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The Common Room / Ancestry 'Worldwide Membership' - Australian Discount Pricing?
« on: Tuesday 05 January 21 03:23 GMT (UK)  »
Hello RootsChat Members:

Wondering if anyone has got any suggestions?

Regarding: Ancestry – 'Everything On Ancestry – Worldwide Membership' (3rd Option).

Has anyone in Australia come across a further Discount for this 3rd Option?

The usual Price is - $169.99 for 6-mths. (apparently always Marked Down from $249.99).

UK and USA, always appear to have various Discounts, but for some reason very few for Australia.

I am aware that they are currently offering (50% off)  'UK Heritage Plus Annual Membership' (for $124.99, ending today 6th Jan. 2021).  This is the (2nd Option), and not the one I prefer.

Thanking you,
Jeanette H.

Technical Help / Laptop Will NOT Re-Connect to Home WiFi.
« on: Monday 24 June 19 20:33 BST (UK)  »
Hello RootsChat Members,

Just wondering if there is any one who may be able to assist.

Laptop Will NOT Re-Connect to Home WiFi.

HP EliteBook, 8460p, 14” / HD / Core / i5 – 2540m / 3.30 GHz / 4 GB / WiFi / DVD / Laptop PC.  /  upgraded to Windows 10 PRO.

We purchased a backup Laptop (Sept. 2018), to use in an emergency, should any problem arise with our other main Laptops. 
We first set it up (March 2019) with Firefox, Norton Protection, Open Office, and also is setup to work on our Home WiFi. 
(Same as our 2-Laptops and 2-Tablets, with NO Problems.)
It was used for only 2-weeks, while undertaking Newspaper Research on Findmypast. 

We did not use it for 2-months.  When we tried to Re-Connect to the Internet (Home WiFi), this was NOT possible. 
Also because we are unable to connect to the Internet, the Norton Protection is now showing critical and in need of updating.

I contacted the Seller, explaining the issue: nothing came of it.  As it was 8-months, after the purchase date, they just did not want to know.  Now at nine months, I can No-Longer send a Message to them.

I have been trying various things.
I did some google searches, finding various discussion sites, discussing this issue:
'Why I am NOT able to Re-Connect to the Internet'.

What I have tried:
At first, I tried what I have called - [METHOD ONE]:
I went to Control Panel / Network & Internet / Network & Sharing Centre /
(Now I am suppose to (Click on) 'Manage Wireless Network' (this Page does NOT have a Link to 'Manage Wireless Network', so unable to go further).
On this page it does show:
Option: 1.  -  'Change Your Network Settings'.
      (a). Connect To The Internet.
      (b). Set Up A New Network.
      (c). Manually Connect To A Wireless Network.
      (d). Connect To A Workplace.

Option: 2.  -  'Troubleshoot Problems'.
When I (click on) this Option, after detecting results, it tells me to Turn On 'Wireless Capabilities'
Use the Switch on the front or side of the Computer, or Function Keys, if available, to enable Wireless Capability on this Computer.
MY Question Is – Where is this button (how do I find it), or what Function Keys can I use?

I have also gone to Control Panel / Network & Internet / Network Connections:
On 'Change Adapter Option' –
How do I remove the RED Xs on Ethernet and WiFi?

Also, when I go to Settings / Network Internet / WiFi / - the button is in OFF Position, everytime I move it to the ON Position it continually reverts back to the OFF Position.
   Not sure what is causing this to happen?

I Did a 'Network Reset'
   (stating the following“This will Remove and then Re-Install, all your Network Adapters and set other networking components back to their original settings, might need to re-install other networking software afterwards, such as VPN Client Software or Vitual Switches).
After doing this, it did NOT appear to change anything.  Not sure if it actual did work.

In Fact, NO matter what I try to do, nothing seems to change anything.

Going back to March 2019, when we first connected this Laptop to the Internet.
It is possible that I could have altered something (after connecting to the Internet), within the 'Control Panel' or 'Settings', causing the Laptop to block the connection to the Internet, during the next Re-Connection Process? 

Being concerned with my privacy online, perhaps I changed something which may have changed the online settings, without knowing what I have done.

Can I take the Laptop back to the original settings (when it was first set up)?

(I did ask this Question of the Seller, No Response). 
Would this help?
If so, how do I go about this?

I just seem to be going around in circles.
I have tried various things, but nothing seems to change.

Thanking you,
Jeanette H.

Roxburghshire / John Murray
« on: Wednesday 05 June 19 16:15 BST (UK)  »
Hello RootsChat Members,

I recently came across some Emails, from 2002, which reminded me that, at that time I was in communication with a fellow Researcher, of which I would like to get back in contact with this person, if it is at all possible, being of the same name as our Ancestor (J. M.).

We are connected by our Mutual Ancestors:  John MURRAY  &  Isabell TURNBULL (1600s).
He was endeavouring to build on the Descendants of these 2-persons.

He was on  'Ancestry' back in 2004 and apparently as recent, as a year ago.
I know where he was in 2002 and 2013.  However the Email Address is now obsolete.

If there is anyone who knows of this fellow Researcher, and how I may contact him,
please send me a Personal Message (P.M.)
By all means please check with him first, before passing on his Contact Information.

Or perhaps he may even be here on Rootschat.

Also, would anyone know if the book:  'The Murrays Of  Rulewater' by Peter Ruthven-Murray, has been reprinted again recently?

