woodham had at least 7 children in Southill. Their daughter Rachel Simms (c.1758) married William Harwood 11/10/1784 in Southill and they had 8 children in Arlesey and Clifton.

William and Rachel's youngest son Thomas Harwood (c. 1797) (my 4x ggrandfather) had 9 children in Clifton/Shefford with Elizabeth Wortley/Worrely although I can't find a marriage for them anywhere but I have the birth cert of one of their children.

Thomas and Elizabeth's oldest daughter Emma Harwood m Ephrain Pope from Welwyn in Clifton in 1849. Their son Charles Henry (b.1862 in Shefford) is my g g grandfather and the family moved to London in the 1860's.
So my Simms descendency actually turns into Harwoods and Pope's rather quickly.

Regarding the Woodhams, I haven't had time to sort them all out in my head completely yet, but think I understand it mostly as far back as John (d1772) being the son of Thomas b1659 in Knotting and Susannah Webb.
Thomas is descended from Twyford and Mary but then I don't seem to find anywhere a christening or marriage for Twyford (although I did find some online trees with him being born 1635 and marrying at the age of 11 in 1646!?!)
Twyford is possibly the son of Thomas Woodham and Elizabeth Throgmorton???
Hope the above all makes some sense...

With best regards,


Bedfordshire / Re: For 'Linmey' re Woodhams from Bedfordshire
« on: Wednesday 11 June 14 12:23 BST (UK)  »
 Just came across this thread the other day and I think I may be conoodnected to the Woodhams via the Sarah Woodham/Simms mentioned in the will of John Woodham d.1772 in Gamlingay.

 "He also bequeaths to 'the children of Edward Simms? by my daughter Sarah Simms? Then he bequeaths to the children of 'my late son Benning Woodham' (ah-ha! Benning and Benjamin were brothers!) and to the widow of Benning. It also leaves messuages etc to' Rebecca my loving wife' in Gamlingay."

Edward Simms 1717-1773 from Southill m. to Sarah is my 6x g.grandfather and there is a marriage of a Edward Simms to a Sarah Woodham in Marston Moretaine in 1745 which would fit with the subsequent baptisms of their children from 1746 onwards in Southill (and just noticed that their first 2 children seem to be a John and a Barbara, the names of Sarah's parents). Not sure why they would have been married in Marston Moretaine, although it doesn't seem so far from Southill.

Am still trying to sort all the various Woodham's from the thread in my head but am happy to provide what further info I have on Edward and Sarah's descendents if anyone wants it.

Best regards,


London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / Re: pope photographer
« on: Wednesday 09 November 11 14:34 GMT (UK)  »
I know this is an old post (and in completed lookups) but I am just replying to it as I have further information on this family which might be relevant to anyone that comes across it via a search (in case OP is not active still on rootschat).

From the military records of Thomas Pope who married Ellen Osborne in 1885 (detailed on military record W097-3668-096-001) he was born in Clifton, Bedfordshire (c.1853) so I believe him to be the brother of my great great grandfather Charles Henry Pope (see RG9/997 Clifton Rd, Clifton 1861 census)

His military record lists further children:
Thomas Henry ( as above)
Mary Ellen Pope (died prior to 1891)
Frederick Ephraim Pope bn 29 May 1889 in Dublin
Charles Stewart Pope and William MacKenzie Pope bn 15 Jan 1891 in Dublin

I haven't been able to follow the family very well other than the 1901/1911 census details given above, probably because they must have moved around a lot (and been out of the country for the 1891 census at least). I don't know how the photography profession listed on Sarah Pope's birth cert fits in with the military career of Thomas unless he took it up after retiring from the army.

With best regards,

Hi Cougar,

Thanks for offering to check the images again...but I have her date of birth from her christening record on the IGI (she was born in she got it right in 1851, but not 1841 or 1861) so its probably not worth it as it must just be a mistake by her or the enumerator each time..I'm not sure whether or not she could actually write herself :)

Happy New Year,


Thank you Reyz for the further's strange that his mother seems to age by more than 10 years between each census.... :)

And thanks to everyone else for looking for them before.

This lookup is now complete I think.

Best regards,


Hi Biker,

Sorry for not replying sooner...had to check whether or not I had actually found them yet...

and I have found them in a 1851 census index...but haven't been able to access the actual census details so I would be grateful if anyone could provide the address details and etc if they are able?

What I have is reference: HO107, piece 1570, folio 373

John George Shields b.1815 Surrey pres. head
Eliza A Shields b.1816 Surrey, wife
James A Shields b. 1842 Surrey, son.

Grateful thanks to anyone who can tell me where they are living.

Happy New Year everyone,

Emily :)

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