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Other Countries / Re: Kenya East Africa/British records of BMD
« on: Sunday 17 May 20 19:51 BST (UK)  »
I know this post was years ago - but thank you SO much for the link. I have just broken down a 4 year brick wall with information gained from it  :)

United States of America / Re: William Leader Massingham last seen Chicago 1918
« on: Saturday 14 January 17 16:48 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks again Shellyesq  :)

This is going to keep me busy!

Re the sister Mrs G Knowles William claimed to be going to in 1911 - I suspect she was another figment of his (clearly vivid) imagination. I believe I have traced all his siblings forward and cannot place such a name - but never say never, I'll keep digging.



United States of America / Re: William Leader Massingham last seen Chicago 1918
« on: Saturday 14 January 17 13:34 GMT (UK)  »
 :o  ;D  Fantastic, thanks so much!

How am I going to tell old auntie this?? Serious consideration will have to be given as to whether that is the right thing to do or not!

Really appreciate all your help.


United States of America / Re: William Leader Massingham last seen Chicago 1918
« on: Saturday 14 January 17 10:05 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks ever so much folks. Plenty for me to follow up.

Shellyesq - Elise had a Roomer, Carl Nelson living with her in the 1930 census, so looks like they married :-)

Will go have another hunt around now.

Many thanks.


United States of America / William Leader Massingham last seen Chicago 1918
« on: Friday 13 January 17 19:38 GMT (UK)  »
WARNING - long story!

I have finally uncovered most of the story of my aunt by marriage's grandfather. It is not what she was expecting (and I don't yet know if I will actually tell her the detail as she is 85 years old. Decision on that is on hold!) However, I can not yet gain closure and would appreciate thoughts:

OK - William Leader Massingham is born Dec Q 1865 Mutford (Lowestoft) Suffolk 4a.649 (and Bpt 1867) parents Robert and Elizabeth.

1871 and 1881 is in Lowestoft with parents, siblings and extended family.

Mar Q 1891 marries Helen Elizabeth O Gibbons in Norwich 4b.220.

1891 census is boarding, with wife Helen in John Street, Norwich.

Mar Q 1892 daughter Kathleen Elizabeth Massingham is born, Norwich 4b.163. mmn Gibbons

Mar Q 1894 daughter Maud Massingham is born, Norwich 4b.190. mmn Gibbons

Mar Q 1898 a daughter is born Croydon 2a.242, Elizabeth Leader Massingham. She is reg with mmn Gibbons, but I am almost certain (in absence of the actual certificate but going on aunt's family knowledge and further census evidence) that she is the daughter of William L Massingham and Ellen Booth nee Parker.

1901 census: William  Massingham (who says he is born Italy - where on earth that came from no-one knows!) is at 55 New Road, Southampton, a Clerk, with "wife" Ellen b. Ireland, and daughter Elizabeth age 2. He is a Furniture Shop Asst.

1901 census: Helen Massingham nee Gibbons is at 43 Warwick St, Norwich, married, with her widowed mother, a sister and the 2 daughters, Kathleen and Maud.

1911 things become interesting:

1. William Leonard Leader Massingham is now at 2 Princes Place, Oxford St, Portsmouth is supposedly Single, aged 41 (!) and a Chartered Accountant.

2. Helen Massingham nee Gibbons is still in Norwich, with her mother, a different sister, and her 2 daughters. Says married  20 yrs (correct), with 2 children, both living (correct).

3. Ellen, now reverted to married name of Booth, is boarding, along with daughter Elizabeth Massingham 12yrs with a single Irish Dock Labourer Peter O'Connor in Fleetwood, Lancs. She says she is married, 23 years (correct, she married (Adam) James Booth in 1888 in Farnborough) and 1 child (correct, she did not have any children of her legal marriage). BTW Ellen Booth's husband Adam James Booth lives to 1949 and dies in Camberwell - I think!

08 Apr 1911 - William Massingham leaves Southampton on the St Louis bound for New York.

17 Apr 1911 - Wm Leonard L Massingham, Accountant, age 41 (!), last residence Portsmouth arrives New York. Gives Next of Kin address in UK as 1 Meadow St, Portsmouth, with no name.

07 Sep 1915  William L Massingham (who has now aged to only 42yrs) marries Elise V Arnollin in Chicago, Cook Co, Illinois. She is 29yrs.

Dec 1918 - US Draft - William Leader Massingham is at 813 Rush Street, Chicago, with wife Elise. He is a  Book-keeper.

Feb 1925 - Elise Victorine Massingham applies for  US Naturalisation and states she is married to William, whereabouts unknown.

Dec 1927 - Elise Massingham completes her Naturalisation, stating that she is now divorced from William, whereabouts still unknown.

1930 Census - Elise Massingham is divorced, Shade Maker (Factory), living with 2 Roomers in Chicago.

So that is what I know so far, and have documentation to prove.

Can anyone fill in the gaps and/or tell me what happened to the cad William Massingham????


Perthshire / Re: Stumped!
« on: Wednesday 11 January 17 14:34 GMT (UK)  »
The marriage is there on SP.

I entered only:

Surname:  Miller
Forename:  James
Year: 1863
County:  Perth

Result was 3 hits. Top one is the one you are looking for in Muthill. Ref 386/A1

Good luck


Scotland / Re: Laing--pronunciation please....
« on: Monday 02 January 17 14:31 GMT (UK)  »
As a Morayshire girl, I would and do pronounce it "layng"


The Common Room / Re: Help with finding a marriage please
« on: Tuesday 27 December 16 18:57 GMT (UK)  »
This may be a complete red herring, but bearing in mind that on Herbert's military record he was in India 15 Dec 1902 to 15 Feb 1906, there is this birth

"India Births and Baptisms, 1786-1947," database, FamilySearch ( : 8 December 2014), H. R. Croft in entry for Margaret Mary Croft, 17 Sep 1905; citing , reference ; FHL microfilm 527,529.

Margaret Mary Croft, B. 02 Jul 1905, Bpt 17 Sep 1905. Thonze, Bengal, India.

Father: H R Croft (Possible mistrancription of H N Croft??)
Mother: Helene


Scotland / Re: A Scottish Policeman?
« on: Saturday 12 November 16 13:24 GMT (UK)  »

My apologies, I have just noticed your post also! Thanks so much for that. I'll have a proper look at it all now.


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