Apparently the original version, is priced out of this world, and an earlier reprint is out-of-stock, according to various listings.

Thanking you,
Jeanette H.

The Common Room / SPECIAL OFFER - Findmypast (Australia)
« on: Monday 26 January 15 10:36 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Rootschatters,

Just received an Email from
Regarding an Australia Day Offer - of a World Subscription $1 for 1 month.
Code: AUSDAY15

Offer expires at 11:59pm (GMT) on Thursday, 29th January.

Jeanette H.

The Common Room / FREE ACCESS - Australia Day Weekend 2015.
« on: Thursday 22 January 15 08:46 GMT (UK)  »
Hello RootsChatters,

FREE ACCESS this 'Australia Day' Weekend (22nd -26th January 2015).

FREE ACCESS to Australian Records including:
Electoral Rolls, BMDs, Immigration and Convict Records, etc.

I have not found anything regarding free access to - for this Weekend, as yet.

Jeanette H.

Australia / Australian Records Research Site.
« on: Saturday 29 December 12 05:26 GMT (UK)  »
Hello RootsChat Members,

Question regarding the website - 'Australian People'

Has anyone used this website?
In your view is it legitimate and value for money.

I need to check out Electoral Roles for a start.

If this Link does not work as a (Clickable Link) I apologise.
As it has been ages since I have had to create Links, completely forgotten how to.

Thanking You,
Jeanette H.

The Common Room / CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR Wishes Across The Seas.
« on: Wednesday 26 December 07 06:21 GMT (UK)  »
Hello To All 'RootsChat' Members,

We would just like to take the time to









My husband Brian & myself would also like thank everyone for their help throughout the past year.  Which has been very successful for Brian, in making contact with his long-lost-cousins in England, and reuniting families on either side of the world after 85 years.

All The Best,
from Jeanette & Brian.

Hello To All RootsChat Members,

Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem as I have in the past few days?

I have not been receiving any notification (in my Email) to my watched Topics on 'RootsChat'.

Has something changed that I do not know about?

Do we have to reset for notification, if by chance the 'RootsChat' site goes down?

I have checked in 'Profile', I think everything is setup correctly.

Last night I posted to a popular topic, my post was reply No: 9, there was a total of [57 replies], you would think there would have been some notification.

Jeanette H.

« on: Tuesday 25 September 07 12:07 BST (UK)  »
Moderator Comment:
This topic has been split off from
Topic: A German RootsChat?,250692.0.html

It was an answer to Wolfgangs's message:

Hello, dear Jeanette,

do you concrete know, in which districts /towns/ municipal districts your
I read, they came from Frankfurt. I think, this is Frankfurt on the Main and not the other Frankfurt, my birthtown on the Oder- river.Is this correct?

Frankfurt/ Main is a Hessen-town, I research mainly in or about Silesia, Saxonia, East and West Prussia, Thuringia  and Berlin/Brandenburg.

In any of this german federal states I often search in archives, but the district Frankfurt/Main - and more the Alsace Lorrain is so faraway from my Berlin!
 So - sorry- I can not really help you in your research. But if I read the names ECKHARDT, HUBNER and TACKI- a not so frequent name! - then I write you.
Surely it is a very good way to put in your questions in

< http://>.
Maybe  it is a heavy work to find out your ancestors in Frankfurt, because the have many churches in Frankfurt/Main , and I don`t know: Have they a central names register?

Thank you for your nice words about my simple english with many, many errors, I will try to make this better!

Hello, Silberfischchen, for my feeling the running duck is better, a "silverfish" is also nice, for friends of the nature!, but not in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Greetings to all

Wolfgang or frankowolf

Hello Wolfgang,

Regarding my German Research - Place Names, I am currently checking through all the details that I have on my Family.  I also have recently come across some relevant names and dates on ‘FamilySearch’, so I have been cross-checking.  I have been trying to compile as much information as possible, before posting Topics.  Making sure I know what I am trying to relate to people, so as not to confuse myself and everyone else.

On an Australian Death Certificate (d.1900), it gives the following:
'TACKE' - birth place:   Sassenburg, Westphalia, Prussia.
This is confirmed with birth/christening details from ‘FamilySearch’,
as 'TAKE' - Katholisch, Sassenberg, Westfalen, Preussen.
Christian Name / Dates / Parents - all relevant and correct.

Also on another Australian Death Certificate (d.1899), it gives the following:
'ECKHARDT' - birth place:   Frankfurt-on-the-Maine, Kreuznach, Germany.

Listed on Australian Death Certificate:
'HUBNER' - as first marriage, in Germany, (not sure where this person originates).
Do not think this person came to Australia.
Whereas the other two persons arrived in Australia, about 1860.

I am not sure where ‘Alsace Lorraine’ actually comes into the Family connections, it is a place that is known within the family.

I appreciate any assistance you may feel relevant to my research, should you happen to come across any in your travels.

I will continue to keep a look out for your ‘Heinrich PRIETSCH or PRITSCH’, and I also will let you know if I come across anything that may be relevant.

We wish you and your wife a wonderful holiday in the Baltic, as you made mention of on another Topic.  It has been great conversing with you.

I will begin posting Topics soon, in relation to my German Research.  Firstly, here on ‘RootsChat’, and also on the site,  ‘’

All the Best,
Jeanette H.

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