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Queensland Day on 6th June 2018 saw the launch of a new service for FH research, from Qld BDM Registry.
This new service gives instant information on historical records - as long as it is in their parameters for years available - with exact dates, name of spouse [for marriages], names of parents [births & deaths] even where names are changed by Deed Poll or common usage [gives both names].

Go to and in the middle of the screen you'll see
‘Try the new Family History Service here’ – click on here and away you go.

I put in surname first then forename but it may not matter which way.  No punctuation.
Only problem is that with common surnames you get a list that's thousands long, and it's not alphabetical.  But the name you requested is at least at the top of the list.

Dawn M

Technical Help / Help with CCleaner??
« on: Sunday 16 June 13 07:50 BST (UK)  »
I have a desktop icon called CCleaner, which I've never used, mainly because not sure what it does etc.  It came with the computer which runs on XP Professional.
My computer (5 yo laptop) is rather slow lately and I wonder if using this would help?

Can someone tell me?  I've looked at their website and a blog (in which contributors didn't seem too happy with it??? )

Dawn M

How to Use RootsChat (Please don't post requests here) / Unsubscribe to topic - Lost?
« on: Wednesday 17 April 13 00:59 BST (UK)  »
Yesterday and today (antipodean time!) when I get a notification email and click on the line 'unsubscribe to this topic....' it just brings me to the FORUM screen and I don't get the query 'Do you want to stop notification on this topic  Yes/No'

??? ??? ???

( I usually stop notification if it's something I have only a passing interest in , as I pick it up when looking at New Replies anyhow.    ;D )

Dawn M

Australia / GGF was a BUSHRANGER?!
« on: Friday 28 December 12 12:32 GMT (UK)  »
 My mother's paternal grandfather was one Robert Wilson. He was a gold miner on the Turon [goldfield on the Turon River near Hill End, NSW]
I recently discovered pretty conclusively that he was the Robert Wilson who in company with Bill Day "The Blacksmith Bushranger" held up the Bathurst Mail on 24 June 1859.  Day got 7 years hard labour on the roads for his trouble, but Wilson was apparently given indemnity for leading police to their stash which resulted in most of the almost £5000 being recovered.  But he escaped from custody (probably not trusting the police to hold up their end of the bargain re him turning Queen's Evidence ??? ??? )
Through TROVE I have found where he was apprehended in 1862, an item in Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday 19 Apr 1862 had this snippet:
"Period 11th to 18th April 1862.
The Yass Courier mentions the capture of a man named Robert Wilson, supposed to, have been one of the party of three who stuck up and robbed the Bathurst mail in the month of June, 1859. The capture was effected on Sunday week by sergeant Brennan, at Scurr's public-house, north Yass."

Does anyone know how I can find out what happened after that?  Anyone have access to copies of the Yass Courier and/or Yass courthouse records of that period?

I might add that other reports of his part in the holdup say after he escaped "he was never heard of again" which the above newspaper piece proves wrong.
Also that the local FH group say he is the only Robert Wilson they have found, in that period, on the Turon, which is why I'm pretty sure he is ours.

Many thanks for any assistance you can give.

Dawn M

Australia / Queensland BDM Survey results
« on: Wednesday 17 October 12 06:15 BST (UK)  »
The 'results' of the recent user survey for Queensland BDM site can be found at:

Last updated 16 Oct 2012.

Notice they put a nebulous 'soon' for availability of online images!

Dawn M

Occupation Interests / What are Writers to the Signet (Scotland)? COMPLETED, thanks
« on: Saturday 17 March 12 06:25 GMT (UK)  »
In my (volunteer) cataloguing job with Qld. FHS Ins., I've come across some directories for Scotland - so far I've noticed this only in ones for Midlothian - where there are pages and pages of people who are listed as "Writers to the Signet" in the professions and trades sections. 

Can someone tell me what this entails please?

I can guess, but I'm sure there is someone who actually knows, the answer.


Dawn M

PS  These are directories for late 1700s and early 1800s.

The NLS has made available for free download / read online, hundreds of Scottish directories.

for the past year I have been cataloguing about 700 of these for our local FHS.
Last week I looked at my last batch which is for "Scotland general" and found these three which also include "that part of North Northumberland which is .... part of the Scottish mail delivery system" (or words to that effect)

these are all published by R Grant & Son and the links are:

Dawn M

Australia / When was first marriage at St Phillips, Sydney?
« on: Saturday 03 March 12 12:02 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone know how to find out about the first marriages at St. Phillips at Church Hill, Sydney?

The other day I was reading a book on Sydney's Lower North Shore (which my family inhabited in the 1800s and first half of the 20th century).
One of the first chapters is about Blues Point and my Billy Blue.  The author claims that his was the first marriage at St. Phillips.   This is news to me.
 He was married to Elizabeth Williams in April 1805, at St. Phillips, exactly one month after their eldest child was born.   (Have the certificate.)
St. Philips - according to various websites - was at one site from 1793-1798, at another where Lang Park in Sydney now is, from 1802, and the current church was built/opened in 1848. 
I can't imagine that there were no marriages before 1805!

Dawn M

Technical Help / Dropbox problems 23/8/11
« on: Wednesday 24 August 11 02:14 BST (UK)  »
Did anyone else have problems with Dropbox yesterday?  Well it might have been the day before, in some parts of the world.

I was moving files from one folder to another, in Dropbox.  After about 30 of these moves I checked via My Computer and the recipient folder was empty except for 5 I had actually edited and manually saved instead of just moving them!  The folder also didn't have the little Dropbox symbol on it??

Panic stations!!  I searched every other folder on my computer and couldn't find them.
Rang my computer guru who said he had had similar reports from other clients and he didn't know what to do because "this has never happened before, with Dropbox"

Hmm.  Checked last backup and of course I didn't include my Dropbox files as I thought they were all backed up, up there in the sky somewhere.    :o   :o

Eventually, logged on to Dropbox, found their Help not very helpful in this situation (maybe it was really a first for them?).  Wondering what to do, I idly clicked on Events and there I found a history of my file movements.  Eureka!
After much to-ing and fro-ing I found all my lost files which they indicated as "moved" but not where to, pulled each one up and saved it into where I wanted it.
Note - do not open prior to saving or it takes you out of the program!

Rang my guru so he could pass on the process to his other clients.  Not often I can tell a computer whiz how to do something   ;D   ;D   ;D 

Dawn M

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